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Vanille Ambree

I have been loving using the Acorelle Eau De Parfum in Amber Vanilla recently and thought I'd share with you guys. 

Family : Vanilla

Top Notes : mimosa

Middles Notes : patchouli, almond, vanilla
Base Notes : peru essence

I can immediately smell Vanilla and Cinnamon on application and a further dry down releases hints of Almond and Patchouli. Sounds delicious doesn't it? 

It's quite strong for an organic fragrance. You would expect it to be really soft but it's just as strong as a usual perfume. As for categorising it, is one of those soft, slightly sweet and feminine scents but still on the mature side in my opinion. 

Although it does mainly smell of vanilla, it does not make me smell like I am out of a bakery like other sweet fragrances out there. It is a fresh vanilla scent instead of a bakery vanilla scent if you know what I mean. Not that I mind smelling of food but fresher fragrances like these are always more wearable. 

It is perfect to wear during the day and due to its softly seductive scent, it is a great contender for a night out too, if you are not into obnoxiously heavy scents. 

It lasts for a couple of hours after which it disappears but I do not see the point of blaming the longevity on the fragrance's organic quality, as I have had many other high-end fragrances that do not last very long. 

I however love the ritual of applying perfume, and as the bottle is a dinky rounded shape, its quite handy to carry it along. Just like make-up, I am fine with retouching my fragrance throughout the day.

I quite like the shape of the bottle too. It's rounded, dinky, transparent and fuss-free.

Available for £32.99 for a 50ml bottle at mypure.co.uk. These are discounted quite often so do keep an eye out for them. If you're not into Vanilla, they have a selection of other flavours too. 

nidhi said...

Vanilla..I don't know why but this fragrence always remind me that i am in a bakery shop. I am allergic to perfumes.
Enjoying you blog

Get Gawjus! said...

@Nidhi - Aww that's a shame :( I love the smell of a bakery to be honest hehe

Sami said...

I adore vanilla!! Mmmmmmmmm x

nicoletta said...

I'm a big vanilla fan too, this sounds lovely xx

Hussy said...

I don't normally like scents with primarily vanilla scent, but this one sounds promising. I definitely take a whif of next time Im there

Miss Cupcake said...

I love Vanilla anything..hehe!!!

One of my fav scents!!



Jo said...

I've never even thought of trying an organic perfume before - i might look into it actually.

I bet this is divine, i absolutely ADORE vanilla and almond so it sounds right up my street.

ellamarie84 said...

Vanilla is one of my absolute favorite scents, although I agree, many fragrances with vanilla tend to smell too sickly sweet! I need to check this one out, sounds devine!

Jennifer said...

This looks amazing! Enjoy :)

Maggi said...

I've been eyeing this perfume for a while. Now your review is convincing me to buy it.... it's a bummer they don't offer samples for this particular one.




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