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RMK Skincare - Basics

I have been using RMK Skincare since a couple of months now and thought I'll update you guys about it. Now I only have travel sized items that I got at the NBBE earlier this year that I have formed my opinion on. But I am sure you can easily get these for full size at Selfridges. 

I always pop by their counter to swatch their breathtaking eye shadows but for some reason overlook their skincare.  

I have a Creamy Soap, Cleansing Oil and Skintuner from their range. 

The Creamy Soap is meant to be used as a face wash and contains Avocado Oil, Sunflower Oil and Corn based extracts to moisturize and cleanse the skin. To be pretty honest, I did not find it to be creamy at all! I mean it is creamy in consistency but that's it. It does not foam up at all and leaves my skin very dry.

It did not work for me unfortunately, however I have to admit it did give me squeaky clean skin. My only gripe with this product is that it left me with that tight skin effect after use, which I did not expect from a product termed as 'creamy'. My sister however swears by it and it works well with her combination/problem/blemish prone skin.

The Skintuner Moist is a pretty decent everyday moisturiser on the other hand. It contains Kiwi Extract, Soy Milk Extract and Milk derivative to soften and hydrate skin. I have to say it does feel pretty refreshing to use this light and airy lotion compared to other thick creams which I use generally.

In my opinion, this again would suit those with combination-oily skin, as it works well at hydrating and calming down sensitive or problem skin. On application, I like to massage it lightly until it totally disappears into the skin leaving absolutely no residue. I feel it is perfect for me in the summer, however it would be a little too dry for the colder months.

RMK also make a Skintuner Extra Moist which I have my eye on. I feel it would suit me much better!

RMK's Cleansing Oil is my favourite product of the lot. It does not matter if you have removed your make-up or not, this baby will get off whatever else is there on your skin, that is not supposed to be there. Be it mascara or layers of foundation, this gets it off in just one swipe. It is ingenious!

I am sure it is suitable for sensitive skin as it does not sting at all, even if it enters the eye area by accident. Shouldn't all cleansers be like this? It contains a mix of Orange, Almond, Apricot and Carrot Oil due to which it leaves the skin well moisturized even after use. Plus Orange and Carrot oil make it smell amazing.

I use it with a cotton wool or on its own by working it into the skin for a deep cleanse, depending on my mood and it works just as well both ways. It has an unusual water-like texture, due to which there is no oily residue after use. Sounds amazing eh? I need a full sized bottle now.

RMK is a Japanese brand designed by founder and Make-up Artist Rumiko. I have always had a 'thing' for Asian skin care brands and this hasn't disappointed me at all. I feel the products have a 'clean' feel to them and are more suited towards keeping skin clear and blemish free, hence inclined more towards combination/oily skin types. 

Have a peek next time you spot a counter.  

Have you tried something from this brand? 

Az said...

Hey there I use the RMK overnight recovery gel its really light and sort of a gelish texture plus it doesnt break me out woohoo

Kotryna said...

Lovely blog:) I just love it:)

Indu indgal said...

hey shifa, thanks for visitng my blog... following you back :)

Lavender said...

Hi Shifa

I just did a review on RMK cleansing milk. Love it.

Gauri said...

Beautiful products, ♥ The Skintuner Moist & Cleansing Oil. Too bad I don't know where to get them here!!

Great post, but looks like it wasn't written for me.




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