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Highlighters/Illuminators - Liz Earle

Now that we have the sun shining in full glory, I thought it would be just perfect to do a series of posts on Highlighters/Illuminators.The posts will be a summary of my favourites till date, a mini review about them, where and how to use them and so on.

Highlighters are great to use in the winter too as you do not naturally have a glow then, but I feel its purpose is best achieved when complemented with naturally dewy skin, the sun and all that tanning going around.

In no particular order, here's a Liz Earle Sheer Gold Shimmer that I have been using since a while.This baby is the first to star as it can be used on the face as well as the body.

You have to get those legs out now. It's a rule!

Besides the superficial benefits, this also contains Aloe vera, Vitamin E and 10 essential oils to keep the skin moisturised. Inclusion of the oils in the ingredients makes it smell heavenly, just like other Liz Earle products.

It is a golden liquid in the tube with glitter particles. These are not too fine not to show up but not as chunky too, making it appropriate to wear on the face.

I just love the yellowy gold colour as its quite unique to be honest. It's either dark bronze or a 24-k gold colour you'll usually come across. This is the first time I have come across a soft yellow based golden highlighter.

Because of its yellow undertones, it mimics the sun kissed glow that the skin would have in the sun. The glitter particles may look a bit harsh in the closeup but on application on the body, it just gives a lovely radiant finish with an added bit of colour.

It's subtle and can be easily layered on for a dramatic finish. You can ofcourse use it on the face but it is much more suitable for the body and works best there. 

I have more lovely affordable illuminating products coming in the next few posts so don't forget to join me then!

50ml tube for £8.95.


That is so pretty! I don't think we have Liz Earle in the US :(

Anonymous said...

I never even knew Liz Earle done this type of product until now reading your post. It looks like a gorgeous product! x

Katatny said...

gorgeous blog! keep up the good work! would love your support for mine!
xo www.misskatatny.blogspot.com

Alisha said...

Oo, thats very pretty! i love it x x

Kaushal said...

I didn't realise LE did a highlighter!! x

The Beautifier said...

ohhh it looks nice on your skintone! It's perfect for the sunny days!

Roshni said...

It looks so pretty - perfect for summer xx

Shivani said...

This is an awesome one for South Asian skintones.

Emily Quak said...

Wow that looks pretty amazing! I love the gold finish!

Anonymous said...

Love the subtle shimmer of this, might have to give it a go! x

Sugar said...

Wow the gold color looks so good on your skintone love it <3


FunnyFaceBeauty said...

Ok, definitely need to get my hands on this.
Thanks for the swatch pictures.




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