Midnight Fantasy EOTD

I was gazing at the sky tonight whilst in my backyard and it had a merge of the most beautiful blue's, purples and pinks. Hence I thought of naming the look based on that.

Below is with flash and without flash respectively. 

I used Sleek's Original Palette to create this look. I used a silvery pink for the lid colour, a cadbury purple in the crease and an indigo blue to define the outer v and lower lash line. Then I finished it off with MAC's Warming Trend eye shadow as a highlight, MAC Blacktrack Fluidline for the lash line, followed by some Eldora Lashes. Pardon my naive lash application please, I will learn some day hopefully!

Aren't the Sleek Palette's value for money? They are seriously better in pigmentation and lasting power compared to MAC. I especially find them more effective for weddings and occasions as they provide an instant oomph requiring minimal effort. 


The only Bronzer that you will EVER need!

Okay now that was a bit of an exaggeration. How can I even put in words such an extreme statement!

But you know what I mean right? If a make up addict can dare to say that, it automatically says something about the product.

No 7's Sculpting Bronzer is no different really. But what makes is so convenient and stand out from the rest is the fact that,

- It's matte and
- has four complimentary bronzing shades

See the gorgeous array of matte browns there. Such a change from all that drug store shimmer bronzer's isn't it? The sand dune inspired embedded design is so interesting too. That definitely gives it a high-end product feel in my opinion.

By matte colours I don't by any way mean chalky powdery mattes. These are silky high quality satin-matte shades just as expected of No 7. They glide on so easily and blend like a dream. 

You get a true bronze shade, a deep brown with slightly orange undertone, a gorgeous beige-brown (which reminds me so much of Chanel Bronze Universal) and a beige highlighter. 

I like to use this with a fan brush for precise application. Always use smaller brushes for bronzer's, that way you achieve a more flattering effect as to exactly where you want the colour to be placed.

I use the first two darker shades to contour my cheeks before I apply blusher. I cannot stand brown cheeks! The other two lighter shades work perfectly to contour the other areas of the face such as the forehead, temples, nose bridge and jawline.

Handy when you can't decide which bronzer to use or just to pick one up for travelling. I got this from Boots for £13.



Eyeko strikes again! Chi Chi and Punk Polish

Eyeko is slowly but surely becoming the Queen of Nail Paints. The shades that it brings out on every release are to die for - something unique is what they cater for each time. The two polishes released recently are no different. 

Presenting Chi Chi Polish for Girlie Nails and Punk Polish for Neon Nails. 

The Chi Chi polish is seriously stunning girls. I've been obsessively wearing this since I got it and for some reason I keep staring at how pretty my nails look with this on.

Okay maybe my nails are not that pretty but the colour for heavens sake is freaking gorgeous! It's a gorgeous mid tone pink glitter nail varnish. Two applications is what gives the opaque result you see below, so not bad coverage at all. 

It stays on quite well too without chipping and I don't think the glitter looks over the top in any manner to be honest. It's quite wearable for a fun day out with the girls! I am planning to wear this on Eid no matter how kiddish I look :)

The Punk Polish is also quite a different colour to begin with, well nothing of this sort is what I possess. It's a hot barbie pink to me. Again quite flattering on the nails when you want to wear something fun and interesting.

I love its demi matte finish which has become quite a staple with Eyeko's polishes.  This one is slightly thick in consistency but I love such nail varnishes as one coat with them gives truly opaque nails and that's what I am looking for. I really don't have the time to work with consistencies where you would have to build on the colour gradually. 

This being thick might tend to chip off easily so make sure to finish with a decent top coat to avoid that. 

Chi Chi and Punk Polish are the best Eyeko has brought out so far in my opinion or I may be saying this because I am such a girly-girl. I mean Barry M is nice too but Eyeko is much more fun!


MAC Face and Body Foundation - Holy Grail or Hyped?

