My new favourite face brushes

I go through phases where I get stuck on a particular set of brushes for a while and constantly use them and only them every single day, despite a whole bunch of others simply resting without no good use of them.

I am in that phase yet again.

But I am not to blame, seriously. It's Sigma who I will happily place all the blame on. These three brushes from Sigma is all I or anyone can literally need. What is also awesome about these is that I can also get away with any one of these to apply ALL the face products and I will be done in no time.

Starting with my favourite, the Large Powder brush. This is very similar to the MAC paddle brush and can give it a run for its money without doubt. Not to forget it costs a fraction of the MAC one.

Coming to the quality of it, its superb. Very soft bristles, a huge fluffy blush with a strong ferrule. The brush hairs stay just as baby soft as they were after every wash. It works really well for face powder, blush and bronzer, picking up just the right amount.

I wanted a huge face brush since ages and I couldn't have got anything better for the price of it. I have to say, it does shed quite a bit though which is the only disappointing thing regarding this. May be the piece I have is like that. If the shedding would be sorted out, it is a winner in all ways.

The Duo Fibre brush is not so unique as there are many others in the market that work just as well. However this one has really soft brush hairs, is quite flimsy meaning it deposits a light layer which is what I want and it does not shed, so this is what I would opt for from amongst the rest.

Not as dense and firm as the MAC one but then again I did not like the MAC one to be honest. This is perfect for the densely pigmented blushers, powders or highlighters as it picks up not so much product and distributes nicely to avoid looking cakey.

The Buffer brush by Sigma is a gorgeous little kabuki which is seriously to die for! Again, it's uber soft and surprisingly enough, although being densely packed, it does not shed as much as the powder brush. I mean only a hair or two just once.

I find this more sharper in quality compared to to other humongous kabukis out there which are impossible to control. I like the way the bristles are shaped.

I use this to buff in glitter, highlighters, foundations, powders, bronzers and blushes for that flawless finish. It is very lush for the price so why bother spending a fortune on expensive buffer brushes when this will work just the same if not better? 


In Nail Varnish Paradise...

Yes I exactly know how it would feel there. You can feel the same too, really. 

How? Try Ciate's Paint Pots. I got this one free with a magazine and have been obsessed about it since then. It is seriously stunning!

To be honest, I had not heard of this brand before but the bottle seemed so pretty, I had to get the magazine solely for the bow on the bottle and I regret not. I have not tried a better quality nail varnish than this ever before. It gives an opaque finish in the first coat. It dries in a jiffy and lasts all day without chipping. Plus the finish is just as reflective as a mirror! 

Isn't this shade gorgeous? It's called Dangerous Affair and is a flattering maroon. They retail for £9 by the way.

I have my eyes on these colors. 'Mines a Mocha' and 'Superficial' would compliment the chilly season ahead.
 Mines a Mocha


Have you tried Ciate? Any shades I should have?


Illamasqua Nail Varnish Competition Winners

In March of this year, Illamasqua came up with a unique idea where it held a nail varnish competition, with a twist. Fans could now actually design their dream nail polish color and submit it to Illamasqua with an inspirational image.

6000 people submitted descriptions from which only 3 were selected and given the form of nail varnishes. The legendary Alex Box, the Pixiwoo sisters, cutting edge nail artist Sophie Robson and Selfridges Beauty Director David Walker-Smith were on the judge panel.

I have two of these shades with me now namely Shrapnel and Raindrops.

Raindrops is what I would say is quite exact to the description provided for the competition, “Inspired by a photograph I took from the monorail in Seattle, through the rain on the window you glimpse the Seattle Space Needle. I want a polish that looks like raindrops on my fingernails. A light, creamy grey with the sheerest silver glimmer, lightly reflective... like a raindrop.”– Ann, California

This is a creamy blue based light grey. Illamasqua calls it a jelly finish varnish. It is quite creamy and sheer on first application. A good 3 layers is what gives the result below, which translates pretty well on the nails. It dries really fast so I would overlook the layers it requires. Also, I guess they have kept the finish sheer to make it reminiscent of how raindrops would actually look on the nails. Now they would not be very opaque would they?

It has these gorgeous white/silvery particles in it, which is not glitter but blends so well with the polish that you can hardly tell. This looks stunning with any pastel or light colored apparel. Gorgeous is the word for this.

Shrapnel is supposed to mimic the appearance of a shiny new penny. This is what the competition entry looked like. “I have NEVER found my dream nail colour, a pink based metallic copper, like a shiny new penny – pure sex!” - Loren, Toronto, Canada.

Illamasqua again did a fabulous job of creating this stunning colour. It is exactly like a shiny new penny, dare I say much more shinier. I don't usually like copper colors anywhere near my dresser but this baby is uber pretty as it has golden pink undertones to it, somewhat like Nar's Orgasm Illuminator? It is a pinky-bronze color - very sexy indeed! Having said that, I think this color is a bit more common compared to Raindrops.

The consistency of this polish surpassed my expectations. One coat gives you a fantastic color payoff that looks exactly like how it looks in the bottle. So unlike the previous nail varnish, this is not quite buildable, as it delivers fantastic results in the first go.

On the whole, I adore the colours. They have a third one too which I am keen to check out. It's a greyish purple, something I don't own yet. Ignore my sloppy application please, I had  a really shaky hand that day!


Aussie's Style Bible

Over the summer, Aussie (a hair care brand if you're unaware) organised quite a few fun events for its bloggers aka Aussie's Angels to involve in. Unfortunately I was not able to attend any of the events, however I still feel at I attended every single one, as this book has compiled all the tricks and tips to gorgeous looking hair that the blogger's shared during that time.

Few of many that I liked.

Overall, an amazing read to have lying around at the dresser. I really like how the tips are spread out so spaciously in the book instead of daunting paragraphs about hair. Would be a sure success if it would hit stores!

It has a number of tips that I already knew but loads of new ones that I was completely unaware of. I will be keeping this handy in case I have time to spare and would want to indulge in any of the tips mentioned in the book.

Have some hair tips that you swear by?