Sexy Mother Pucker

Is quite a cheesy name for a product in the first place but quite attention screaming seeking at the same time too. The pink and gold cardboard packaging with white font is something I am a fan of. I have always adored Soap & Glory's packaging and this does not disappoint either. 

Have you tried their original lip gloss? Well I haven't too but have heard lots of good things about it. 

This one is their Super-Colour version, in my case I have the one in Yummy Plum. It has a lipswell natural plant oil infusion and superfill volume maxing microspheres to make your lips appear fuller after application. 

I absolutely adore the colour. It is a delicious warm watermelon colour which appears rather flattering on my skin tone, as I have always been a fan of slightly warmer coral glosses. It is rather pigmented and gives a nice layer of colour that lasts as long as you eat. After that you are left with a nice tint of colour. 

The consistency of this is something I am really pleased with. It is very thick, which means it wont glide away or stick between lips but it rather sits well behaved until disturbed. 

The lip gloss is supposed to expand 10x in volume when applied to the lips. Its superfill microsphere technology activates on contact with the lips. There is this initial buzzing on the lips going on for some good 10-15 minutes after application. I could actually see the stuff buzzing if I closely observed in the mirror.

Now don't expect a miracle from this product. In my opinion there is only a certain amount of expectation one should have regarding a product. This does however give me the feeling of fuller lips in minutes. Not in an obvious kind of way that anyone would notice but I can feel and see a slight difference which I really like. So if I am someday opting for a lip gloss, this is definitely something I will pick up from the rest as I love the colour and who minds a bit of a pout eh?

In action.


All about achieving (faking?) that perfect complexion

Quite a few of you have been asking me about what I have been wearing on my skin lately. I thought I'd just do a post on it seeing that even I am quite happy with my daily complexion routine now and plan to stick with it as long as I can. 

First up is the Revlon ColorStay Foundation. I tried this previously in their dry skin formulation and it looked really bad. Just recently I got my self a combination/oily formulation and in the shade Golden Beige which is an amazing match for NC30. It is however slightly pale for me and I ordered myself a darker one in Early Tan. 

There's not much I can say about this foundation. It's full coverage, which can be easily buildable from medium to full. It gives me a slightly dewy skin-like finish. It lasts all day too without getting oily in the t-zone. It does not budge no matter what you do. It is transfer resistant too! And who says heavy coverage means cake-like thick finish? This is not at all like that. Simply stunning for the price. 

and of course, you guys know how much I like my MAC Face and Body. This is exactly my shade and I opt for this when I don't want something feeling heavy on my skin or something that makes me look pale. This is effortless and works great when you have good skin. It does not cover a whole lot and does not last the whole day too! You will need to touch up with powder. My go-to foundation natural looking foundation however. 

And don't we all struggle to find the right shade of concealer? I am not saying my search for the perfect concealer has ended by any means but MAC's Select Cover Up is a closer match to what my perfect concealer would be like. It's opaque yet very pigmented, creases very little on me and only because I have fine lines under the eyes and does not slide off. It gives a lovely dewy finish but feels slightly tacky. I would love to find a powder that I can use to set it. Try using this over foundation and that's how it works best.

and NO NC shades won't always look ashy under the eyes. In fact NW's never worked for me and looked grey and NC30-35's work best and cover up really well too. Will repurchase.

I like to apply MAC Face and Body and Revlon ColorStay by fingers and that is still my best method of application for them. However this Flat top powder brush by Elf is quite something for £3.50. It does not shed at all which is a shocker as even MAC brushes shed. This is such a relief as I don't have to go on picking little pieces of brush hairs from my face.

It is a foolproof way to apply foundation. You absolutely need to skills to apply foundation with this. Just place a blob of foundation on the brush or on your face and then spread it haphazardly for a few seconds. Voila! Flawless foundation. I mean £3.50, you kidding me?

And just a few pictures to show the above mentioned complexion tools in action. I use them all every single day without fail. Almost obsessed!

