A tonne(?) of snow and a Giveaway :) *CLOSED*

 *A few inches of snow is a tonne for us Londoners okay! We don't live in Canada you see.

It doesn't usually happen in this country with an occasional white Christmas but this time its a bit too much for us to handle. We get all scared and petrified and don't know how to deal with it lol. A footstep in the backyard creates a foot impression and everyone in the family measures how many inches would that be. It is beyond funny!

I however really like it but don't like how the country comes to a standstill with petty inches of white fluff. I am off from university now for Christmas but if need be I would really not mind making my way out. Just deal with it people :p

So this was yesterdays scene where it started snowing at the speed of rain. No joke!

It was fun initially until it all turned to ugly slippery ice followed by another snow shower covering all the ice leading to car skidding and all that not so fun stuff. 

Its finally stopped snowing after hours now but the sky tells a totally different story. I swear its going to snow more! :)

I love how it settles on trees, so cute!

Our backyard is unrecognisable and look what its done to my poor little swing lol.

Knowing that the condition is pretty much the same across whole of the UK I thought most of you guys must be indoor this weekend so why not enter your self in this little giveaway.

Up for grabs is a Sleek Eyeshadow Pot, Batiste Gold Dry Shampoo, Eldora's Lashes, MyFaceCosmetics Blusher, Lipgloss and Lipstick and a cute little Lipstick Case.

All you have to do is to write Enter Me in the comments below along with your name and email and your entry will be counted. Of course you can write any additional comments if you wish. The giveaway will end next Saturday exactly on Christmas day on the 25th December at 11.59GMT and one lucky reader will win these goodies worth £40. 

Open Worldwide as a majority of my readers are from outside the UK :)


Brighten you skin in a minute!

Yes you heard right, a minute! I know how everyone nowadays has a super busy schedule and this is one main reason deterring people from indulging in beauty treatments.

But with this mask from Liz Earle, it surely does not give you a reason not indulge in self pamper. 

It has a foamy mousse like consistency which makes it easier to spread all over the face. It gives a slight tingling sensation when applied first and its okay if that happens the bottle says. It however stopped happening to me when I used it after the first time. 

What is it?
A "fast-acting ‘minute’ mask instantly revitalises. Containing stimulating camphor oil and toning witch hazel to help give your skin a natural-looking radiance."

What it does for me?

- Cleanses
- Revives dull skin
- Provides a radiant glow
- Lightens the complexion a little

It does work a lot when you have those 'bad' days to be honest to give yourself a dose of confidence. Or after that breakout you had which left your skin looking dull and uneven. I like to remove it with a hot muslin cloth as that's how it works best.

I use it once a week now as my 'bad' days come pretty often :p It retails for £12 which I think is pretty reasonable considering how long this 50ml pump is likely to last you.

Note that the instructions say that this is not suitable for sensitive skin however I have sensitive skin too and it worked all fine!

Overall, A must have and a saviour for those special days.



Living Nature Foundation - FOTD

Living Nature is a brand from New Zealand and uses only 100% natural ingredients. With almost every foundation in the market being 'natural' and almost every foundation that I own being 'natural' too, I think I am slowly getting on the all-natural bandwagon and simply cannot do if a foundation does not come along with this tag.

This is their 'all natural foundation that leaves your skin feeling soft, fresh and flawless'. 

They have 6 shades available which I was sceptical to choose from and finally decided to get 'pure honey' which surprisingly is lighter than what it appears on the website swatch yet still a very good match for my NC30 skin tone.

Hence a tip whist buying this foundation, always go for a shade darker to be on the safer side.

I think this foundation is pretty different compared to the rest that I've tried. It gives a nice dewy appearance, whereas it dries completely matte and does not feel tacky at all too.

I really like the fact that it dries matte in texture and does not move. It removes the need to wait for the foundation to dry or to set it with powder. However I still like to powder my t-zone as its overall finish is on the dewy side.

I had no issues with blending it and it glides on very smoothly leaving my skin velvety smooth. It did not irritate my sensitive skin, gave pretty good medium coverage and still felt like I am wearing nothing at all. It is slightly moisturising too, which is good as it does not enhance any dry patches on my face.

The one and only problem with this is that it is not waterproof at all! A drop of water on your face and this baby starts dripping down, which is a shame considering how lovely this foundation is overall. 

Regardless, I still wear it when I am sure it won't rain - hard to predict in London I know. I have to carry out such weather checks before wearing Dior Show Mascara too so I will be doing it for this too now :p

For £18, I think it is money well spent if you are on the hunt for a good quality, organic, medium-coverage foundation for dry-sensitive skin. 



Festive Nails for under £3!

Decorate you nails this festive season and what better than red and gold eh? I adore these two colours as they are classic and never get too old!

Plus add some shimmer into them and Voila! Your festive nails are ready to rock.

Try colours from Miner's Autumn/Winter Nail Collection for £2.99 each and save your self some cash for something more important than vanity ;)

I doubt any one will be able to tell if its Miners or Chanel to be honest. And frankly speaking we all know that Chanel's nail varnish quality is not to die for. 

The red below is called Dorothy's Shoes and is a seriously stunning cherry red with subtle shimmer in it. The consistency is very smooth plus it dries in a minute too! The only problem is that it chips after two days of wear. Compared to high-end nail paints that I've tried, two days wear with this is not bad at all. 

The gold colour is called Molton and again has a lovely shimmer to it. It's not metallic to be honest, so quite easy to pull off if you're not a shimmer fan but still want that extra oomph in you nails.

Definitely a must have if your on a budget for pretty looking nails.