Illamasqua does black the best

Do you like gothic nails? I sure do! They look quite edgy and although I get quite a few stares whist donning such colours, I quite like it. 

I get bored pretty easily hence the girly pinks and purples don't appeal to me all the time. I have to admit, I am fond of the more darker, gloomier colours in the winter. What? They suit the weather don't they. And now that we have some snow predicted for us in the coming weeks, I sure will rock this baby then lol. 

It's called Scorn, by none other then Illamasqua

I have tried their nail varnishes before and I have been impressed. I think they do a pretty good job for £13 compared to the other high-end rip offs in the market.

This one is pretty sturdy once it dries and becomes almost 'plastered' on to my nail without any intention of coming of it. It will not chip easily too which is one thing I like about this. I can't stand nail varnishes that chip in a day : /

However, this does take a good few minutes to dry, so keep your calm and wait for it to dry before you start fidgeting.

It applies glossy but after a few minutes dries to a gorgeous matte black surface. I would have shown you how it looked on my nails properly but my cuticles are in such bad condition due to winter, I did not want to gross you guys out hence the close-up.

That's not it with the black guys. For a limited period of time, Illamasqua have also brought out these Handmade Bespoke Nail Quills (£35). 

"Unique, extraordinary, and extravagant these tantalising talons are like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Designed and handmade exclusively for Illamasqua by one of the hottest names in nails, Mike Pocock, these collector’s items are guaranteed to tease the senses of anyone whose eye they catch. Presented in a beautiful gift box they come complete with nail tabs and glue. False nails will never be the same again!

Two Nail Quills per set, designed to be worn on either thumb. Featuring a matt black finish and silver tip, match your Nail Quill with our new matt black Nail Varnish in Scorn. Exclusive to Illamasqua.com and our Flagship Store, 20 Beak Street London."

They look stunning don't they? I doubt I would be able to pull it off though. 


Gosh Lengthening 2 Step Mascara

I have been using this new mascara GOSH came out with recently since a few weeks and its heavenly! 

First of all, its has two sides to it. Once side is the mascara of course and the other side there is this clear serum which you can use as a primer before you apply the mascara or even use it as an overnight lash treatment.

Why do I love it?

It has the perfect formula - not too wet, not too dry. This means the lashes are not too crispy or too natural looking.

Plus the wand it comes with is just the right size I like it to be. I cannot handle the really huge wands to be honest. This is quite thin with a nice angle to it.

What it does best

- Lengthens dramatically making my lashes appear full naturally instead of giving that fake false lash effect

- Curls and lifts lashes without the need of an eye lash curler and holds the curl in place for the whole day. 

It darkens lashes and slightly volumises them too but these are not its very strong points. 

I use the clear lash serum as a primer and it does make the mascara last longer and apply slightly better. It's quite handy as a brow gel too!

The only con I would say is that it smells a bit funky - somewhat like medicine or chemicals....I'm not sure! The smell is not obvious however, unless you go close with the intention of sniffing. 

I will definitely repurchase as its quite affordable for around £8.


Weightess Powders - My Latest Crush

I have been using these two powder from Flawless You Forever since a while and am totally hooked. I don't like the feel of powder at all! If I could I would rather just completely skip it. 

But I have long days at university and although I have normal skin, I tend to get slightly shiny in the t-zone at mid day hence the need to power remains. I am always on the look for powders that meet my criteria and till now it was only Rimmel Stay Matte that did the trick for me. 

However Stay Matte can sometimes make me too matte which I do not always like. A bit of that healthy shine showing through is nice! Hence I like these two for that purpose. 

These are brilliant to set something like a full coverage foundation or a matte foundation for which you don't want to add more matte-ness but merely want to set it for it to stay longer or to prevent it from transferring easily. 

I have tried two from the range that I love, FYF Weightless Powder Compact in Cashmere ($20) and FYF Impecable Mineral Loose Powder ($28)

With the Weightless Powder Compact, I find it quite similar in texture to MAC's Studio Fix Powder. It has great pigmentation just like it. What is lovely is that it does not feel heavy like the Studio Fix Powder at all! It is absolutely invisible in texture when it goes on, still managing to even my skin out and providing medium coverage

So am I trying to say that no one would be able to trace powder on your skin even if they look very close?  Yup - you heard read me right!

