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'Kiss' bad nail days goodbye!

I've been trying out a set of acrylic nails since the past few days and have been quite impressed, so here's a little rave post about it.

Now believe it or not, this was the first time ever that I was going to try out false nails. Shocker, I know! I've never been much of a nail person anyway besides the random manicure or so. But I always disliked how my nails looked naturally, kinda off white you see - not pretty! and always envied anyone who achieved that perfect French manicure. 

However, I also cannot stand super-fake, super-long nails which seem like they'll come off any minute or are worn to kill! Hence I decided to take baby steps and started off with the 'Real Short' ones that Kiss make in French Manicure

They claim they're better than salon nails. I don't doubt that a tiny bit! What do you say?

A lot of people have trouble with the edges chipping off or so, hence these are meant to be chip free, which after a few days of wear I have to agree with. They are quite solid and sturdy and show no sign or wear and tear. 

I love how natural they look from almost every angle and fit perfectly on the nail bed. 

Also, the beauty of these acrylics lies in its 'Real Short' length, meaning no one, and I mean no one at all realised that they were fake. They all said, 'You've got a lovely manicure done!' and that's exactly what I was looking for baby - naturally pretty nails :)

They make my hand appear so much more neater and prettier that I just cannot get over them!

Applying them was a piece of cake, even though I am a beginner hence don't be reluctant to try these because  of the application process. They dried in minutes and were all set in 5-10 minutes! These are meant to last 7 days and they do to be honest with the exception of that random one coming off if you indulge in a chore or so, but you can easily reapply that.

I only found the glue application part a bit tedious as the uneven glue showed up through the nails and I could have been neater. I guess that would improve with practice and only a tiny bit of glue is what you need. 

You can find these at Boots and Superdrug in the UK and at Kissusa.com for my mates in US of A.

Are you a fan of false nails? 

Unknown said...

These look gorgeous on you, I might just have to give them a try xxx


Truly Madly Beauty said...

Oh they look gorguz huny! Can't wait to give them a try :)

Love Aysh xoxo

Trendy with Style "P" said...

they look pretty good! I never heard about that brand before, I always buy Broadway Pink Real Life and are really good! but next time i will try ur ones!

Inner Belle said...

great review - come and do mine for me :P

The Beautifier said...

wow these babies look so natural and I really like the length of these!

Uma Mageswari Preve said...

I dislike press on nails.. They just don't last on my nails... Anyway, they look great on you. I prefer gel nails.

MEVISH said...

ur nails look gorjus

Sharmin said...

Lol I loved them!! Im going to be doing a reveiw on them Soon!! Lol they were amazing! :D x
Loved your reveiw x

Cynthia Z said...

Sooo pretty yr nails are looking! I think these are better than sitting at a nail bar for 3 hours.


Unknown said...

They do look great - but I find the glue makes a mess once theyve been removed? xx

Sheefa F said...

@rani - Yup, a hell of a mess! Removing them was easy. Just soak them in nail varnish remover for a few minutes and they come off easily. However the uneven surface they leave around on the nails was a bit annoying. A lot of filing, buffing and polishing brought them back to normal. Hence I would reserve these for occasions.

Princess Feef said...

Lol ,, i love these ,, last year i did like my friends and used super glu ! Bwahhhhhhhh ,, it stayed in for like 3 weeks ,, then gave me hard time to remove em ,, then made my nail surface bad . Yeah dont do that :D




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