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Valentine Favourites ♥

I don't get sick of everthing RED for Valentine's. In fact, I find it rather cute. Hence a few of my favourites for the V-day! 

Illamasqua has released a rather edgy collection called 'Throb' for Valentines and as usual it is stunning! My favourite from the collection is without doubt Nail Varnish (£13.50) in Throb and Load

The colours perfectly fit the theme. The Nail Varnishes transfer pretty similar to how they look in the bottle. 'Throb' a gorgeous blood red and one coat is all you need. It is pretty opaque and I love that about it. One of the most striking reds I've owned till date.

'Load' is a delicious vanilla beige, unlike any you may have ever come across. It's not nude, its not white, its not cream - it is a true vanilla colour! But just like any light nail varnishes, this is not opaque enough and needs 2-3 coats. I would still recommend it as the colour is super cute and will lighten up any nail-varnish-lover's day!

The colours are so pretty ain't they? Both of them a lovely glossy finish. Imagine a manicure using both these colours. A red nail with a vanilla tip or a vanilla nail with a red tip? We'll see ;)

Denman have come out with a uber cute Kiss Brush (£7.31). It is their Classic Styling brush but in a revamped design.  As usual, it comes with a anti-static rubber pad to combat any friction and frizz. These brushes seriously last a lifetime! If you've been wanting to get this, get it now as it looks prettier than usual and comes in three colour combinations.

I thought this gorgeous Lord & Berry Vogue Lipstick in China Red(£10) from ASOS.com would make a great contender for Valentines as it is a killer red. It has a mix of orange and pink undertones to it which makes it easy to pull off. Applies like silk without any dragging and dries to a dewy velvet finish to match the texture of the lips. It is dangerously pigmented and a swipe from the bullet will give you opaque lips.

Start with the centre of the lips covering only just a quarter with the lip colour and blend it to the rest of the lips. Always layer lip colour for longevity and don't forget to blot the first application with a tissue and some powder.

Inika Lip Whip in Cherry (£14.30) is unlike any lip gloss that I've tried before. Maybe it's not a lip gloss? It's neither a lip stick. Well, it is a 'lip whip' and I have to admit Inika have named it quite precisely. It is quite sheer and is perfect when I want a my-lips-but-better effect. The formulation is quite unique and I wish there were more lip glosses like this out there. 

The texture is heavenly and applies like butter on the lips. 'Sticky' is a word that comes no where near this baby. It is organic and halal and contains honey, beeswax, shea butter, rosehip, calendula and jojoba and not to forget, tastes so good that I end up eating it up from my lips most of the times. I can't help it, I really like honey!

I may do another post like this near Valentines as there are so many great products that come out during this time of the year. 

What's your take on Valentines day product promotions, marketing, advertising? Sickening or heart-warming?

EllysMakeupbag said...

I do not really care about the marketing, since everything is either red or pink:p I love the red nailpolish tho...

Gemx said...

I love the throb collection, the polishes are gorgeous! Valentines is great for me as red is my favourite colour :)

Not quite beautiful said...

Yeah i agree with EllysMakeupbag. The nail polish is cool.



Billi said...

lovely thanks for sharing :)

Cynthia Z said...

Ooh...I ♥ everything there, esp the hair brush! Super cute!


Princess Feef said...

love the lipstick ,, am planning to get mac russian red today ,, been crazy over red lips lately

and gotta say ,, awesomeeeee header <3 haha
i wanna be the 2nd barbie on the left ,, if only my hair would go lighter without bleaching ! lol =)

Sheefa F said...

@Feef - haha I choose a barbie for myself 2 :p I like the 4th one from the left lol

The Beautifier said...

Loving your picks for the Valentine's day, sweets! Never tried any Lord and Berry lipsticks, China red looks awesome on your lips and I'm loving the shade Load on your nails!

ihavemostlybeen said...

I really want Load, it looks fab.

agnes said...

le vernis rouge est vraiment très beau

Jade | The Jade Aesthetic said...

'Load' looks so, so nice on the nail and they look good together. 'Load' as the base and 'Throb' as a heart on top would be cute! x




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