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Liz Earle Skin Secrets

I have read quite a few make-up related books but this is the first time I have come across a book especially dedicated to skin care. Is it me or do we need more of such books in the market? 

Skin is our canvas for superficial beauty and if that is naturally glowing and pretty, make-up surely will complement it better. 

Presenting, Skin Secrets by none other than the gorgeous Liz Earle

The book takes you through a journey where it simplistically explains to you about your skin, why its important to take care of it, what could damage it, what could help it get better and so on. 

Having said that, its not exhausting at all, in fact pretty addictive. Once I started, I went through 50 pages in no time. I had to stop for revision, otherwise I would forcibly have to reproduce Skin Secrets in my Marketing exam. 

I love this section where Liz talks about taking care of skin in the teens, twenty's, thirty's and forties. I just love how she uses herself and her daughter in these sections. Such a perfect example they are of glowing skin. 

What is also interesting is that in these sections, there is also a page dedicated to what make-up would suit these particular skin types and what the models used in these like to use. I loved reading Liz's personal beauty favourites!

Of course, skin concerns like dark circles, rosacea, milia and acne are covered in sufficient detail for those of you who are suffering from such conditions.

There is also scientific details about what constitutes the skin and the layers within to give you a brief introduction in case you were not aware.

It's funny how food is usually connected and talked about when it comes to physical fitness only. There is a tonne of things food can do to your skin and this book tells you in sufficient detail about what to eat and what to avoid.

I am going to try the Detox breakfast soon! Great for the skin and the body eh?

The book has the most stunning scenic visuals as well! I love the picture below of Liz, her two daughters and her mother. It is so adorable and they all have such beautiful skin!

Overall, It's a must buy for £19.99. If there is only one skin care book you want to invest in, make it this one, as it does not give you temporary solutions but offers you options of healthy lifestyles to adapt to for beautiful skin. It is definitely something I will go back to again and again. 

Supergirl said...

It sounds great! I would like to read it!
I have Paula Begoun book about make up, skincare - really great book! If you like this one, I think you would love Paula Begoun Beauty Bible as well!

Sheefa F said...

@Supergirl - thanks for the recommendation!

Lived With Love said...

this looks really good! everything you do is shown in your skin and this shows that!

Irene Blushing Loves said...

I'd love to read it when and if it comes here!!!thanks for the post hun!!


Alisha said...

ah wow! i lovbe the look of this book :) great post bab x x

Anonymous said...

I'll have to purchase this book, my skin is going crazy! :(

Nilufar said...

I mightjust see if i can grab this on amazon or ebay...would love to have...im thinking of getting some liz earle stuff....xxx

Joy said...

This book looks and sounds great! Thank you for posting about it :) xx

Sami said...

Sounds like a good read... Will definitely be picking this up xx


I could really use this book!

Thanks for sharing:) Check out my blog!


xoxo sana




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