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What you MUST try in 2011 - Aussie Haircare

I don't why but there are still SO many people I know who either have not heard about Aussie or have not yet tried it out. I mean it's quality haircare, has so much variety to suit almost any hair type and its price ranges from £3-6 which I believe is reasonable. So why the reluctance?

The Australian brand topped my list in haircare products in 2010.

I started off with being obsessed with its '3 minute miracle', which although smells rather funky, works miraculously at deep conditioning hair within minutes. This is their must-have product regardless of what hair type you have and is definitely worth a try, even if you want to combine it with your other hair care range. 

I have also tried out their 'Miracle Moist' products which are great if you want to give you hair that extra hydration during the winter when it is likely to get dried out very often. Plus, they never hair my weigh down how much ever of it I use. 

However my favourite range from them has to be their 'Take the Heat' range without doubt! It is something I will keep repurchasing till the end of time. You see, its so generic that anyone can use it. As there will be hardly any of us girls who don't apply heat to our hair. 

Now, I know there are quite a few similar products regarding heat protection in the market and trust me I've tried them all. But Aussie works best for me when its comes to keeping hair safe from the sizzling heat.

My favourite products are the Take The Heat Cream and Take The Heat Leave-in Spray. I use the cream on damp hair and the spray on dry hair before and after applying heat. It also gives my hair this mirror like shine somehow which I absolutely love about it!

Again, the only problem with them is the funky smell. My sister describes the bath smelling of 'heat' after using these products. However bizarre does that sound!

and remember, just as Aussie says..

Just because you're scorching 

doesn't mean your hair should be! 

Available at Superdrug and Boots.

Lyuba-chan said...

I LOVE the smell haha :) I tried the range in US, but didn't like the smell there. I wonder if it's different for each country (the packaging was purple too)?

I'm addicted to Leave In Spray now :) Even if I don't straighten my hair that often, I still like to apply it just in case.

graphology said...

In London I saw these products but I haven't bought one.
When I saw them again I will buy one.

Hell Notes for Beauty™ said...

I've heard great things about aussie but never got around to trying them. I'm curious about this new heat line they have.

indianmakeupways said...

I have used their 3 minute miracle.at first it seemed to work great but after that it simply stopped doing its magic on my hair and ya u r rt,,the smell is quite unpleasant.

Aysh said...

the 3 minute miracle has been my hairs salvation...a tad dramatic maybe, but so true! :) Btw thank you for following me sweety, means a lot! :)

Aysh xoxo


FunnyFaceBeauty said...

There have been a few Aussie products that I have really wanted to try, but for some reason I can't seem to find them in the drugstores over here :(

Uma Preve said...

I loved these at 1st but they didn't work on my hair after a while later. My was sleaky and sticky after shampooing. I was sad as I really liked it very much in the beginning. Great post btw.

Lucky said...

So unfair!
It's not available in South Africa!
3 minute miracle sounds lovely... Besides the funky smell :)

Divija Reddy said...

Hi Shifa, hope u remember me! i know its been long! jst back to blogging and posting such silly msgs on blogs :)

as of Aussie, i believe only ppl who tried the range know xactly what we experience! I swear by 3-minute miracle and i have tried their shampoo range as well...especially the shampoo plus conditioner, i love it...worth each and every penny :)

happy for u and ur blog, kangana ranaut LOL take care honey




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