I have the shade Cashmere and it works just fine for my NC30 skin tone. It comes with a mirror and is quite convenient to carry around. Plus its fragrance free and oil free and packed with anti oxidants

That's just one swipe!

The Impeccable Mineral Loose Powder is something that works pretty much like a HD powder. I have the shade Nude and although it is quite light than my skin tone on swatching, once blended it completely disappears.

This is for those of you who want a light natural coverage. Would be suitable for days when you don't feel like wearing make-up at all but still want to make your complexion look alive. Again, feels weightless on application and lets my skin breath unlike other gimmicky mineral powders in the market.

Other benefits:

- Protect your skin from the sun
- Suitable for sensitive skin
- Suitable for oily skin types/prone to breakouts

From the two, I prefer the compact version as it offers more coverage. Try the loose powder if you have oilier skin perhaps as it is very light and gentle on the skin. 

They offer Free Shipping Worldwide!


Pampering Hand Treat for Christmas

Why not?

Wouldn't you like to receive one? I sure would.

It would make a fabulous Christmas pressie because with skincare and make-up you may go wrong getting someone something which may not suit their skin type. However nothing will surely disrupt the harmony of the hands.

Plus it already comes so beautifully gift wrapped. Will save you that extra time and cost of packaging. The lovely blue box that it comes in can be re-used for storage. I am currently storing all my nail polishes in it and it works just fine.

It comes with a Hand Repair Cream (100 ml). The best thing about this cream is that it comes with a pump dispenser which makes life a lot more easier. I like to display my hand creams on my dresser and have a habit of quickly squirting a pump when I am in a hurry so it works great for that.

The cream is of a nice consistency, absorbs in to the skin really well so you don't have to be bothered with that sticky feeling for ages. It works very well overnight as that is how I like to use it particularly. That way I feel it is mending my hands and nails and stays on for longer without being disturbed.

The smell is gorgeous just like all other Liz Earle products. This also works well to strengthen the nails in my opinion. However I like to use the Superbalm that comes along in this kit for that purpose.

Suberbalm is of a lip balm consistency and I like to rub it around the cuticle area and it mends my cuticles in hours. Love this little genius for the lips too! It works well as a concentrate on any dry skin area. Just make sure to use it in moderation.

A pair of cotton gloves also come along with this kit. I like to apply this cream all over my hands and then wear the gloves and leave it on over night for an intensive treatment.

Available for £19 at uk.lizearle.com. They have a variety of gift sets available for the coming festive season so have a peep.


Alva Organic Liquid Eye Shadow

I like my self a break from slapping on the usual powder eye shadows and this is when I resort to my favourite Liquid Eye shadow as of now, Alva Liquid Eye Shadow

I have the one in Bronzed Hazel and I picked up this shade as I prefer some warm tones on the eyes during winters rather than the pastels. I feel this adds just the right amount of colour to the eyes and compliments hazel/green eyes pretty well.

The texture of this is quite unique, more of a mousse rather than a liquid I would say. It is not runny at all, in fact foams up a little on application hence I say mousse. It comes with a doe foot like applicator which is quite easy to use.

Once I blend it, it turns almost into a powdery finish and dries in a jiffy, which is great as I hate to wait for things on my face to dry!

Isn't the colour just perfect? A gorgeous warm wearable bronze. It reminds of MAC Woodwinked to an extent, just less shimmery.

I do feel that I need two layers to achieve the exact colour as seen in the tube, so I would call this a bit sheer. It is however buildable and lasts for quite a few hours without budging.

Great for a quick pop of colour when you're in a hurry. Just apply some on and dab dab dab...remember this will work best if you apply it in a stippling motion rather than drag and blend. Get it?

It is organic and suitable for sensitive eyes. They have some other pretty colours too. Check them out at www.mypure.co.uk.

Alva Organic Liquid Eye Shadow - £9.50