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New face brushes

I am so excited about these two new brushes I got recently. Well, to be honest I haven't bought any face brushes in a while as I was trying to use up what I already have and get some good wear out of them. 

But these new additions are simply fabulous and so different in quality to the brushes I had from a few years back. This may well be the new generation of make-up brushes!

I got a Blush Brush from Real Techniques (by Samantha Chapman of the Pixiwoo fame) and a Small Duo Fibre Brush from Sigma.

I had seen a few demonstrations by Sam on Pixiwoo on how to use the brush and it looked absolutely lush to use. Plus, I don't currently own any brush that's shaped in this manner, so this was definitely worth the money.

It is a tapered brush and is made from the softest synthetic bristles. It is genuinely the highest quality of brush I've ever owned. Even MAC brushes do not come with so much precision. Due to the precision, the finish it gives is almost airbrushed. You can really tell the difference! 

Moreover, the brush hairs are baby soft and do not feel like synthetic brush hairs at all. They pick up just the right amount of colour and almost in a way, do all the work for you. It is perfect for contour and blush but I also like to use it for bronzing and powder. 

It is for under £10 and it keeps going out of stock every few days, which should give you an indication that it's not one to miss out on. 

I do not quite know what I had in mind when I purchased Sigma F55. I actually wanted a small stippling brush since ages for some reason, may be because it looks cute? I really don't know. Well now I finally got it and I love it. 

There's nothing wrong with the quality of brush itself to be honest but its quite flimsy and does not have much resistance to it, so I cannot see it being used for anything besides a cream blush or heavily pigmented powder blushers. Now people use this for highlighting the face, but I have other brushes that serve that purpose much better. 

Plus, this brush is pretty good at working in synergy with cream products hence I mostly reserve it for cream and liquid products. It is pretty good for concealing small areas or for precise foundation. Basically, if you find the full sized stippling brush to be a bit too huge for the face, then this should be perfect. 

Overall, I quite like what I got for £23 (including postage) from Lovemakeup.co.uk. I have face brushes that have lasted me for years, so I do not mind spending money on them really. 

Frankly speaking, these were quite reasonable and much better in quality than MAC. Definitely check out the site if you've been wanting to get make-up brushes. 

BlushCrush said...

Great reviews hun, I'll bear them in mind in future! I wanted a small stipple brush so will avoid this like the plague - plus I really want a tapered face brush - swoon! x

Yu said...

These are brushes I've been thinking of buying! The first one I actually can't really think of a use for, but I'm thinking of getting the Chanel Bronze Universal so that may be good for that - and I love Sam Chapman, and it's been getting raving reviews! :) As for the latter, I've been hearing bad things about Sigma's stippling brushes being floppy so I may go with MAC! Great review! :)

Supergirl said...

It will be never enough or too much brushes for me;D

Anonymous said...

I really want to try out Sams new brushes.

Style de Nude said...

I've played around with the Sam Chapman brush and it is soooo soft! Feels so silky against the skin!

JC ♔ said...

That first brush is so adorable! And ITA, I've never seen that shape before (on a brush anyway). I can see why it's almost always sold out.


The sigma stippling brush looks great for cream blushes!

Anonymous said...

Great post! I love makeup brushes.

Eve said...

I agree with the comment above! If it's really flimsy, it would be great for applying cream products

Me said...

That Sam Chapman blush brush looks amazing. Your pictures capture how soft it must be. Great review!

Honeylushy said...

I'm so curious to check out the Samantha Chapman brushes! I'm such a mac girl.... good brushes make such a difference

Francesca said...

the first brush looks so soft :)

great review





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