Miners A/W Nail Collection + Barry M Nail Effects = NOTD's!

Miners Cosmetics have come out with a gorgeous Autumn/Winter set of Nail Paints to help us feel glamorous despite being in our coats and scarves. At least the nails can be seen eh? Why not make them look all prim and proper. 

I am loving the names they have come up with, Dorothys Shoes, LBD (little black dress), Midnight Lavender, Molton and Mulberry Shimmer. These are the perfect colours for A/W and compliment each other really well. One of the best nail collections I came came across for the coming season.

My favourite amongst these is Mulberry Shimmer, which is quite surprising as I am not a fan of shimmery dark nail paints as they just feel so boring. But this one is gorgeous. Can you see how beautiful it looks in the bottle. I am for the first time not even going to try to describe the shade, as the results below speak for them self.

They work wonders for my short nails and make them appear quite neat and lady like. The finish is marvellous and one-two coats is all you need for a smooth layer that will stay put until you take it off. Does not chip, does not fade and does not wear off. Such a change from the pastels that we were surrounded with in the previous months. Must have. £2.99 - you've got to be kidding!

And now that the blogging world seems to be madly in love with the new invention that has shook the entire nail-freak community, I thought I should give it a try too. You guessed it right, its Barry M's Nail Effects.  There was only one of them left in Boots the other day and it had to be mine.

Above is the result that I best achieved using it. Basically just pop one layer of Nail Effects over a base polish and it will shrink and crack messily transform drastically to give you a nail-design like effect. Well I have been really unsuccessful in my attempts with Konad and ArtDeco so this should be a life saver for me no?

Well, I like it but not quite as much as I thought I would. It seems a bit kiddish and unprofessional looking to me. It's fun for when you are bored and want something funky on your nails as I did below and it works effectively for that. It looked best over hot pink and purple polish. 

I could not wait to get home and try it on, so on the way I just popped some on to the polish I was wearing i.e. Mulberry Shimmer and that's how it came out.

Some of you might not like the above effect as the black in the nail colour seems to conflict with the black overlay. However I liked this effect better as it does not stand out much and is much more wearable in my opinion. 

Also, the nail effect won't give you an amazing result every time. So just to demonstrate that. On the little finger, there is just not enough space for it to spread and crack and hence it just accumulates into once patch and does not crack very well. As for the yellow nail paint, it just faded some of my base colour for some reason!

Despite my moaning, for under £4 it is worth it any day, especially if you are as bad at nail art as me. They are bringing out more colours in this I've heard. Waiting for a white one now :)



Organic Sea Buckthorn - Alva Skincare

Have you heard of it before? I hadn't too actually. It is a natural ingredient rich in fatty acids and is being used in skincare more often now. It has anti-ageing properties, has the ability to absorb UV rays providing protection from the harmful rays of the sun. Moreover it is also known to minimise acne, scarring, rosacea and stretch marks.

Alva Natural Skincare use Organic Sea Buckthorn in their Sanddorn range of skincare products. Because of its properties, it is targeted towards more mature consumers however those of you who luckily have normal to dry skin can easily get away with this to improve elasticity and the overall texture of the skin.

They make a gorgeous Skin Oil which I absolutely adore. It is quite light in texture and consistency and a few drops is all you need to completely hydrate your face. I use this as a night moisturiser to hydrate my skin completely and I wake up with a glowing complexion in the morning.

Because this is light in texture compared to other face oils, it does not break me out and I can use it as often. I also like to massage this on my fingers as it helps to heal the cuticle area pretty well.

What I have also tried from their range is their Hydrating FluidMoisturising cream, Night cream and Lifting cream. I am not a fan of their moisturising cream as it does not hydrate me enough. Maybe this would be suitable for those who of you who want a light everyday cream. 

I however am a fan of their Hydrating Fluid, Night cream and Lifting cream. They all are yellow in colour and have slightly thick texture to them and a herbal smell which is inoffensive really. I like their thick texture as you only need a bit to cover the face and neck area.

They hydrate my skin really well, are quite rich which means they provide enough moisture to the skin that lasts all day. I am not a fan of dry skin peeping out of my make-up, so I really prefer to wear a rich moisturiser before doing a full face. 

I love the dewy glow it leaves on my skin leaving it looking so supple!  The lifting cream works really well at making the skin look more firm and younger looking. It has 'Extracts from oak apples, with high concentration of tannin, together with millet to visibly tighten the skin, acting like a natural botox'

'Sanddorn Hydrating Fluid combines the dual benefits of organic sea buckthorn in conjunction with the renowned anti-ageing benefits and nourishing power of Royal Jelly.' This is an absolute life saver when I am suffering from dehydrated dull skin.

