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Models Own Hi-Definer Mascaras

I adore Model's Own Nail Varnishes. The colours, the consistency and pay off are all great! But that's about it right? One does not go past Nail Varnishes when it comes to Model's Own. Hence to conquer that image of theirs we have here their 'Hi-Definer' Mascara Collection.

They have introduced 4 new Mascara's for £6 each which won't break your bank if you're looking to change your mascara every three months or so.

An Ultra Waterproof Mascara, which promises to give you that same va-va-vroom effect that other mascara's give you, so you wont have to deal with dry, brittle lashes. I am not much of a fan when it comes to Water Proof Mascara's as I have so many that have this quality without making a bit deal out of it. 

meh! Pass.

The Lashed Up Volumiser that promises to deliver full on lashes without the added drama of wiping it off your eyelids. Supposedly the wand should not create a mess! We'll have to try it out to believe that. I quite like the pink packaging though. Makes me reminiscent of Maybelline! The wand could have been more innovative though.

The Lengthen and Curl Mascara, which is meant to avoid flaking or clumping and give you that gorgeous sky high curve and length. I quite like such mascara's to be honest as they have always performed well and lived up to their promise. I am a fan of such curved brushes as they do actually work at lifting the lashes and separating them.  

Give it a try, will ya? Or I will...just for you guys, I promise!

and lastly, the Grow Fast mascara which contains Procapil and Panthenol that are meant to increase the size of your lashes and strengthen them along with separating and adding volume.

Again, I am a sucker for such wands. I don't care if they work at increasing the size of my lashes or not, but these wands and formulas are great for getting clean, separated lashes as it reaches those hard to reach lashes. 

Why not ditch Clinique's new bottom lash 'invention' and rather use this one for your bottom lashes.  I always use my normal mascara on my bottom lashes and it works great! Just make sure you use a thin wand like this. 

Do you fancy getting any of these?

These are available from Boots and the Models Own website.

Sami said...

I love that they have loads of different colours that you can collect!
And I use a regular mascara for my bottom lashes too... seems pointless to have a separate one for them! x

LilyLipstick said...

I like the look of the wand on the Grow Fast mascara and £6 is a pretty good price. Although the mascara that came with the Models Own/Fabulous set was pretty awful - hopefully these are better! x

Ria said...

The grow fast sounds really interesting!I never knew they made mascaras.But since I love their nail polishes, I might give this a try.Thanks for sharing!

Y said...

hehe I want to try them!

Hannah said...

Oh wow! Totally agree and I really want to try the Grow Fast mascara it looks really interesting! Do you have any thoughts??
Thank you xo





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