Runway bold lips this Winter

Want to achieve those in minutes? 

Well all you need is a bright red lip colour or a blackish-purple lip colour and you are all set to be in trend for the coming season. 

There are quite a few drug store brands that do affordable versions of reds and purples, so don't forget to check them out. 

I like to use my Le Metier De Beaute Sheer Brilliance Lip Gloss in Turkish Smoke and Rose lip pencil by the same brand. I don't own such colours yet and I have to admit these are so luxurious to use. 

The Lip Gloss is seriously stunning. I would not have thought I would be able to pull it off. But it is quite flattering even after I apply it full coverage. I can see this looking amazing on medium to dark skin tones. It is a blackish-purple colour with tiny specks of gold sparkle which are hardly visible once applied.

It is quite pigmented and has a shimmery finish to it. Smells quite high-end. You know what I mean by that? Fragranced and all I guess. Goes on very smoothly and is very opaque on application. I would love to get my hands on other colours from this range. Christmas wish-list sounds like a nice idea :)

Red is a classic lip colour and will always be, so it isn't surprising that it's back for the coming season. You can't simply go wrong with a red lip, neutral earthy eyes and some light pink flush on the cheeks. Dainty!

I love my red lipsticks but this Rose lip pencil is what I am recently using. Lip pencils provide more staying power if you use them as a base. But I wanted a different shade of red to sport today so I choose Le Metier De Beaute's Rose Lip Pencil as it is a coral-red. It gives me a hint of orange on the lips, which I feel brightens the look. Plus this pencil is so moisturising, it wont dry out your lips.

And we have an FOTD below using Turkish Smoke and Rose respectively. 

Will you be sporting such colours this winter?

These are available at Selfridges.


Susan Posnick ColorFlo Shimmer

Susan Posnick Colorflo Shimmer is a mineral foundation that comes in various shades. For your convenience it has a brush attached to it via which we can directly apply the foundation. I find this product great for travel or for touch ups as it removes the need of carrying extra products.

It is a mineral foundation containing an SPF of 26 which is beneficial to wear throughout the year. It is anti-bacterial, sweat proof and water resistant, also enriched with vitamins A & E

It is available in quite a few shades as seen below.

I have however tried out the one in Shimmer which means it is not a foundation but rather a highlighter/illuminator. 

I like to use this on the brow bone, cheekbones, nose bridge and collar bone. Would be gorgeous to use on the body too, especially as we see the party season coming soon. 

The ease of a brush accompanied with a highlighter makes life easier. I gently brush it across the high points of my face for an instant brightening effect. The brush delivers just the right amount. If during the night I want more coverage, I buff it in circular motions and it gives a lovely dewy effect on the face. 

It is pretty glittery in my opinion, so I have to buff it out using a kabuki, after which any obvious glitter is buffed out letting the glow show through effectively. The glow looks very much like the extremely dewy skin we often see on the ramp. An effect I quite like to mimic :) The 'glow' is what you want to achieve with such products, not glitter so buff, buff, buff...

The powder is suitable for sensitive skin, does not clog pores and is triple-milled to give a flawless finish on all skin types. I am a fan of liquid highlighters and my love for them continues but this is a good option if you find liquid hard to blend. 

I am assuming the foundation itself would give a dewy effect, so if you someone who's looking for this in a foundation, this would be your thing. I think I am fine using this product in highlighter or a bronzer form rather than a foundation. 

Have you tried Susan Posnick's range before?

The range is available from premium salons and spas nationwide.


I am a Bad Girl

Some cheap and chirpy drugstore stuff that I've been loving having a play around with this week.

On the top being the The Bad Girl palette by Sleek. It's one of their newest offerings for the coming season along with The Good Girl palette which is an invasion of pinks and reds. 

As usual I am in love with this palette and the possibilities with the 12 colours in here are endless! Let me warn you that it is not any closer to the much loved Graphite palette, dare I say much better indeed. 

