Going kinda Lip crazy! Lipstick and Lip gloss Galore

Those of you who don't wear lipstick or can simply cringe at the thought of lip products, this post is not for you unfortunately. I used to be in this group a while back where I could not stand anything but lip balm. Then came my beloved MAC lip palette from a blog sale that got me started into the addiction for lip products and now Miners. 

I not not a brand snob to be honest but I like how pigmented MAC products are hence I have a soft corner for them. Miner's would be perfect for those who like not to splurge a lot on lip products yet want pigmentation. Plus you get quite a few products as they are so reasonably price and to be honest I love myself  a bulk of products. 

Miner's have different kinds of lipsticks but Fashion Matte's is what appealed to me because they are meant to be matte. 

They come in four shades - Vixen, Coral, Barely Buff and Starlet. My favourite without doubt is Starlet and it is truly the star of the lot. A gorgeous Cheryl Cole inspired Hot Pink that can give you that oomph in seconds. I wore it recently with a nude eye and a winged eyeliner and got a lot of compliments on the look.

Now these are supposed to be matte but in reality they are slightly more of a satin finish that completely matte which I in fact like because I would not be able to stand a dried out matte that would emphasise dry patches. We have below Barely Buff, Starlet, Coral and Vixen. 

These are superbly pigmented and below is one to two swipes. Their consistency is amazing and they are very  long lasting and it did not even stain the glass I had water from which was pretty surprising! It does not budge once on but make sure to apply it in layers and with a lip brush as that's what ensures longevity. 

You can also apply it straight from the bullet and then blend it with your fingers for it to act as a lip stain. 

and now for some more pictures, Vixen...


and Barely Buff. This is the palest of nudes that you will ever find, much like a concealer colour. It would be gorgeous for photo shoots where you want to achieve that supermodel nude lip. In reality I found it daunting to pull off this lip colour. I also found that this particular colour slipped off my lips a lot which made it difficult to apply.

On the contrary, for £3.99 it would make a nice addition to your nude lip collection.

Lipsticks are always incomplete without a lip gloss, well in my opinion at least. Miner's Crystal Crush Lip glosses are meant to be high shine lip colour and lip gloss all in one. They retail for £3.99 and come in an array of six beautiful shades. 

Diamond Dust, Heartbreaker, Mango Crush, Studio 54, Tropical and Cocoa Shine. My absolutely favourite is Studio 54 which is again a raspberry bright pink which is third from the left above and second from the left below.

They are not very pigmented in my opinion, but decent enough for one to wear it solely and skip the lipstick completely. They have some gorgeous baby pinks, raspberry and browns. Some are more pigmented than others.

I don't know if you can see but there is visible chunky glitter in these glosses which spreads out evenly on the lips on application. It might resent some of you guys who hate visible glitter on your lips. It does not seem to bother me really as I occasionally wear lip glosses and like them to look glamorous and super shiny.

Also note these are not those really wet consistency glosses. They are slightly on the drier side so you won't get that irritating goopy wet feeling between the lips.

Time for more pictures. Don't they look super pretty?

Overall, Miner's Cosmetics has never really disappointed me and same goes for this time. I don't know why people see them as catering towards teenagers only because I find them totally fit for adults too. I mean there are lots of drugstore brands which are really rubbish in quality but they never get such labels.

Below I am wearing Miners Lipstick in Starlet and the Lip gloss in Studio 54. They make a lovely combination.

If you have never tried Miner's before and are looking for some nice and affordable lip products, check them out for sure. Their concealers and blushes are nice too.



Accessorize Eyeshadow in Copper

Here we have an Accessorize Illusion Eyeshadow in Copper for you to have a look at before their entire range is launched at the end of September for which I am rather excited. 

Their packaging is pretty nice and girly yet chic. It does not call out to any particular group of consumers but is not offensive either. 

The size of the eye shadow pan is larger than the standard MAC ones and resembles the size of Urban Decay or Stila eye shadow pans. Pans of such sizes can be a hit or a miss depending on which colour one possesses. If you like the colour you have, it is amazing to have huge quantity of it especially considering that these will retail for under a fiver. However if like me you possess a colour, in this case copper, that you will hardly ever use, the size of the pan could be rather daunting.

The colour is really pretty, its just my personal preference regarding the colour on my skin tone. Coppers make me look washed out and appear as if I have a swollen eye. 

The colour of the shadow is very pigmented as you can see below. The result is acquired with simply one swipe only. Fantastic quality and pigmentation for the price really. 

The consistency of the shadow reminds me of MAC's veluxe pearl finish and of Urban Decay shadows, both of which as you know are highly acclaimed. The consistency is very buttery and soft. I can't wait to get my hands on some colours I have been eyeing on. 

The same applies to all their other products that I had swatched on the press launch. They have some gorgeous mineralized blushers, bronzers and highlighters as well as some eye shadow duo's. Keep on eye on them when they make an entry in Superdrug and Accessorize this September. You won't be disappointed is something I can happily guarantee.  


