FACEatelier Ultra Foundation

I recently received a sample of the FACE Atelier Ultra foundation in Honey and I am so impressed with it, I had to let you guys know. I had never really heard of this brand before but supposedly its a pro brand and a favourite to celebs like Lady Gaga and Fergie!First of all, the shade I recieved is awesome and matches my skintone perfectly. It's a warm beige with yellow undertones too it, just perfect. The foundation itself looks runny in the container and has a typical foundation smell which I don't like but its not offensive to be honest.

What they say?

The silicone molecule is bigger than the human pore, allowing Ultra Foundation to form a lightweight, breathable second skin that is both moisture and oil resistant. It is truly non-comedogenic and is ideal for troubled or mature skin.

Ultra Foundation's top-secret formulation creates an optical blurring effect that diminishes fine lines and wrinkles and gives the illusion of a smoother, more uniform and naturally dewy finish.

I love the coverage it provides. Its just like what my skin would look like if it would be healthier, flawless and supple. When you initially apply it, it looks dewy as seen in the picture below and a bit wet, until it dries to semi-matte finish within minutes. Also, a little goes a long way is true in this case. I applied using my fingers and it was just as easy as a moisturiser to apply - foolproof!

Below is how it looks in daylight and after drying. It needs no primer underneath yet stays on forever and no powder to set it yet keeps me matte. I like its 'skin like' finish and it reminds me of MAC Face and Body Foundation pretty much. I would say the coverage is medium to full and you can pile on loads to cover up any spots or blemishes without it appearing cakey. It's MAC Well Dressed that's giving me that subtle hint of color in case you'd want to know.


Been loving this week

I've been in love with the two Givenchy products that I got. They are so luxurious to use and are superb in quality. The liquid liner is like no other and the colour is simply stunning. I am wearing that below with some Urban Decay Eye Liner in Zero in the waterline.

Also, can you see a hint of airbrushed pink effect on the lids? Well that's the Givenchy blush in Le Prisme - Timid Rose. Because it's so mild, it gives me a chance to wear pink on the eyes without overdoing it, plus I love the non-powdery wash of colour it provides - beautiful!

Another obsession of mine is with the No 7 Smudge brush. I don't owe a stiff pencil brush yet and am loving this since the time I got my hands on it. Its perfect for placing colour on the lower lash line, to draw a precise crease or to smoke out your eye shadows. It reminds me of the MAC 219 to quite an extent, although the MAC one has a more sharper edge.

I am smitten by the No 7 bug aint I?

And saving the best for last, we have the Too Faced Shadow Insurance. You see it right, I ditched the oh so popular primer potion from Urban Decay for this baby and I am so glad I did! With the primer potion, my shadows faded and creased after 5 hours and cream shadows were a nightmare to apply and blend.

The Shadow Insuranace on the other hand is a dream to apply, makes blending twice as easy and my cream shadows apply so well too. I am shocked to see my shadows intact after an entire day with this, so definitely invest your money in this girls.

What have you been loving this week?

Urban Decay Summer of Love dupe?

I found these beauties at the Superdrug the other day. They seemed so cute in the bottle, I could not resist. Now I am not a shimmer person to be honest, well not with nail paint at least but these were on sale so I thought it can't be that bad now, can it?

Bad? It's freaking awesome girls! I got a shimmery blue-purple, a chrome and a baby pink. They all have a gorgeous shimmery finish which can be evidently seen from outside the bottle.

What I found even more awesome is how the textures and colour's mimicked the new Urban Decay Summer of Love Nail Polish Collection. If you are someone like me who does not want to fork out a lot of cash on nail varnish, then these Miss Sporty Clubbing Colours are great as dupes!
My favourite amongst these is this beautiful chrome colour. It has the best pigmentation (thats just one swipe!) from the lot and stays put for a long time too. The applicator brushes in these nail paints are flat which makes application so much easier.

I got these 3 for £4 at Superdrug. If they are not on offer, you can purchase individual ones for under £2.


Eye slices anyone?

