Eyeliner Pen at its best & easy to do everyday looks

I love Eye Liners! The possibilities regarding them are truly endless. It is amazing how it simply changes the shape of the eyes and makes them stand out more in minutes. 
I have tried many pen liquid eye liners before and the one I really adore is the cheap as chips Eyeko Graffiti Liner. However that does decline in its performance after a few uses in pigmentation. 

I have been trying out a new one since a while by Le Metier De Beaute and it deserves a post of its own hence here it is in its full glory. Its Precision Liquid Eyeliner in Noir. It may look very similar to other eye liner pens in the market but it is the best one I have tried till date. 

Why? Because it

- performs consistently 
- does not dry up after a few uses
- is very pigmented
- does not wear off
- apply's in the waterline
- has a very fine tip

Here are a few looks I did with it just as a demo.

The barely-there liner -This is for those of you girls who don't really like the look and feel of a liner but still want to line your eyes using minimum technique and effort. I sport this almost everyday when I am in a hurry.

The made-some-effort liner - This is quite similar to the one above, the only difference being that I lined the upper waterline and filled in any gaps in the lash line so it is slightly more visible than the liner above. Again, pretty easy to achieve and can be done within seconds.

The read-my-eyes liner - I cannot emphasise how big a difference lining the lower waterline can make to the eyes. By lining the entire eye, you create an outline for it making it emphasise from the rest of your features. Great for those of you who have smaller eyes as it will make them stand out a little.

The girly-girl liner - Here I just created a slight wing on the corner of the eyes to elongate them a little. Great for those of you who have rounder eyes as it will give an illusion that they are slightly more almond shaped. You can flick out the liner anyway you want to but I like to keep the flick straight. I like this one quite a lot as its clean and crisp yet girly.

The look-at-my-eyes liner - Your eyes can surely do the talking with this cat eye, or winged out liner, what ever you may like to call it. I just built up on the liner I did above and made the line on the upper lash line much more thicker and then joined the flick with he lower lash line. My absolute favourite for occasions!

Le Metier De Beaute Precison Liquid Eyeliner retails for £25 at Selfridges. I am seriously addicted it and recently got so panicky when I couldn't find it  :S  Yikes! Addiction is only feasible to an extent lol.

If you want to create easy eye liner looks without the fuss of liquid or gel and don't want to spend this amount then check out Eyeko's Graffiti Eyeliner and Loreal does a similar one too I believe. 


Head Huggers - Hot Curl Blow Drying Brush

I don't know if you guys already know this or not but I usually don't straighten my hair after washing. I just let it dry naturally and only straighten the top of the hair a little. Considering I have wavy hair, it usually does its own thing when it dries naturally. 

However sometimes I have bad hair days where I can't simply do with air drying my hair and have to blow-dry it. This is when I like to use Denmans Head Hugger

It is a big barrelled blow drying brush and distributes heat evenly within the ceramic coated barrrel whilst retaining it, to make sure it dries hair effectively. The brush is also slightly pinched in the middle to make it adapt to the surface of the head better and lift the hair from the roots. 

The short spikey bristles do a good job at de-tangling and glide through wet hair very easily. I don't think I would otherwise advise using a brush through wet hair. Also always remember to blow dry your hair when it is partially dry, not soaking wet. 

Head-hugging hot curl brush. Ceramic-coated barrels, which retain heat, enable damage-free styling. The hourglass shaped barrel 'hugs' the contour of the head and provides extra volume and root-lift for mid to long-length hair.

The brush itself is of very good quality and the bristles won't bend or come out unlike other brushes in the market.

I still have a problem trying the other side of my hair to fall just the way I want it to. It's because I cant seem to handle the dryer and the brush at one time! But that's obviously nothing that the brush can help me with. Just to do with my crappy skills hehe. 

Priced at £8.68, I think it is worth it especially if you like to blow dry your hair regularly. I have the one with the large barrel. It is also available in small, medium and extra large. 


I see Sparkle!

Yes you guessed it right, Sleek is out with another of their cheap yet chic palettes but this time right in time for Christmas baby!

It has all the brilliant colours your would need to create a party look - for friends, family or teens. It will work for all.

Now some may find it a bit too colourful for their liking however trust me it is worth every penny. The pictures do not do justice to the pigmentation and uniqueness of the colours.

Obviously because its called Sparkle - all the colours besides three of them have bits of glitter in them which are quite finely milled. You also get your usual carbon black matte along with a shimmery gold and a silver.

Here are some of my favourite colours from the palette. The dark blues and the green are seriously to die for! They resemble some single and duo eye shadow's that Nars do for an atrocious price tag.

And can you see when I say that the glitter is finely milled. It spreads consistently with the shadow,  forming a nice layer of shimmer over it. Not bits of glitter at random places, get me?

There is some fall out with these shadows but I don't quite mind as it happens with almost all glittery shadows. They also do stain the eye lid so make sure to prime your lids well before using these.

As the possibility of looks with this palette are innumerable, I could not decide what to put up hence I will do a separate post regarding what possible looks you can do with it. 

So, what are you waiting for? This is limited edition and will release on 24th November until 8th of January. I can see this being a lovely stocking filler for just £5.99 or a beginners guide to glittery eye shadows. 


Airbrushed Eye Shadow in minutes

Have you seen Make-up Gurus on You Tube spraying eye shadow on their lids with scary looking airbrushed machines? Although I love the way they achieve such flawless looks in seconds, I myself do not have the time nor would make the effort to indulge in such techniques on a daily basis. 

Plus those airbrush systems cost an arm and a leg! Not to forget the thought of air pressure on my eyeballs - It's making me cringe already. 

I recently found an alternative to airbrush eye shadows. It's by a brand called Living Nature who do several such natural eye shadow duo's. 

Product Description
Living Nature Eye Shadow Duo Enhance softly or add drama with this beautiful, co-ordinated duo of dusky pink and mauve.

Living Nature was founded by Suzanne Hall and is New Zealand's most popular natural toiletry and cosmetic brand, they have been making natural products for over 20 years and are respected worldwide for their uncompromising purity.

Suzanne says "All plants produce a variety of bioactive molecules to protect themselves from stresses such as insect and bacterial attack, and dehydration caused by drought, heat and frost. Living Nature products capture these concentrated bioactive molecules, and they provide the active ingredients in the range - protecting and nurturing the skin exactly the way nature intended"

I have the duo in Beaches and it comes with a lovely peachy nude and cool toned sand brown. Gorgeous for everyday use. Something you would not have to think twice about and it would suit almost every apparel and occasion.

The texture of these shadows is extremely silky. You know how other shadows usually feel and look like you have powder on the eyes. Even MAC ones? It's not a bad thing, something that is just usually attached to wearing make-up right.

But these shadows create a dimension to the eyes without any physical texture on the lids. Observe where the shadow above the crease ends. You wont be able to see any real difference between the texture of my skin and the texture of the eye shadow. Now that's what I called an airbrushed finish baby ;)

Because the texture of the shadow itself is so light, it is pretty resistant to any creasing throughout the day.

Available at www.mypure.co.uk for £14.99 which is dirt cheap compared to how good quality this product is. I am currently eyeing other shades now. Not good for my wallet....not good at all.