I love how creative they are!

Whenever I see an unusual package in my room waiting for me, I know for sure that its Aussie who's sent something to their angels. It creates so much excitement in my house as my peeps don't quite understand why someone would send me Drinking Chocolate and bedroom slippers to review lol.

I explained to them that it was actually the Aussie Products that I am meant to use and the rest is just how kind and creative they are. Isn't their winter package so adorable with all the essentials to keep me warm and cozy in chilly nights.

Of course there were some Aussie haircare products too. There is a Take the heat Cream and a Leave-in spray.

Both are meant to be used in conjunction with any heat tools that you may use to style your hair. I usually get a lot of split ends although I only curl my hair slightly once or twice a week, and that's all the heat there is to my hair!

I love using the thick cream to damp towelled dried hair as I feel it absorbs in better and does its thing until it dries naturally. The leave-in spray is what I use all over my dry hair before I actually go ahead and use a heat tool on them. It dries pretty quickly so I don't need to wait before I use a heat tool on it. I love how both the products work so efficiently when used together.

My hair looks so healthy and has a natural shine that looks from within. Also not to forget, they smell delicious! Who does not want great smelling hair right?



Liz Earle Bath and Body - Truly Scrumptious!

These products have been my favourite since months now but for some reason I always forget to blog about them. Weird eh? 

My current favourites from Liz Earle is their Energising Bath & Body range. It includes a Body Wash, Body Scrub and Hip & Thigh gel

Lets start with a product that targets to tone the area around the hips, thighs, tummy and arms, where one is likely to develop cellulite. Now surgeries and gyms would become completely redundant if this product would do all  the wonders for you hence it will only help you achieve feasible results, if you yourself put in some effort.

Exercise regularly, have lots of water and a balanced healthy diet and alongside that apply this religiously every morning after shower to the areas of the body that you want to tone. This will definitely work to make them appear firmer, softer and smoother in texture and appearance than before. You know that dimply surface that usually accompanies cellulite, it does work to an extent in making that disappear with consistent use.

An effective product that smells utterly gorgeous at a reasonable price. It will work as I said, only if you are ready to put in some effort.

The Body wash and the Body scrub both are star products in my bath routine. The sweet orange oil in both of them smells delicious enough to eat besides waking your senses at the same time. I love this for quick morning showers to wake me up or for long evening baths to revitalize and relax.

The Body wash is my favourite however as it foams up so well along with moisturising the body effectively. I have to admit, for the price this is a stunning product and one that lasted me ages!

Have you tried anything from the Energise range?


Batiste Gold

I have been a Batiste fan since years now. I discovered it via blogs and have never looked back since then. I always need a bottle of this lying around on the dresser or a travel version of it in my bag.

It's not that I am lazy to wash my hair or what not, its not merely for that. You know how sometimes you have those oily/limpy hair days where you can see greasy hair in just a day after washing it? I may not want to wash it every single day and this is when Batiste steps in as a life saver. It works wonders in minutes and am off to go with wonderfully fresh and pleasant smelling hair.

I recently came across its Gold version that Batiste released. It is exactly the same as the original one but with some extra glamour quotient to it. It contains really fine gold shimmer particles that spray out and coat hair evenly giving them a lustrous finish. It does not look so obvious that you can't wear it during the day time but I would reserve it for the evenings when the shimmer particles would reflect better in artificial light.

It just adds some life to dull, lustre lacking hair without making it look like its filled with chunky gold glitter. Would look gorgeous on red heads and brunettes. It comes with a silver version too which would look appropriate on blonde's or those with lighter hair colours.

I can definitely see it working wonders for Halloween or Christmas. 

Are you a Batiste fan? They make an amazing range of hair products which you have to try if you haven't yet.