Overall I would recommend the products I tried and am really please with them as they did not break me out although I have the weirdest combination skin. I used the Skin Oil as a night time treatment, the Hydrating Fluid for days when my skin needed an extra boost and a mixture of their Night Cream and Lifting Cream as a daily moisturiser. 

They are quite hydrating and would work very well on mature/dry skin types. My personal favourite would be the Hydrating Fluid with Royal Jelly which I will purchase. I am very fussy with my moisturisers but this one is quite impressive. 


Everyday Minerals - Fantabulous Blush Alert!

I have some gorgeous stuff from Everyday Minerals to share with you. Have you tried them before? I actually have tried their mineral foundations before and they are full coverage and long lasting, really good in fact.

What I also have heard is that blushers are what they do best. I have seen a lot of people raving about them. 

I have two below, SoCo and Like Lady Bird Lake. Pinks and peaches fall in to my comfort zone and I would not like to deviate from it.

SoCo is the perfect matte pink blush. Some are too light for my Asian skin tone hence invisible and some are just too bright to pull off during the day, but this is a perfect medium pink for that flushed cheeks. Because it's matte it helps the flush appear more natural. It is loose powder so it tends to be very pigmented and concentrated.

Like Lady Bird Lake is completely the opposite of the one above. It is a shimmery terracotta, much more wearable after the day light fades. Again, fantastic pigmentation, so don't dare to use it directly from the container. Use the back of your hand to tap of the access. Would look great with a tan!

The pigmentation is almost scary and I have to be really careful to use the slightest bit as otherwise I end up looking too made up. This can be a good thing if you use the product sparingly, meaning that it will last you ages compared to products from other leading brands. I would compare the pigmentation to Nars Blushers perhaps.

I am wearing Like Lady Bird Lake below. Because it has this slightly bronzey undertone to it, it automatically adds some dimension to my face and gives that slightly contoured look which I really like. It is shimmery so perfect for when you want to look glamorous!

On the whole, Everyday Minerals do fantastic quality blushers. They retail for $8 which is dirt cheap compared to the quantity and pigmentation you are getting. Don't simply waste your hard earned money after brand logos and fancy cases, buy a product for the result it delivers.

This is another of my favourite products from the lot. Its a roll on eye shadow if I am correct. Sounds pretty vintage eh? It is a lovely shimmery champagne colour. Pretty convenient for a quick highlight on the brow bone, cheekbones or the inner corners of the eyes. It blends flawlessly and the consistency of the powder is very satin-y which is why this stays in my bag for touch ups.

I also have a Everyday Naturals Lipstick in Bourgeois Chic. It has a slight sheen to it and is a nice earthy nude-brown. I really like the natural appearance it gives, not the 'look at the lipstick I am wearing' look. I just don't seem to use it quite often as browns are not something I would use on an everyday basis. 

What I personally would recommend you checking out from the brand would be their brushes, foundations, concealers and blushers. I have tried them out previously too and have always loved them! You'd be surprised how effectively mineral make up can work on your skin. 


Salsa with Gosh this Autumn

Remember one of the high end brands coming up with a product like this? Where the lip color gives the coverage of a lipstick and the light weight feeling and glossiness of a gloss. GOSH has come up with a similar product to give full coverage to the lips this coming Autumn/Winter.

Obviously I did not buy the high end version of this, so its a pleasure to see brands like Gosh creating similar products so everyone can try it within their budget.

The shade I opted for is Salsa. It immediately appealed to me, as what better than a mid-tone warm pink to compliment the chocolate brown furry boots that I love to sport. This would look gorgeous on almost every skin tone, especially medium to dark.

Does it deliver what it claims? It does to a 100%. Can you see that swatch below, that's just one swipe of the product. It gives me opaque lips in one-two swipes. I hate how lipstick can seep into the fine lines of the lips especially in the colder weather. This will obviously not do that and feel oh-so-light.

It has a sumptious shine to it but not that overtly glossy one provided by the usual glosses. It is indeed a very clever idea that GOSH came up with. I can see the product appealing to those who are not quite convinced to wear out a lipstick or a lip gloss.

There are 6 brilliant colors you can choose from. I now have my eye on the very first one above, Pink Beige. 

The lip colour comes in six seductive colours and is only available from Superdrug. Colours as above; Pink Beige, Nude, Blossom, Fuchsia, Red, Salsa.  £7.99 each