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Be it Rain or Shine...or gusts of wind!

Aveda's Smooth Infusion Style-Prep Smoother(£18) claims to defend against humidity for 12 hours and has been helping my hair stay in control especially in this extremely absurd climate, when its sunny in the morning, pouring heavily at noon, finishing off with strong gusts of wind in the evening.

Let alone make-up which one can touch-up, just imagine the state of  hair at the end of such a day. I have naturally wavy, slightly frizzy hair and I like to leave it how it is with a usual coat of serum. And I have to admit, this little heaven in a bottle has been working wonders to tame my mane.

My hair loved the product when I first applied it,  I could tell they were doing a little happy dance.  I got out of the shower, put two squirts of this serum starting from the ends to roots and after a few minutes, the result was super smooth and baby soft hair. 

No tangles, no frizz, no stray hairs, no weighing down. Just plainly gorgeous hair, get it? I have never felt my hair feel so lovely hence quite impressed. 

You are meant to use this on damp hair however I find it too addictive not to use on dry hair. Having said that, its effects last until you wash you hair, so really you don't have to bother about reapplying it everyday. But I still do because I like to overdo things you see. If the instructions say DON'T, I always will! 

Also, it does not interfere with the volume of my hair at all in my opinion. It still allows me to do my regular back comb or whatever else I might do for volume in the crown area, without any weighing down of hair what so ever. 

It deserves to be mentioned that it does not leave the hair artificially shiny or 'oily' looking like other drug store serums that you may have come across. It just imparts a healthy sheen, as if my hair is naturally like that. It has a pretty fresh and a citrusy smell to it which is pretty non-offensive. 

Not to forget, it protects against heated tools too. Battles heat and humidity? This seems like a must-have for the summer or for countries like India and UAE with hot & humid climate. So to my peeps from the sunny side, try and get hold of this if you can. 

indianmakeupways said...

this looks like an awesome product. thanks for the review.

Miss LV said...

Sounds really good, I might have to buy it x


Shameera@MyFrostedWorld said...

This product sounds amazing, have you used it in rain yet?

Get Gawjus! said...

@Shameera - haha yes I have and it seemed to work great. My hair was much more intact compared to how it would have been before :)

DesignerSpray said...

This product sounds promising. I've used something similar by John Frieda which was also pretty impressive. xx

GREEDS said...

Looks amazing! I need this.





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