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A British BB cream?

It's UK's chance finally to have their own unique take on the cult favourite BB creams that originated in the Asian cosmetic market and who better than the edgy British brand Illamasqua to take the leap.

It will be called the 'Skin Base Foundation' and is supposed to keep the formula of the Beauty Balm/Blemish Balm creams intact, just by removing SPF from it so avoid the whitening effect.

Also, it will be a more commercial version of the BB creams in the sense that it will come in 18 shades to suit almost every skin tone from the lightest to the darkest. The darkest colour I had a look at seems to resemble MAC's NC/NW 50. I see a lot of yellow toned shades too which is making want to squeal out of joy!

Here's a promotional image using the foundation. I can see no photoshopping to be honest yet flawless results.

What does the foundation promise? To be as light as a tinted moisturiser yet give flawless HD results, which won't feel heavy on the skin and almost undetectable. Just like the original BB creams, this 'water in silicone' formula promises skin care benefits as well. 

Illamasqua claim the formula will be one of a kind in the UK and can be used as a primer, concealer or foundation due to its consistency and texture. 

The 30ml bottle seems rather generous to me. 

I have tried something similar in the past namely Face Atelier's Ultra Foundation. To say I am extremely tempted to try this will be an understatement. 

This will be available from 23rd June onwards nationwide for £25. Does it tickle your fancy?

m4dswine said...

I'm curious to check out BBs here, but I sincerely doubt that that image has had no photoshopping or post processing!!

Anonymous said...

FINALLY.. A BB cream that does my colour!! All the other BB creams from China/Hong Kong etc are so light :( I will defo be buying this! xxx

graphology said...

This Product sounds so good and I love Illamasqua, I have to try it :-)

JC ♔ said...

I'm curious if that will be any good. I sure hope so! I love their OTHER stuff (well, at least I like what I've seen).

Makeup Majesty said...

this looks awesome! i'd love to try it =)

R.ChamberofBeauty said...

Sounds interesting!! Thanks for sharing <3

Unknown said...

i've been searching for a BB cream, i can't wait for it to be available! thanks for the post doll! xoxoxo

Sami said...

I'm so happy they've added more shades to their range! Will def be checking this out x

Tanya said...

This product looks and sounds great!


Michelle @Lipstickrules said...

This sounds amazing! What shade do u think you'd get? For me I am thinking SB09. Would love your opinion :)

Sheefa F said...

I think I would be somewhere near SB10 too, but would need to check the shades on the counter as I am pretty bad at online shopping :S

I can't wait to try this either! :)

Michelle @Lipstickrules said...

Cool thanks!




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