I've been needing a good quality foundation from ages now! I had 6 in my vanity case but they were all either the wrong shade or basically not the coverage I wanted. I was just so unhappy wearing them everyday and eventually started covering my entire face with concealer. 

Now I usually don't give in to the hype for foundations but the reviews I read about MAC Face and Body really intrigued me to give it a go. I like the way people described it and how it looked on their skin. Plus spending £23 for 120ml did not seem that bad a deal anyway. 

This was the first time I actually ordered from the MAC website and I have to say their service is fantastic. I got my product delivered in 2 days (or 1?) which is commendable.  

I am not going to go into much detail but basically if you are a NC30-35 in MAC, C3 would be the perfect match for you. If you are darker, then C4 and if you are lighter, then C2 and so on I guess. 

You know how daunting it can get to find a colour match for Asian skin tones but this colour is the only one till date which matched me so well and I could literally get away with applying the foundation only on my face, leaving the neck as it is.

Because this foundation is water based, expect it to be extremely runny and watery. You can actually see the exact texture of this below. If this is something you might find irritating then avoid this!

It spreads really well though and a little squirt can be blended to cover quite a large area really which is good, as it means you will end up using little product. Can you see how it just blended so seamlessly making the area on my hand look well moisturised and even.  

Quite frankly, this is only and exactly what it does to the face too. The coverage is extremely light, even lighter than some tinted moisturisers (hello Laura Mercier!) in the market. So if you're looking for a tinted moisturiser, I highly recommend this. 

The brilliant thing about this product is that you can build it up to a medium coverage and this is one of the reasons I love it. I like to use two layers of this on my face and it gives me fresh dewy skin in seconds.It helps you achieve well moisturised skin and this is what you should aim for, as heavy foundations can possibly age your appearance.  

And a picture to give you an indication of how it looks on me. 

No matter how much of this foundation I pile on, it will never and I mean ever appear cakey or feel heavy on the skin. Okay, now there are darker areas around the mouth and some blemishes that this does not hide but what's concealer for eh?

Holy Grail or Hyped?  Personally this is Holy Grail for me. But that is because I have reached a stage where I would rather let my blemishes be seen then having people stare at my face looking for obvious traces of foundation. It lets my skin be seen through and does not look like a mask for a change. Its just my skin but better. I may be saying this because my skin's been surprisingly clear from a while and am enjoying that!

It might however seem totally hyped to some of you who may tried this. I took a lot of time getting used to it because of its coverage. You might not even want to waste you money on a big bottle of tinted moisturiser, fair enough. Some may feel this product defies the purpose of foundation which is meant to cover and not show your skin through.

How to Apply?  I found the best way to apply this is with fingers and only fingers really. It gives maximum coverage that way, spreads easily and takes 2 minutes. However if you have a good quality flat top buffer brush, that will work just fine.

I love this stuff and its the best investment I've made in a cosmetic product till date. It makes my skin look great in day light and in flash. You can call me lovestruck

p.s. I've heard this foundation separates and that you should keep it in the fridge and all that. I don't want the bottle to smell of curry now do I? We'll see what we can do when it actually separates shall we.


Loving this week - Chilled bodywash, Matte concealers, Dry shampoo and Liz Earle Haircare

Miss Cole - The new bath and body range by Superdrug. I adore the pink and white packaging, would surely get my attention in store. The range contains a Body wash, Body scrub, Body lotion and Bath foam. I got the Body wash and the Body scrub and they are both delicious!

The BRRR...ILLIANT Body wash is lightly fragranced with Jasmine, Passion fruit and Creme brulee. You are supposed to use this after leaving it in the fridge overnight, it sure will wake you up. The Perfectly Polished Body scrub is what I use to exfoliate rough areas on the body such as elbows and knees. It is also best to use this before tanning to ensure an even coverage. What I like about this exfoliator is how gentle it is without any obvious crystals.

