12 MAC Lippies! Call it a Haul, shall we?

I don't own much lipsticks really, as I don't wear them on a daily basis - just occasionally and no matter how tempting they might seem, I can't justify spending money on something I hardly will ever use. Fair enough eh?

I just had a few drug store lipsticks till now and Jubilee from MAC is all I relied on. It's a gorgeous Lustre finish nude pink-brown and If you haven't got it yet, I urge you to check it out! 

The lack of a decent lip collection did annoy me from time to time though, as my make up kit seemed incomplete without these key products. Until of course the amazing Wayne from GossMakeupArtist put up a palette of 12 MAC lipsticks in a Make Up For Ever case for sale. I would not have jumped on to purchasing this until I saw the ridiculous price it was up for and I thought to myself, 'It can't get any cheaper than this!'. And the rest as they say, is pay pal account history.

This palette is like my box of candy as when I open it, the collective vanilla-like smell from all the MAC Lipsticks makes me reminiscent of that.

And ain't the shades to die for? This is actually how I would have custom made my lip palette in the first place ranging from the lightest to the darkest. 

Now for some swatches. Please excuse that hairy hand, it's not mine by the way! Don't you just love how Wayne has hand picked each shade so carefully to make sure that no colour family is left out. Most of the finishes seem like Lustre and Satin to me. They don't come with any shade names unfortunately, help me out if you spot any will you?

We have a gorgeous bright coral, a red, a hot pink and a lilac. The coral and the red here are beyond stunning ladies. I tried this on my sister and the Cheryl Cole bright lip really suited her! All you need to brighten up the face.

Coming to my favourites, we have some very pretty mid tone browns and pinks here. The second shade, which is a nude pinky-lilac is by far my favourite from the palette. 

How would we even survive without our nudes? Ranging from concealer like nudes to much more wearable nudes, we have it all here. I like to mix and match to achieve the perfect nude lip. Like using the second shade only on its own would seriously make me look dead - not pretty!

Not only do I adore the shades, I am loving the organised palette form too, its great for travelling or makeovers. The only con to it would be that I can't carry it with me daily for touch ups but I can allow that as long as the sleek palette makes me feel like a pro!


Lisa Eldridge Inspired

I adore Lisa Eldridge as a make up artist. I found her you tube channel a few months ago and am totally a hardcore fan now. There is something different in the way she perceives make up. Her approach is simple and classy yet effective! There are a tonne of you tube channels I watch but the skills I learn from Lisa's channel is something I actually follow. 

I think she did a similar look a while back and I wore it out the other day and really liked it. 

Lisa's all about flawless complexion, without it looking too cakey or over the top. I used my Sheer Cover Mineral Make up foundation and concealer to achieve that. I have no idea why I look dewy in flash as the mineral make up is completely matte! I know I don't look half as good as Lisa but there's no harm in getting inspired is there? 

I hardly see Lisa piling on blusher. She likes colour on her cheeks but uses is pretty sparingly just to brighten up the face a little to avoid it looking pale. I choose to wear my Givenchy Prisme Blush in Timid Rose as it gives me that pretty pink flush without the edges. 

Eyes are something Lisa has a very different approach to. I don't ever see her using a million colours on the lid and then blending it obsessively. She likes to keep it clean yet effective, mainly using blocks of vivid colours throughout.

I used a pale pastel-y lilac from the Sleek Bohemian palette and a bright matte green from the Sleek Circus palette followed by MAC's Blacktrack Fluidline to liner the upper lash line slightly winging it out.

I either see Lisa pulling a bright lip or mid tone browns and pinks, but I choose a pale lilac with a pink undertone to it as it was in line with the eye shadow I used. I tried a coral lip first but it washed me off so nude was what worked best for lips here. 

I am wearing a pale lilac-pink shade from MAC. I recently got a palette of MAC lipsticks from a blog sale but they have no shades on them unfortunately. 

Who inspires you on YouTube or as a Make up Artist? 

Don't forget to follow Lisa's channel - http://www.youtube.com/user/lisaeldridgedotcom


Body Glitter or Glitter Henna Anyone?

I love glitter! Who doesn't? Be it in blush, eye shadows or nail paint. But body glitter always seemed like a daunting task to me.Well not now ladies! Because I'll show you how body glitter can be done in a jiffy.

Featuring Jinnyrainbow Body Art. We have below a Jinnyrainbow kit (£30) and a few Jinnyrocks to play along with.

These are the glitters that arrived in my kit. A gorgeous silver, royal blue, a vivid gold and a cadbury purple. They come in little bottles with a flexible plastic nozzle to let you sprinkle just the right amount of product.

The bottles contain a lot of product to be honest and you can get away with quite a few uses. Talking about the texture of the glitter, its very fine not chunky glitter but still manages to provide texture and the end result is ultra rich and glamorous, well you'll see that for yourself in the pictures below.

Oh yes, they also come accompanied with a glue of course. And how can we forget the glue, as this baby helps the glitter stay put for 7 days! The design I had on my wrist worn out in 3 days but on unexposed areas such as the upper arm, 7 days does apply.

All set to play, me and mum got ready making patterns for our body art. She's got a good hand at art and did all my art and craft at school too, so she was my friend for the day. She's used to making such patterns for henna hence the henna inspired designs.

So that's what you'd have to do first, think of a few patterns in mind that you'd like to create. Put it on paper if you like, it makes life easier.

Then we tried replicating the designs on the body. You can use a white or a nude liner pencil, I used a lip liner below. 

Oh yeah, and some important tools that you'll need in the way. A precise liner brush, in case you find drawing with the glue brush a tad bit difficult.  The fan brush make dusting away the spare glitter so much easier!

How to:
- Sketch out a design/pattern on selected body part with a eyeliner/lip pencil or a pen.
- Follow the line with the glue brush provided.
- Let the glue settle for about a minute or so until tacky.
- Then sprinkle the powder from the bottle covering the entire area (obviously messily!)
- Dust off the excess with a fan brush.

As simple as that! Don't worry about sprinkling the glitter messily as the glitter will ONLY stick to the glue. The rest can be easily dusted away with a brush and you will be left with you desired design. 

I tried to create a few below and trust me it is much easier than would think, plus the glitter dries in a minute after which it stays put until you remove it with an oil based remover or scrub it off hard in the shower.

Ignore my messy application on the arm ladies, it was a bit hard to work there. Overall I LOVE the result! It looks glamorous and is eye catching and would make a lovely alternative to the usual Eid Henna. I am really looking forward to using it then.

You can find these at www.jinnyrainbow.com or visit them at Selfridges (London) if you like. You can get your desired pattern done there too! 

Here's an amazing video on how to use Jinnyrainbow. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vWP0dMt119c

and some pictures of the Jinnyrainbow art that I liked....Ain't their artists amazing?