The colour coordination of the palette is very well thought of. It lies on the concept of dark smokey eyes but using more indigo's, mysterious greens and purples rather than the typical black and greys. It does have a few greys and blacks though, along with some gorgeous all over lid colours.

I have to mention that Sleek Makeup is definitely improving in the quality of their shadows as they are no longer chalky, crumbly or uber shimmery-metallic that used to give it a slightly drug store feel. These are gorgeously smooth and the texture resembles some of the Nars single eyeshadow's I have tried.

Just something wearable for the day time I came up with using pinks and purples from the palette.


Eyeko's London Lips in Knightsbridge looks so much like OCC lip tars but prettier. It is the most gorgeous milky pink that feels so light on the lips and stays on for a good 2 hours. It is pretty translucent but works very well when I want to tone down the colour of my lips to something neutral without going for a nude lip.

A soft clear pink with a hint of uptown shimmer, perfect for ladies who lunch. 

They have more colours available, cutely named after some of the places in London. Soho and Shoreditch look stunning!

Remember those Fat Balms that Eyeko are known for? Well I did not like the ones I tried before but the newer colours seem reformulated and are much lighter and easily blendable. Or maybe its the colour I have which is so easy to wear that I will run out of the tiny little thing soon.

I have the one in Minty but I cant smell the mint at all - maybe its the cold I have? Anyhow, it is a sheer pink with a silver sheen to it that looks so pretty natural. I like it much better than any other highlighters I have tried before.

And here I am wearing some colours from the Sleek Bad Girl palette, a bit of the Fat Balm in Minty and London Lips Lipgloss in Knightsbridge.

Bored of an FOTD in every other post? Let me know lol. 


Suki Tinted Active Moisturizer - and the addiction continues...

Here we have another addiction addition to the complexion family residing in my train case. They are growing pretty quick in number I must admit. But doesn't it feel luxurious to have a collection of foundations to choose from everyday depending on thy mood? I certainly love that. 

Suki's Tinted Active Moisturizer

"Not just a tinted moisturiser, but the purest, most luxurious, light hydrating makeup you'll ever use. Made solely with completely natural pigments and a world of organic wonders, this gorgeously sheer, customisable tint enhances your complexion, evens tone and minimises pores. You look perfectly radiant, never cakey or made-up. Fabulous for the whole face, for a healthy flush, or for touch-ups."

I have the one in Porcelain which is the lightest shade I believe. They do two other shades namely Bronze and Natural and I would be more suited to a Natural in the summer in my opinion. Porcelain is however light for me but I can get away with it in the winter, as I am pretty pasty coloured as of now. Besides that, I am used to wearing slightly lighter foundations anyway as otherwise they tend to oxidise on my Asian skin which is not a pretty sight!

This is very moisturising and light in formula and you don't feel as if you are wearing a heavy foundation at all. On the other hand, it does not feel as light as a tinted moisturizer should too.

This may be because it does not work like a tinted moisturizer but more like a medium coverage foundation which acts as a bonus point really. It gives me almost full coverage as you can see below and I only need to conceal my under eyes and tap on some powder on the t-zone and am good to go.

As for longevity, It stays pretty well on my face for an entire day at university, gradually fading off by the end of the day. It did require some touch ups, which is not biggie at all. Happens with all foundations to be honest.

The finish is extremely dewy when you initially apply it. I took the pictures below immediately after application hence the super dewy edward cullen-ness. I then buffed it in using a flat top brush after which it sets to a demi-matte finish which I can pull off without using any powder on top.

I wear it pretty much everyday now and it seems to be my winter foundation for sure. Perfect if you have dry, dehydrated or dull skin. I have a combination skin type and it did not break me out, so I would say its fine for combination skin that is slightly on the drier side. I would not say this is suitable for oily skin.

Because I am so much in love with it, I would not say there are any such cons to the product but to be fair lets just say it takes too long to set, needs to be buffed in to take off the extra glow and would need powder on the t-zone to set. 

You can find it at www.bathandunwind.com for £25.53.