Both of the products are a treat to use, smell really nice and lather generously. I love how cute they look in my bathroom shelf and they retail for under £3 each so you can't go wrong with the price.

You see it right ladies, Miners Cosmetics strikes again! You must be knowing  by now how much I love their products. They are are affordable yet effective and never let you know with their quality. Their Complete Base Flawless Concealers are no different.

I have never tried pen/click concealers so this was something new! I have to say I am not quite a fan of the click applicator as two clicks dispenses a lot of product and this way a lot might just go waste. The applicator brush however is pretty useful to apply the product to precise areas such as the bluish-purple ring underneath the eyes.

I then use a fluffy brush like a MAC 224 to blend it. What is surprising about this is that the concealer has a matte-velvet finish to it unlike the zillion illuminator pens in the market. I am sure this is one of a kind!

It comes in 3 shades, Light (NW 20-25 equivalent), Medium (NC 30 equivalent) and Dark (NW 35 equivalent). I am an NC 30 with MAC concealers. I like to use the darkest shade which has salmon undertones to it to correct the dark circles first. Over that I like to apply the Medium shade to make it in line with my complexion and trust me it works wonders.

It dries quickly and sets, does not seep into my very fine lines and stays put for long. Moisturize the under eye area properly though otherwise this will cling to dry areas appearing cakey. It retails for £3.99 so I suggest getting two shades and mixing them to achieve the perfect finish.

If you have really dark under circles, don't think the darkest shade is too dark for you as you can use it as a corrector before applying your usual concealer. I have been obsessively using all 3 shades since when I got it - highly recommended.


I have always been a big fan of Batiste Dry Shampoo as my hair tends to get oily at the roots very quickly and I don't want to wash it every other day. Now they have come out with a 'nude' version of their original dry shampoo. Its the 'greener' version and claims to be eco-friendly by using all natural ingredients, which are safe to use on a sensitive scalp and is fragrance free. It has a fully recyclable pack with less product that tends to be more concentrated.

I really like the nozzle applicator as its perfect to sprinkle some on to the roots and then spreading the rest throughout the hair. It works just as fine as the original one in eliminating the oiliness and refreshing the hair. I like this one better though as I find its more effective and easy to apply at the roots. Plus targeting this directly at the roots gives me more volume and texture in the crown area which I love. For £3.49 this one's a steal!


and did you know Liz Earle does hair now? You know how much I am in LOVE with their skincare products so can you believe the excitement when I came to know that they now do haircare. It took them 6 years to come up with this range. They thought this was the obvious next step for the company as the scalp is an extention of the skin for which they already cater. I also got to meet Liz Earle at their haircare launch who was kind enough to greet us whilst she was passing by the store. She has a fantastic personality I have to say and her hair and skin would totally represent the amazing products they make.

Their haircare range contains one plant based shampoo which is SLS free, using naturally derived cleansers. It has Vitamin E, Aloe vera, West african shea butter and Apple and Orange extracts, plus it smells divine ladies. It's meant to make life easier by removing any confusing choices we would have to make regarding shampoo types, hence one shampoo suits all here.

That citrusy smells lingers around my hair the entire day making it feel so fresh! It doesn't lather much though but only use a bit (7ml) at a time making sure you add enough water to create lather. I really like this shampoo as it does not strip off the moisture from the hair yet works effectively.

They make three conditioners and I got the conditioner for Dry or Damaged hair which contains Kenyan Yangu oil, Blue Seakale and many more hydrating ingredients. I love how my hair feels uber soft, silky and detangled after using these products but I do end up using a lot of the product being the greedy person I am, so make sure you use it sparingly otherwise it will finish quickly.

I love the simple packaging and design. Another reason for the simple design is that it's also catered towards men which I can't see a problem with really. You would love your hair smelling so amazing guys!

The Botanical Shine Shampoo and Conditioner's will hit stores this September. Another hit from Liz Earle? I think so.