Hollywood Glamour is back

This Hollywood Glamour Kit ($49) by Sigma is a must have for travel. Not to forget how beautiful it looks on its own. First of all the cute red zip pouch it comes with is so spacious, perfect for fitting in all my make up basics.

It also comes along with this gorgeous looking two sided mirror and a travel sized kabuki brush. Isn't that a bonus?

The bag is of superb quality and the red and gold looks really pretty in reality indeed. I would have never opted for it online but trust me the colour is stunning.

It has a lovely silk like feel to it which is unusual for a make up bag as I usually come across tacky plastic ones, so this is beautiful and lady-like for a change and fits more than you can think of. I would say its a bit too big for carrying your everyday make up but perfect for a  short trip. 

The Hollywood Glamour Kit comes along with a red stone studded travel mirror. It has two sides to it, one's normal and the other's magnified. The quality again is amazing and it is very well made as you can see in the picture. Plus its heart shaped! Sure to make girly hearts melt.

I feel rather cute popping this out of my bag for a quick touch up. 

And my favourite from this lot is this stunner - the travel sided retractable kabuki. This is made up of high quality synthetic bristles which I found rather unusual. Don't travel sized brushes have flimsy cheap quality black brush hairs? Well this one does not. 

This is also the first time I came across a synthetic kabuki brush to be honest. But I have to admit it is the softest brush ever! The brush hairs are densely packed to give you an intense application. I use this to touch-up my face powder through the day and it does the job in seconds. 

Not to forget how amazing it looks in its red glossy casing. I tried this for liquid foundation and it worked quite well but it sheds a bit that way, plus its difficult to wash a retractable kabuki as I am scared the water will seep into the ferrule. If you are looking for a good quality lush kabuki brush to use with powder then this is what you need. 

Like the sound of it? It's called the Hollywood Glamour Kit by Sigma and comes in different colours and now even with a flat top kabuki version. The first thing that came to my mind looking at this was how great a present would this make.


Powder - a girls best friend

Of course this is a saying, I haven't made it up I swear. 

No girl wants to be caught with a shiny t-zone in the middle of the day. It is quite embarrassing for some too. For me I don't get that oily throughout the day, so I am not very conscious about it. I even like to sport a dewy look most of the times hence I can even get away with the shiny t-zone. 

Nonetheless, I like my powders when I really want to achieve a matte professional finish and nothing is more irritating than powders that fail to control shine, as otherwise to me they fail to serve their purpose. 

17 does a Loose Powder which is translucent and very finely milled. It comes in an oil control version too which I assume works better to control shine. This one is not bad too in my opinion. It comes for around a fiver. Plus its always handy to have a loose translucent powder in your vanity case. It can even be used to control fallout for your shadows as well. 

The container is huge and will last ages. The texture of the power is gorgeous and super fine for the price you pay. It's not gritty at all and gives a lovely demi-matte finish to the face. It however does not last very long and I had to keep retouching it up. Good I used it while I was at home. I would not dismiss it completely though, as I love my loose powders and this one is cheap, effective to an extent and of great quality. It won't give you a 'grey face' for sure. 

Rimmel also do a Stay Matte Pressed Powder. This comes in a neat compact as you see below with a clear plastic lid. It comes in a translucent version too but I like my compact powders to have some colour and possibly some coverage to them. I will use them in the middle of the day when my make up starts to fade off, so if it offers some coverage it acts as a bonus.

I got mine in number 4 - sandstorm. I am a NC30-35 and this adapts to my skin tone perfectly. I like how this does not interrupt with my foundation and manages to set my make up beautifully. Now this gives a perfect matte finish to the face in a jiffy. I like to use it to quickly mattify my t-zone in the morning and the effect lasts on me for around 4-5 hours which is not bad at all.

It claims to make pores appear smaller and I have to admit it does not enhance them in any way like the usual powders do so yaay for that! Moreover it provides me with some coverage too which I absolutely adore about this product. This baby stays with me in my make-up bag and is great for touch ups. I pop in a spare puff in the container as it does not come with one. All this for a fiver and expect some change too. 

MAC Studio Fix is a powder foundation but I cannot imagine myself using only this as it won't possibly give me the coverage I desire. So I have always used this to set my make-up whenever I need more coverage to cover up some blemishes. I have NC35 but it is slightly darker for me so I would get a NC30 next time. I have almost run out of this product but I won't be repurchasing it, as it wasn't that amazing to be honest.

I would rather get Estee Lauder's powders or even MAC's Skin Finishes. It is however a full coverage powder and gives a demi-matte finish initially but over the day I start getting oily, when I don't even have oily skin! It is very smooth and the texture is amazing. It can however make your pores appear larger and appear heavy on the skin unlike the other two powders above. It is an amazing product for the coverage it offers but to me it is strictly okay and goes Back to MAC baby!

I am happy with the two drug store powders that I have at present as they work just fine and I won't be getting another one for now. In case I run out, are there any you highly recommend to try?