My Face Cosmetics - All About Colour FOTD

I love experimenting with new brands rather then going back to the old ones. It maintains a level of curiosity and freshness amongst us make-up fanatics and prevents us from getting bored.  Don't you think?

I came across this new brand called My Face Cosmetics and it has a whole range of cosmetics especially created for different skin tones. I have some products from their medium to dark range and they are so colourful and vibrant!

I find their system quite convenient as you already have a few shades picked out for your skin tone which you can choose from. Of course you can also get other shades from their range however this would be quite useful to beginners who want to create their make-up kit. 


I adore their blushers. I have 'Night fever' which is a gorgeous deep pink, somewhat of a raspberry shade. It is quite bright and you only need a light sweep and that's it! 

'Her name is Rio' is a very stunning golden peach shade. It's much more peachier than the infamous orgasm so I would not compare it to that. I love this more as its easily wearable and gives a nice pop of peach on the cheeks. 

The texture of these blushes is slightly like Nars but I would have to say a bit more pigmented and better in consistency. I find Nars blushes hard to blend. These on the other hand are a dream.

Plus don't you just love the ipod inspired packaging? Uber cool. 

For £9.99 I would want to stock more. 

Lip Pencil

I also have their lip products which again are quite flattering for my Asian skin tone. I have a gorgeous dusky pink, a lilac pink and a red. All very pigmented and they stay put for long too. They retail for £6.49 each. 

Lip gloss

They do some gorgeous lip glosses too. They are not sticky at all and are pleasant to wear. Some are more pigmented then the rest however. My favourites are the middle two colours 334 and 336  in the picture below. Both are easy to wear and are quite flattering.

I am wearing the one in 334 below with some 'Her name is Rio' blusher. 

Excuse the pasty white concealer. It is a bit light for me. I need to get a darker colour soon!

They do really nice lipsticks too. They are quite moisturising and stay comfortably on the lips for a few hours. The red ones called 'Karmic Kiss' and is quite glossy and easy to wear red. It is a warm red and definitely not a blue based once hence easy to pull off.

The nude brown is called 'Sexy Back' if I am correct and is a stunner too. It would be perfect for neutral looks. 

I am wearing both of them below. I like the red better on me. Don't we always like ourselves a bit of colour?

Overall, I think My Face Cosmetics is all about colours - colours that will flatter your skin tone hence the name I guess.

So go out of your way and get yourself some colour for this season. 


Dolce & Gabbana Eyeshadow Quad

I never give into luxury cosmetics to be honest but having a stroll in Harrods, I passed by this almost non existent counter as it can hardly be seen in the cluttered beauty hall and seemed to be really impressed by this baby. 

It is mine since then! Meet the Dolce & Gabbana eyeshadow quad in nude.

You like the packaging? I am on the fence regarding this as it looks quite posh with its dull gold casing but feels so light. I like my cosmetics to feel slightly heavy especially when I pay an atrocious amount for it. 

Heavy packaging equals luxurious to me.

I have to mention that the plastic applicators that come along with it are a joke! Why would a designer brand even bother to include them? Having nothing at all there instead would have worked better really. Any how, off they go in the bin.

Coming to the colours, they are simply beautiful. For the first time in life, I actually bought a high-end product because of its colours and not packaging/hype : p Hah!

The quad has two shimmery shades and two matte/satin shades. The shimmery shades include a peachy/pink which reminds me of MAC's Expensive Pink and Mythology. The aubergine shade is quite unique and I quite like it.

The matte/satin shades have a gorgeous nude-skin colour that is perfect for my NC30 skin tone. Unlike other nude eye shadows, this one is actually visible on the lid evening them out nicely. The dusky pink shade is very much like MAC's Nobility Eyeshadow and is gorgeous to create a transition effect above the crease.

The swatches don't do any justice at all. Pardon me for the super crappy lighting. It's not me, its the non-existent daylight in London :(

They are very pigmented compared to Dior and Chanel. One swipe gives you a lot of colour to work with. The shimmery colours are quite safe to wear during the day and don't have that overtly shimmery effect like the Dior ones.

A very simply neutral eye I tried during the day. The shadows blend effortlessly and appear quite silky on the lid.

Excuse the unruly brows. Took the picture in a hurry!

Overall, I am quite happy with my purchase. It is not worth £35 in my opinion however, maybe they could have made it a bit more reasonable for around £25-30 and I would happily buy more. 

Also it kinda sucks that its only available at Harrods as of now. 

Anyhow, I have my eyes on these two quads now.

Have you tried anything from Dolce and Gabbana? Any recommendations?


Maldives Magic

No it's not a holiday package, in fact a Bronzer by Le Metier De Beaute

But this is not your everyday bronzer my friend, its called the 'Blonzer'. Yes you heard right, a Blonzer. I initially thought it was a printing error. *chuckles at how thick I am*

Why Blonzer? Because it's meant to be the perfect shade for bronzing as well as for blusher. 

Is it? I think it very well is. If applied on the cheekbones it give me a good contoured effect without looking too harsh and if used near the apples of the cheeks, it gives a lovely terracotta coloured flush

However this is something I don't find exclusive to this product. There are many products out there that can be used just like this. 

I adore the product because of its quality. It is meant to be suitable for every skin tone, as it is the only bronzer that they do. Despite being so dark in the pan, it transfers in sheer velvety layers on the skin that can be built up gradually. It is very finely milled and has tiny golden shimmer particles in it which make it slightly reflective.

The colour itself has no hint of orange in it and is a pure bronzy-brown colour. This is the reason why I think it will suit almost every skin tone, even the palest one of you's.

I love to use this on the eyes too as it is the perfect brown to wear during the day with a hint of golden shimmer.

I know its cold and gloomy out there but it can't stop me from pretending that its summer. Throw on some bronzer (and some gloves and a scarf!) girls and beat the weather.

Maldives Magic Blonzer, Le Métier de Beauté

Price £35.00