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A classic smokey eye

It never goes out of fashion really? Just like red lips and a winged out liner. I am a huge fan of the look to be honest but don't really opt for it whilst going out as I am always confused what to use to achieve that 'perfect' look. You'll usually find me torn apart between products, to which I finally decide to ditch the look and go for something else.

A palette specifically made for the purpose, where an array of colours are chosen for you and you have absolutely no choice but to wear them together is the kick I really need.

Now I have a few palettes for this purpose but the latest addition is the 'With Love' Eye shadow palette from Accessorize. It comes in a beautiful cardboard packaging with a summery print consisting of butterflies and flowers all over it.

It contains four eye shadows, all of which have a shimmery, metallic finish to them. Now there are no rules to creating a smoky eye, however if you're a beginner or are prone to making a mess whilst creating a look as such, a pearlacent finish is what you should opt for. 

That way, it will be easier to blend and the finish will be forgiving of your blending mistakes. If you do not like how 'dark' and drag a smoky eye can look on you, a metallic finish will be more appropriate and will avoid the look from looking extremely made-up or drag. 

Back to the palette, it comes with four necessary colours for a typical smoky eye, namely champagne, silver, grey and charcoal. 

Now that, everyone in the blogosphere is in the quest of discovering dupes for Armani Eyes To Kill eye shadow, dare I say the colours and textures in here are pretty much the same. They have a wet, almost a foiled finish to them. The consistency of these make sure they cause no fallout at all and deliver superb pigmentation. 

Surprisingly, they surpass my favourite Sleek Eye shadow Palette's in texture and pigmentation. 

I used all the colours in the palette to create a Lisa Eldridge inspired smokey eye. She always keeps it simple and luminescent with no dramatic cut-crease as such but still providing some dimension to the eye. 

Can you tell that it's much easier to pull off, even in the day and still manages to resemble the classic smokey eye.

The With Love palette is available for £6 at Superdrug. The palette is available in five other varieties. 
Supergirl said...

I have similar palette:) Love these colors! Great look:)

R.ChamberofBeauty said...

Wow the shades look lovely and so does the EOTD!!!

BabyGirlRina said...

very pretty <3

Jennifer from Toronto - Spiced Beauty said...

very pigmented!

Leanne said...

Wow, I don't think I've seen these. Looks brilliant though, definitely gonna check out the other palettes and pick up one or five! :) For £6 you can't really go wrong with that level of pigmentation! x

graphology said...

The Eye-Make-Up is sooo pretty :-)

Shang J. said...

Aww! That is such a cute palette and you got one great eye look out of it. ;)

Unknown said...

Looks great :-) x

Vinita Jayant said...

love it! the packaging seems like a bar of dark chocolate ! <3 it


Me said...

That color is beautiful on you; what a gorgeous color against your dark brown eyes. But what I want is your eyebrows! They are magnificent. Gimme.

tackyblueeyeshadow said...

Beautiful colours! Love the look you created with it! :) x

D.Sadie (D.G.S.Beauty) said...

Cute palette! Love the look hun.


Eve said...

It looks so pretty! It looks like my PF baked smoky eye trio thing. Well, not really b/c that doesn't have a really black color

JC ♔ said...

gorgeous shades! i love it.


Wow, so beautiful!!!! I love your eyelashes:)




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