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Highlighters/Illuminators - MeMeMe

I have some gorgeous ones by MeMeMe today, which is a drugstore brand in the UK. It's products are super cute, have Benefit-inspired packaging and dare I say similar quality too, for a fraction of the price.

Here you have, Moonbeam and Sunbeam, Beat the Blues Illuminators.

Moobeam as you can see is silvery pink illuminator, whereas Sunbeam as the name goes is a golden-beige illuminator. Regardless of the color, both of them are out of this world gorgeous and I would not be able to choose one unless of course on a gunpoint!

You can wear any depending on your mood and the look you're going for, but if we apply my undertone formula here, I would say Moonbeam, which is obviously a cooler pink, looks awesome on warmer/yellow based skin tones. On the other hand, Sunbeam, which has more of a golden glow, is fantastic over paler/pink based skin tones.

They have such a natural lovely glow, are streak free and apply like a dream! You do not need a brush. However I feel I apply a lot with my fingers, hence I like to use a 217 or a small domed fluffy brush for this purpose, as its perfect to apply in smaller areas of the face.

Because this has no chunky glitter in it AT ALL, I like to overdo with it and apply it on the centre of the forehead, the nose bridge, a bit on the chin, the brow bone and the cheekbone. Basically, everywhere. 

It still looks like you're glowing from within! Psst...the guys won't be able to tell by any chance! 

You can of course mix it with a matte foundation and it will work quite well as adding a bit of a glow and give some dimension to your face. 

The picture does no justice to how pretty these babies are in real life, but still a shot for formality. It looks pretty natural in daylight and sinks into the skin doesn't it? I am wearing a pretty light layer here but you can layer it on for intensity.

I just cannot get over these two little gems as you must have realised by now and you need to grab them now!

Available for £5.25 from Superdrug or the MeMeMe website. 

Anonymous said...

Excellent post & review. I've been wanting to place an order for the blush me! box, so I'll add these illuminators. :)

Sheefa F said...

@StealMyHeartLove - You reminded me, I really need to try out some of their blushers too!

The Beautifier said...

Awesome products! I wanna have them both :)

Trendy with Style "P" said...

so pretty!! definetely gonna get them! it gives such a gorgeous finish!!
I love it!!

Sammie said...

I've been looking for an illuminator to mix into my foundation. This looks perfect!

Michelle @Lipstickrules said...

aaaaaaah - these look soooo good!

Supergirl said...

Subeam looks like my color! Have to try it:)
I love MeMeMe:) Great quality for small price:)


I love the packaging of these. so cute! I am not into highlighters because they make my face look messy but it looks so good on you! Maybe i'll attempt to try it again :)



(p.s please follow me:)

Hussy said...

That is just like Benefits High Beam and Moon Beam! Only the High Beam goes with the pink one and Moon Beam goes with the yellow one. The packaging is just as appealing on these bottles

PeachesandBlush said...

Oh i love these kind of highlighters which are sheen and not shimmer..wish we had me me me in india

Lys N. said...

This look just gorgeous!

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