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The 1 Minute Smoky Eye - Take 1

No matter how common it gets, I love pulling off a smoky eye! It's a classic and never really goes out of fashion. 

I am still a bit reluctant to wear it during day time as I usually prefer a light base whereas a smoky eye with a light base is a bit no-no in my opinion. Well, for Asian skin at least, as we tend to have dark circles and dark eyes will emphasize that. Hence I reserve it for when the sunlight fades and I can get away with a heavier base and a dark eye. 

I think things should be simple when it comes to creating such a look. You will find a gazillion tutorials on You Tube to create THE smoky eye, however one is unlikely to remember that or reproduce it when needed, either due to its complexity or the time it occupies. 

Hence why not keep it simple enough so you can actually wear it eh? 

I created the look below using only one eye shadow. You heard me right, a single eye shadow only. I used a baked eye shadow which had grey and silver swirled in it. I used the sparkly silver for the brow bone and the grey for the rest of the eye. I just added some extra grey shadow on the crease to give the look some dimension. 

The best thing about this shadow is how it looks so different in different lighting, don't you think? And this is just a minutes work girls, so you don't need to sit all day in front of the mirror trying to blend :)

I used Famous by Sue Moxley Merged Eye shadow(retails for under a fiver!) in Shade 6 for this look. It is the most gorgeous baked shadow that I've ever come across till date. It's super pigmented and best applied with fingers. It has three colours swirled in namely a cloudy grey, a dark grey and a super sparkly silver. 

So next time you're at Superdrug, don't forget to swatch this baby and I'm sure you'll end up buying some of these pots!

I will be doing two other parts for the 'The 1 Minute Smoky Eye' series so keep your eyes peeled lovely ladies.

Hell Notes for Beauty™ said...

Either way you did a lovely job!

roshas said...

this shade looks beautiful on you:) xx

Rachel said...

This looks so pretty, I love a smokey eye :)

DaintyMakeup said...

wow that looks gorgeous on you! never seen this before in superdrug so will have to keep an eye out for it!

Meeta said...

Love it! That blue tone is very pretty, I like how it contrasts with your black lashes so they stand out.

luckiebeauty said...

It looks amazing! The eyeshadow is gorgeous,great job! : O )

Anonymous said...

You have such beautiful eyes Shifa that anything you do just enhances them - Have to agree with Meeta that the blue brings out the lashes. Very lovely, look forward to more of these posts. Jan x

BeautyParler said...

Wow can't believe its only one shade, gorgous! And I'll write it again LOVE your eyebrows!

Primp and Giggle said...

GORGEOUS smoky doll! my eyes are peeled for more 1 Minute Smoky Eye posts! i LOVE it! xoxoxo


graphology said...

This look is so pretty :-)

Aru said...

I love that eyeshadow! Looks great on you =)
And I like this "1 minute smoke yes" series ^_^

Debbie said...

Absolutely beautiful! But a minute? That would take me a week!

Uma Preve said...

Beautifully done! Nice eyeshadow... :)

♥ mia said...

can't believe u created that with a single e/s! amazing! :D

Saimese said...

I love gray smokey eyes! You did a great job

nicoletta said...

What a gorgeous eyeshadow, it looks beautiful on you and a bargain x

**OnYxStA** said...

Love the shade on your skin tone x


FunnyFaceBeauty said...

This is ridiculously gorgeous. I really want that shadow now. Do you use a tripod to take your eye pictures. Any advice?

Hungover on Fashion said...

This looks interesting :)
BTW, we share the same template :)


Get Gawjus! said...

@Hungover on Fashion - Haha way to go girl;) although it is more appropriate for a fashion blog rather than mine :P

@FunnyFaceBeauty - aww so sweet! thanks hun. and noo I am obsessed with taking pictures so I keep taking them untill I get it right. Just a usual digicam and my shaky little hand.

Just make sure you take them where you have the right amount of daylight, not completely outdoors and always keep a hand held mirror in front on your face so you know what you're capturing :)

Cynthia Z said...

Super gorgeous! Looks like u have 3 colors there


mediterraneangirl15 said...

wow wow wow, I can't stop looking at this, SO gorgeous




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