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Senna Cosmetics & Eve Pearl - Matte Blusher Rave

I would not say I am over the shimmery cheek phase but as winter came by, matte blushers just started taking over and have gradually become my favourite. 

Shimmery blushers will give you that 3 dimensional look and that dewy effect which is quite pretty. But in the winters I like to avoid that and keep the cheeks fairly simple with a dash of colour, keeping them natural looking. 

Some of my favourites from this winter are by Eve Pearl and Senna Cosmetics.  

Coming to Eve Pearl first, I have a Blush Trio in 'Sassy Cheeks'. It is catered for those with medium undertones which I don't agree with as the colours are quite sheer to show up on medium skin tones. Well, depends on what her definition of medium skin tones is.

Having said that, I quite like it. It has a lovely medium pink and a gorgeous peachy colour which looks so much like MAC's Gingerly.

They don't swatch well as they are sheer but they apply really well and are quite smooth. I have a bit of trouble blending them sometimes as they tend to stick at a particular spot and then it becomes a pain to blend. But I am willing to forgive that as all matte blushers have this problem generally. 

Overall, they are a bit pricey for their colour range which I find too common and sometimes a bit blah! I like the fact that they come in a mirrored compact and are easy to carry around. 

Eve Pearl may have won awards but my award goes to the deserving Senna Cosmetics. I got some matte blushers from their range as that's what I wanted to try out for the winter and oh my these are heaven in a compact and almost underrated for how they perform!

I have three shades from their range, Faded Rose, Hue and Cupcake.

First of all, aren't the compacts so cute? They are half the size of your usual blush containers and not because they have less product but because the extra bulky packaging has been cut down making it so chic and of course easy to store and carry around. 

I cannot choose between the three, but my favourite are Cupcake and Hue.

Cupcake is this dolly pink colour that you see Kim K sporting around all the time. It's brightens your cheeks without looking over the top. It is a perfect dupe for MAC's Well Dressed and to be honest I prefer this better as it is more pigmented and provides more of a flushed look.

Hue is completely the opposite. It is a warm browny-peach colour that adds colour to the cheeks without looking all bronzed up. It is almost identical to MAC's Gingerly and looks so pretty on Asian skin tones. This is my go-to colour and I just cannot do without this anymore.

I could not get Faded Rose to swatch properly for pictures. It is quite similar to Hue but with more of a pinky-beige undertone to it. If I find Hue a bit too warm sometimes, Faded Rose is what I use as its a perfect pinky-beige with a hint of peach to it. 

All the blush shades that Senna do are quite unique and drool worthy to be honest. You just cannot dislike any shade! I already have a growing wish list. 

The blushes are the best matte blushers I have tried till date. They are super silky, almost untraceable in texture and simply melt into the skin. Having said that, they are equally pigmented and blend like a dream

I also got two brushes from them which I really like too. Their contour brush is pretty dense and works great to blend blushers and apply bronzers and contour colours. 

Their travel blush brush is not only uber cute but has good quality bristles that actually deliver. This stays with me in my bag all the time. Both the brushes are very good quality and sturdy, must try out!

So If you want to go matte with your cheeks, Senna Cosmetics is the one to invest in. Avoid Eve Pearl blushers I would say. I find them a bit too mediocre for the price. 

Do you like matte blusher? What are you favourites?
graphology said...

I like matte blushes, they are gorgeous :-)

VampiressDoll said...

Wow, not bad at all and I love the look of cupcake. :) x

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

OMG all of those blushes are gorgeous. I love a nice matte blush...kind of sick of the glitter, shimmer thing. Definitely checking all of them out.

Venus Loves Virgo said...

Those look pretty, and I like Senna cosmetics XOXO

Ailah said...

Great review! I've been looking to try out various matte blushes abd never gave sienna cosmetics a thought. But now I will! Thanks!!!!


tackyblueeyeshadow said...

Faded Rose looks gorgeous. Great review :) x

Anonymous said...

Right now I'm hooked on matte eyeshadow, bronxer,blushes and so :P

Btw: Do you know a really good matte bronzer.

Shivani said...

Ooh I want to try Senna blushers so bad now...they look amazing. I personally love matte blushes and my favorite is MAC coppertone.

Olivia J said...

Left you a blog award: http://maquillageobscura.blogspot.com/2011/01/bullying-beast-and-bloggy-award.html

Princess Feef said...

i love matt blushes ,, and the pink one looks great
and the brushes also look adorable




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