Jo Malone - English Pear & Freesia

Jo Malone has a gorgeous new scent out for this Autumn called English Pear & Freesia. Juicy pears, white freesias, amber, patchouli and woods. Sounds really suited for the coming Autumn/Winter to me. 

Top Note: Kind William Pear
An unusual, innovative ingredient, this accord of sweetly scented fruit is fresh, ripe and discreet with a dainty floral vibe.
Heart Note: Freesia
Quintessentially English, freesia charms with its heady perfume when in full bloom. Though not so exotic and sweet as lily or rose, it is equally as classic and compelling.
Base Note: Patchouli
An autumnal element adding an adventurous twist to this quintessentially English blend. Pungent and earthy with fragrant, warming spices to the fore, Patchouli imparts an earthy taste of the exotic, generating substance and depth.

It comes in a very elegant box which makes a perfect home for the neatly designed cologne. The packaging is simple and elegant, not in your face glamour hence quite unlike many high end fragrances. I do like my glamorous bottles but this is such a refreshing change to be honest. The shape is pretty compact and its light enough to pop into your bag for a quick spritz during the day. Its surprising how chunky some perfumes bottles of the same quantity can be as compared to this one. 

I would describe the smell as a mixture of sweetness and warmth. It starts off to be quite powdery and sweet mainly floral and slightly fruity. Freesia is then what I slowly start smelling. It's pretty unique how sweet and pleasant it is compared to something like rose which people find offensively sweet. I can't see someone disliking this really as its quite mellow all the way through. 

To add an earthy touch to it, there is Patchouli in the end, which rounds up the fragrance on a warm note balancing any sweetness that one encountered initially. I quite like light floral fragrances, they make me feel very comforted. Note that the fragrance is slightly powdery but a much more grown up/elegant version of its counterparts.

Classic is how I would describe it in a word. 


Accessorize Beauty Launch - Warning: Truckloads of pictures ahead!

I was recently invited to the Accessorize Beauty Launch which took place at The Sanctum. It was all set up so gorgeously considering how pretty Accessorize jewellery is anyways. I loved the decor! It was the prettiest press launch I've been too. 

They will be launching 5 collections together in the end of September and it will be available to purchase in Accessorize stores and Superdrug. I am expecting them to run out super soon considering how gorgeous the product range were. They had everything from bronzers, blushers, nail paints, eye shadows - you name it, they have it! I really did not expect their range to be so vast. 

Let me clear that this range has no comparison with the Topshop range as I visited Topshop later and their makeup was so bland and meh that I could not stand there for a minute! 

The collections are as follows:

Rock Star
With Love
Exotic Brights
Illusion and
Je T'aime

What is even exciting is that the price ranges from £3 to £8 which is dirt cheap in my opinion especially when they are offering products that highly resemble MAC's mineralized blushes and skin finishes and Benefit Blushers. I cannot wait to splurge on these collections when they are available to purchase! 

And now for the pictures. Apologies for the super blurry and out of focus pictures. Can you believe I forgot to take my camera with me and had to use an iphone instead. Still I thought you'd like to have sneak peak so here you go. There are so many I cannot possibly classify as to which collection is which, sorry! 

On the go eyeshadow palette to pop into you bags.

They had quite a few baked eyeshadows and blushers which I really liked. The eyeshadows were really pigmented and super smooth to apply.

This is where Benefit and Me Me Me meet. Jokes aside, this blusher/bronzer was gorgeous when the MA used it on me. 

Finally, I can quench my thirst for mineralized blushes for less. 

They had a lovely Make up Artist present at the venue too to create the look you desire. I chose for a purple smokey eye using the baked eye shadows and she did an awesome job. I usually cannot pull darker eye shadows in the day but it made me feel so glam. 

And a picture of us two smiley girls. I am in such bad need for a tan! 

I forgot to mention their packaging is simple yet so pretty! It does not look cheap or anything like that, in fact quite girly in my opinion. I have an eye shadow to try out which I will show you guys soon.


Home Microdermabrasion - Its Magic!

You may have come across the term Microdermabrasion quite a few times by now. If you haven't, you have been living under a rock all this time!

Basically Microdermabrasion is usually carried out by specialists in spas or by Doctors. However due to how expensive the procedure is, many brands have launched their Home Dermabrasion systems now. This way one can try out the procedure and be able to experience its benefit at the comfort of one's home for less. I like the sound of that then paying the doctor a visit.

Microdermabrasion is a procedure whereby the topmost 'superficial' layer of the skin is peeled out by abrasive techniques. Hence 'derma' meaning skin and 'abrasion' meaning abrasive techniques. Abrasive techniques obviously does not mean highly abrasive, just something that polishes and buffs the skin and is effective enough to get rid of the dead skin cells to stimulate cell turnover. 

It is known to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, ance, blemishes, blackheads, sun spots, large/open pores and all that not so good stuff, 

I have one of such kits with me today. This one's called Youthful Essence by Susan Lucci. 

It comes with a resurfacing tool which looks like the one shown below. Looks pretty much the same like the other high end ones in the market doesn't it? Well trust me it is and am sure works almost the same too! I like how little this tool it is, fits perfectly in my hand without feeling awkward. It's waterproof too and comes with batteries. 

Then coming to the exciting bit, the attachments of course. You get quite a few with this which is amazing value for money. I like variety in my skin care routine and this does the job pretty well. It comes with a spa cleansing brush, a triangle resurfacing tool, a round resurfacing tool, a large resurfacing tool (for the body), a pumice stone attachment and a massaging tool (which is missing in the picture below somehow). 

My favourites are the cleansing tool and the round resurfacing tool. These are what I would normally use for a quick 4 minute dermabrasion session. They are pretty good in quality is what I found and easy to re-use with a simple wash under the tap. 

I (well the sister - thank you!) did a manicure and a pedicure using the cleansing brush and the pumice stone attachment and it was such an awesome experience. My hands and feet have never looked better!

Over to the products that come along with the kit. One would think the products would be of no use and I had already decided to use my products with this dermabrasion tool. However to my surprise, these products are actually very efficient if used alongside this kit. 

The Warming Cleanser is what I use to prepare my skin for the procedure. You can only use the cleanser with the spa cleansing brush. The Resurfacing Cream is what works wonders in my opinion. It has a buttery texture with tiny granules which buff and exfoliate the skin and remove the dead skin cells. I don't reckon any other exfoliator would work as effectively for this purpose. In the end, I apply the Skin Enhancing Serum which is a soft whipped cream which finally feeds the skin with moisture. 

You are supposed to use this home Microdermabrasion system 2-3 times a week for 2-4 minutes to the most. I am totally hooked to this as my skin is visibly brighter, a shade lighter and baby soft within one use, which I obviously did not expect. You can actually feel it work and I cannot compare this to any facials or skincare products because it is truly unique in what it does.

I even used this on my hands and feet and it gave amazing results there too. I have terrible looking hands and blister-prone feet if you already did not know and this did a superb job in buffing out the dead skin cells that were sitting there since a while. Great to use for a quick mani-pedi!

All I can say is that I am hooked to this product and literally await the next time I am going to use it. The results are instant and to die for!  Regular use has shown a reduction in the occasional blemishes and blackheads that I suffer from. 

Youthful  Essence - Introductory Kit - £29.99

Disclaimer: Yes I received this product for blog purposes but that is NOT the reason I am going ga ga over it.