There's nothing better than faking the perfect complexion is there? I am so vain :p


Rose With No Clothes

It's such a complicated world out there that the natural ingredients once used in skin care products are taken for granted, as the industries discover new 'natural' products each day. 

Do you remember the earlier days when face washes were mainly made up of one simple ingredient? Naked Rose Softening Face Wash reminds me of that to quite an extent. 

It's simple, quick and effective. I appreciate the fuss free clear plastic packaging as it feels the company reflects its ethos in it. Naked Skincare is Vegetarian and Vegan friendly, contains 97% natural ingredients. They are parabens, SLS and petrochemical free. and yes they don't test on animals so a big yay for that!

Contains 'Rose Absolute, one of the most prized essential oils in the world. Damask rose is packed full of anti oxidants which help combat the signs of ageing and this gentle face wash is ph balanced to that of your skin.'

You get 150ml worth of product for £3.99, so I did not expect it be something out of the ordinary but to be honest I have been obsessively using this since the day I got it and that says something about the product itself. 

It gives me squeaky clean skin, removing every last trace of make up and leaves me with baby soft skin that I can't stop touching. It does slightly tighten my skin after use as I tend to have dry skin these days but I immediately moisturise so I did not mind that feeling, as long as my skin felt great!

Looking for a fuss free alternative to start or end your day with? Give this a try for sure. They have many other products on their website which might interest some of you guys.


F is for Flutter - Palette by Superdrug?

Did you know Superdrug is going to release a new palette for this Autumn-Winter this October? I was totally unaware that Superdrug ever comes out with one! It's called the Flutter palette. I am sure the white and pink design will look much more prettier in real life. and that tassel is so cute.

This slimline make-up palette from the limited edition Flutter collection offers a snapshot of the key colours for AW10.  Lip shades range from beiges to pillar box red, while for eyes there are seven shades from classic
neutrals to deep charcoal.

Along with two blushers and a face powder the palette also contains mini applicators and a mirror.

So for a complete AW10 make-up make-over pop this lightweight palette in your handbag, and at just £7.99 the price is pretty slimline too.

You like the look of the palette? I may swatch it in store and if the shadows are pigmented, then there seems no harm in trying it out. I am a bit meh about the little brushes that come along, they could have looked better for sure.

I can see some nice neutrals and those two blue's I have to try. It might make a nice pressie for the girls this Christmas! I know there is nothing oh-so-special about this but palettes have always managed to allure me :)


Carmex Strawberry

What do you use for chapped lips? I don't like the good old Vaseline to be honest. I feel it simply sits on my lips and does not melt in. 

I have been a Blistex fan for a while. I also like the Lip Butter's that Body Shop comes out with. They rescue my lips, whatever condition they are in. 

Carmex is something that is more popular in the States for some reason, although I always see them lying around in UK drugstores as well. They have introduced a new Strawberry flavour, its a bit different than their original one, as in not that bland. Otherwise the quality and the effectiveness of the product stays the same.

Freshly picked this season comes the latest addition to the Carmex range: Strawberry! Bursting with flavour, the strawberry flavoured lip balm not only protects and moisturizes but is reminiscent of everything that summer should be about: sun, ice-cold strawberry milkshakes, and days out and about! Combine American cool and refreshing summer flavours for the best way to soothe dry, chapped lips. 

If you haven't tried Carmex yet, you have to. It does not simply sit on the top layer of the lips but I can see it working quite effectively. It heals dry lips overnight and regular use results in soft, moisturized lips. I have gotten into the habit of using this every single day and use it just before I apply any other lip products.

You can use it as a lipstick base or use it on its own as a gloss because it has a pretty glossy finish! Why better than a gloss? Because it has SPF of 15 which will protect your lips from the sun and prevent them from drying out. 

It contains menthol, camphor and beeswax leaving a tingling sensation that I quite like. It assures me that the product is actually working. I also like the cute tube as its so handy to pop into the handbag to use along the day. I despise having the feeling of dry lips in the middle of the day, to find that I haven't got any lip balm along!

Available at Superdrug, Boots, Topshop & Urban Outfitters for £2.49.