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Elf Brush Cleanser: For mental satisfaction only

I have no idea why I bought this! For some bizarre reason, I was hoping this bottle worth £3.50 would miraculously cleanse my brushes between washes. But then again, Surgical Spirit does the job for less, so I don't think I was asking for a lot. 

Bear in mind this is not a brush shampoo, it is merely meant to 'clean' the brushes between washes. Now I agree to being a bit lazy when it comes to giving my brushes a good old shower. Maybe once in two weeks *gross, I know* So I thought this would work well as a middle alternative to keep my brushes in a slightly sanitary condition.

Unfortunately, this does not work AT ALL for me! I mean it dries pretty quickly when sprayed on brushes but the bottle instructs to let the brushes dry for longer before using them again, so I assume I am not meant to use the brushes immediately after use which totally defies the purpose of the product. 

Not to forget, it takes an outrageous 4-5 sprays on every single brush (mostly covering the brush handle rather than the bristles!) before it decides to remove a speck of make-up on a paper towel, whilst I excitedly wait for the 'experiment' to work out. 

It's quite hopeless with eye shadow brushes to be honest as they are usually soaked with colour. It however works moderately well with concealer and foundation brushes or as the title says, maybe its just for my mental satisfaction of 'sanitising' them that I still keep it on my dresser.

I know most of you would think, 'ELF is dirt cheap, so its okay' but I have tried out other products from the brand which have worked out great, so it's inappropriate to blame it on the price tag in my opinion.

I mean for the love of God, MAC's Brush Cleanser is only a fiver away from ELF's price, so please invest in that if you ever plan to. I surely will. 

Anonymous said...

I have used this before nn it hasnt ... samething happend to me with MAC but i prefer SMASHBOX they r way better

Get Gawjus! said...

@Sugar - oh really, same for MAC? :O Hmm gota look up the Smashbox one.

Aru said...

I used ti use it, but I prefer the Studio Brsuh Shampoo, as it's a real shampoo obviously, lol! At least, itoes what It has to! I think this one could work with powders though =)

CarmenSays said...

ooof, thank god I didn't get it :/ xx

Arezu said...

I have to agree with you, I purchased this and the first thing that turned me off was the smell, and the fact that it was in a spray bottle I ended up spraying so much. And it probably only took 1/10 of the makeup off.

At the point it just got easier for me to wash them, lol.

Glad to know I'm not the only one who thinks that!

Cami said...

Thanks for this review! I've always been curious about this, but coupled with the continual reports of people saying it arrived leaking all over their package, I've been put off! :) xx

Pyxiee said...

I bought the ELF Daily cleaner and the brush shampoo and thought both were rubbish! I was going to to do a post on MAC brush cleaner, its amazing! x

Anonymous said...

You are doing better than me - I haven't washed mine in a month *hangs head in shame* but to be fair I don't use them every day. It is hugely annoying when a product doesn't do what you want it too. Thanks for the warning. Jan x

Princess Feef said...

I love mac one n swear by it




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