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I ♥ Glitter! + GIVEAWAY!

Why is Glitter such a taboo still and almost always referred to in a negative manner? Why can only teenage girls or drag queens pull it off? It is completely out of my understanding to be honest. I personally LOVE Glitter and I think one cannot get any more feminine that this. 

Now I know it's not something you would sport on a daily basis or whilst doing a presentation in an office. But use it in moderation on the upper and lower lash line and it will immediately make your eyes sparkle! 

I have quite a few glitter products that I enjoyed using last year, but this is my absolutely favourite and one that I trust using hence here it is. 

It's by Lit Cosmetics. I have tried out their 3 Stack Lit Kit ($69.95) which comes with three stackable glitter pots, a glitter base and a few brushes. 

Beach baby is this gorgeous champagne colour. You cannot go wrong with a neutral shimmery colour now can you?

Pretty in Pink is the most adorable rosey pink glitter I've tried till date! I don't like using this as a base colour as I have a lot of space on the lids and it ends up looking like I have a swollen eye. I like to use this as a pop of colour by using it as a liner. Basically use pink glitter in moderation unless you have hooded eyes. 

Twisted sistah is a gorgeous cadbury purple. This one is a must-have! It is a stunner and you can actually get away wearing this on the entire eye area. 

I have no idea how I would have used this glitter if it would not have been for the Glitter Base. Basically this is used to foil the glitter pigment and then apply it to the lids. It works as a glue/primer and makes sure there is no fall off and the glitter stays on all day. 

Below are how the colours look. Twisted Sistah, Beach Baby and Pretty in Pink

They give MAC Pigments a run for their money in my opinion as they are seriously much more striking as compared to them. They look dramatic and have this 3-d feel to them. 

Having said that, the glitter itself is very small in size and finely milled. You can actually see every glitter particle separate from one another. It has no fall off what so ever and surprisingly comes off in a single swipe of a wet wipe!

Because the glitter base glues the glitter pigments to the eye lids, you will feel a slight tightness on the eyelids for a little while, however the feeling disappears soon. 

Below I used two of my favourite glitters from Lit Cosmetics. This is how I would like to wear them for a photo shoot or editorial work.. I would tone it down slightly otherwise. This is just to show you how it looks full on. 

Tips to wear glitter:

- Don't overdo it, keep it simple - mono-coloured lids rock!
- Wear it as a liner on the lower or the upper lash line
- Add tonnes of carbon black mascara to avoid alien eyes
- Reserve the look for night outs, parties, photo shoots etc
- Do your eyes first and then your foundation

I have a Mini Lit Kit (worth $35.95) to give away to you guys because of how sweet you all are! ♥

It contains:
- Glitter pot in Beach Baby
- 2 mini brushes
- 30ml Clear Glitter Base
- Sparkle duster (removes stray glitter)

To enter, simply comment below with your email address.  Giveaway will end on 11:59 GMT on 30th January. So you have till this Sunday to enter. Winners will be announced next week. 

UK Only (Sorry!) 

daisychain said...

Oh please enter me!



The Student's Guide To Nail Polish said...

Those look gorgeous! Please enter me :P


Anonymous said...

Adore these colours!! so pretty


Sabina said...

wow they look gorgeous

enter me



Anonymous said...

WOW! How can these be so beautiful? They look absolutely amazing on your eyes!

I would love to be entered please <3

My email is: brittanylove@hotmail.co.uk

Thank you honey :)

Love Britt xxx

Mitz said...

UK only?! Boo! Show Canada some love! :)
The look is great!

AnNeTtEe said...

those are uberly pretty!!!

please enter me!



Lucy said...

These really do look gorgeous! I've never seen them before. Enter me please:


CappuccinoLace said...

Just what I'm missing.


Harrriiiet said...

So so so vibrant, love them!


Sheefa F said...

@Mitz - aww so sorry! It's not even about shipping but I have had a few parcels missing which sucks :( Next time it will be international for sure!

Laura Holt said...

Enter me please! :)
I love your blog!
Your eyes are gorgeous :)

Phoebe said...

I agree! Glitter is amazzinnnnggg!! Enter me please! phoebscowley@gmail.com

beeroyal said...

enter me please :)


Gemx said...

Glitter always looks fab! Enter me please :)

The Beautifier said...

Oh these are so vibrant and beautiful! I love glitters, enter me too, hun!

Supergirl said...

Enter me please:)

Glitter look gorgeous on you and I think, that it would be great for evening look:)


Best wishes!

Roshni said...

wow it looks amazing on u!
enter me roshnip19@hotmail.co.uk xxx

Shivani said...

Enter me please!

Harpreet said...

enter me please :)


JadeyLou said...

This looks amazing!
Enter me please!

Sami said...

Owww yey - a giveaway!

PS - your blog header looks really nice now! x

Sheefa F said...

@Sami - Thank you lovely! :D

Lyuba-chan said...

Please enter me :)


JoselinDesilva said...

Wow these look beautiful I must say! Enter me please


Anonymous said...

Ooh this looks great! It also looks gorgeous on you!

Enter me please :)



Truly Madly Beauty said...

Ooo love a bit o sparkle! Would love to be entered please! :)


Unknown said...

Oh wow these are amazing and beautiful.

missmascara1983 said...

These look fab. Please enter me. xx


LaaLaa said...

Oh how cool,



liketreasure said...

enter me please! :)



Junk Loving Girl said...

Wow, I love the beach baby glitter! Thanks so much for the chance.


Unknown said...

Sorry, please delete my previous comment as i forgot my email. Stupid me :P
Please enter me, these look lovely. I love glitter and these colours are beautiful!
My email is: queen-cry-baby@hotmail.com
thanks for a great giveaway!

Unknown said...

Hey! Me Karamjeet kaur your new follower ☺

I would like to take part in your giveaway. So, Please Enter Me ♥

My Email Id Is kaurkbains@gmail.com




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