I am the best person perhaps to try out a soothing product for the eyes as I have constantly tired, puffy, red and wrinkly eyes! You name it, I have it.

So I immediately agreed to trying out Eye Slices.

These are treatment pads to relax your eyes in just 5 minutes! "eyeSlices are innovative eye treatment pads that combine the natural essence of nature with bio-innovation to bring about a solution to all common eye concerns. These dermal delivery eye masks reduce the appearance of red eyes, dark circles under eyes, tired eyes, wrinkles and puffy eyes within 5 minutes of use."

They have different eye pads to treat a different purpose. I chose the iCandy Eyes pack and the Legendary Eyes pack.

The Legendary Eyes Slices (in green below) is especially triggered to reduce puffy eyes and dark circles. "Concentrated extracts of the Suma root, Muira Puma and White Lily work together to help reduce the appearance of puffiness and dark circles by increasing luminosity and vitality."

I did not quite like this one to be honest because I felt it did not do much for my eyes. It did not feel as cool as a cucumber slice would have. It did however reduce the redness in my eyes in those 5 minutes which is something I liked.

Also, I did not receive a case to store it in, may be because it is a sample pack hence the green eye pad shrunk and hardened in a day. But the actual ones that you buy come with a storage case, so make sure you store them properly.

The iCandyeyes is targeted towards wrinkles and I particularly have deep set wrinkles near my eye area. "Get your beauty sleep within 5 minutes...close your eyes, relax, soak away the effects of life's heavy demands & visualise being forever young in body & mind. The regenerative and protective extracts of English Plantain assists the enhancement of collagen synthesis to help reduce the appearance of fine lines. Oak Apple gently firms the skin whilst valuable minerals from Millet extract nourish and strengthen the skin."

I enjoyed using this one, as it did not dry up even without a case, I kept it in the plastic container it came with and it stayed fine.

It applied really nice and moist on the eyes and provided a cooling sensation without keeping in the fridge! I found it also slightly tightened the area around my eyes and made it look healthier and plump. So it does really work for what it says. I would use this particular eye pad again!

Overall, why better than cucumber?

Because they come out cool even without the fridge, they last up to 10 uses, are very convenient to use, effective results in a couple of minutes plus they contour to your eye shape, so no hassle of balancing cucumber slices on the eyes anymore!

Like the look or sound of them? Check them out here.

Disclaimer: The products in this post were provided by PR for consideration.

Orgasm...but better

I previously wrote a post about this product a while ago at Zuneta but I love the product so much, I thought it was worth featuring on the blog too. So here you go guys, featuring the HOT MAMA (refer to the picture in case you miss it :p) Blush by the Balm.

The packaging says its meant to be used as a shadow and a blush. But I rather prefer it as a blusher. Although it does not make a bad eye shadow too you know. Just sweep it on with a fluffy blush and you'll have a gorgeous flush of color on the lids without looking over the top.

Would be great with blue eyes due to its bronze undertones!

Now, for the color. To me it looks exactly like Nars Orgasm (and a bit of Benefits Coralista?) in the pan.

Why I say its better than Nars Orgasm is because it has,

- Better pigmentation, one swipe and you'll be like woah!
- Better formula/texture - gorgeous satin finish, glides on like silk.
- More quantity - 7.08 grams compared to Nars's 4.8 grams.

I've heard Nars Orgasm does not show up at all on certain skin tones, but this is so strong in pigmentation that it definitely will, even on deeper skin tones. No matter how light the color is, it should show up strongly on all skin tones is something I firmly believe in. Different skin tones should not be used as an excuse by brands!

Besides that, the packaging is obviously much more fun in this case. I really like the Benefit inspired packaging minus the bulkiness.

This specific color also has strong gold undertones, which makes it appear a golden peachy-pink in the day light giving you a sun kissed effect. It adds a hint of coral pop to the cheeks. I obsessively used this on a holiday to fake a healthy glow.

Overall, its not exactly like Nars Orgasm but is a competitor for sure. If you have loved your Nars Blushes, you've got to try this!

Buy it here.

Disclaimer: The products in this post were provided by the Zuneta for consideration.