I got some Givenchy

My first purchase from Givenchy, you can understand the excitement right?

By the way, the 'brands' featured on the blog these days are only due to some presents I've been receiving for completing my degree, in case you were wondering. Lets hope they keep coming lol.

I got a Liquid Liner and a Blush. I was very tempted by their 9 cube highlighter-eyeshadow palette as it reminded me of Dior Amber Diamond so much!

Anyway, here's the blusher. Its the Le Prisme Blush in Timid Rose.

The packaging is adorable and classy at the same time. If I pay a hefty price for such a product, I obviously expect the packaging to be something different and this definitely is. I will be enjoying popping this out of my bag for touch ups. Not quite sturdy I would say, so be careful!

This has four complimentary shade of colors, a deep pink, a baby pink, a soft lilac and a highlight color. The colors however are not very pigmented. You have to get a lot of color on your brush for it to show up. Although when the MA in the store applied this on me, it immediately showed up? Givenchy brushes I tell you! They should start selling them in stores.

This will be perfect for those lighter than NC/NW30 skin tones. It will be a tad bit harder to show up on those darker than that such as myself. I would have been better off with a deeper shade. I in fact love to use this quad for an eyeshadow, as I love the look and feel of airbrushed eyeshadow. This is pretty much like airbrush makeup, get it?

The consistency of this is like no other. It smells slightly floral which is very pleasant indeed. The particles in the blush are supposedly much more minute compared to the usual blushes, due to which it mimics the appearance of skin like texture and you will not see any edges what so ever. It feels light, luxurious and sleek. If that's what you are feeling like one day, then pop in at Givenchy and get this!

And then we have the Parad'Eyes Liner in Number 5.

This is something I am overtly impressed with. I don't have luck with eye liners really and dread liquid eyeliners on a daily basis only because I haven't found the correct texture yet. This is a gorgeous blue color with shimmer. It appears teal in the day time and a gorgeous indigo as it gets darker. Any way it keeps the eyes looking bold and sexy!

The texture is just perfect, not too runny nor gloopy. The consistency unlike the blush is superbly pigmented and the staying power of this truely amazes me. You can use this on the upper and the lower lash line and its suitable for the waterline too. The applicator is so precise and helps you build up the line gradually.

They had a gorgeous shimmery pink-gold color in this which I have my eyes on. Now this is what I call an investment. Highly recommended.

I have to especially mention their fantastic customer service though. Me and my sister especially enjoyed chatting with their MA Joan at Debenhems (Lakeside). She is a makeup artist herself, has some great skills to share. I loved the fact that she introduced us to a lot of products but in the end left it to us to decide. Also I had a mishap with the blush featured above where it arrived broken at home and I took it to return where they happily did so for me in a jiffy! Isn't this how all brands should treat us like? We are in fact planning to visit Joan again for a makeover this time.

Would you recommend something in particular from Givenchy?

Eyeko - for a soft focus glow

This is one of the best products launched by Eyeko so far! I was very skeptical to try this out you know. I mean its a huge pot of silvery pink cream for heaven's sake. It does look quite appetising though, strawberry ice cream anyone?

They say, its an eye cream, moisturiser and highlighter. Now I don't know how one would use a silvery pink cream as an eye cream, so I would not recommend that.

Using it as a moisturizer is also something I would not agree with but I guess by that they meant its suitable to apply all over the face. Now some people would find it too much glitter, but it depends on your skin tone really.

Have you ever heard of those lavender colored concealers or powders made to brighten up sallow-dull complexions? Well I found this works pretty much like them. I have a yellow complexion and this does an amazing job to brighten it up and add a rosy glow. Basically 'my skin but better' effect.

I did not find it overtly glittery, in fact it can be easily buffed in and made to look natural. It is what it says, provides a soft focus glow. Speaking about its highlighting properties, I think its amazing! I haven't tried a pink-ish illuminator yet and am really enjoying having a play around with this one!

Works great on the cheek area and the nose bridge especially. It's very easy to use as well, so I make sure I pop some on before I leave the house or sometimes before my foundation to perk up my complexion.

It is not cheap for £8 but the amount you are getting is mind-boggling. They also do a bronzey version of this cream which I am now tempted to try.



A mask to save the day

I love pampering my skin with occasional skincare treatments and what better than indulging in one at your own comfort at home? This is something I've always believed in. Invest in good quality skincare and treat yourself to a facial whenever you like.

Whenever I am in mood for one of these treatments, I splurge on one of the two Liz Earle masks that I got during their skin consultation sessions. I have a Deep Cleansing Mask and an Intensive Nourishing Mask.

I use these according to how my skins feeling at that time. For example, if its dehydrated I opt for the nourishing mask and when it is breaking out or prone to spots, I opt for the deep cleansing mask.

However my favourite way to use these, keeping in mind I have combination skin is to apply the deep cleansing mask on the congested/spot prone areas and applying the nourishing mask to the rest of my face. That way I am treating different areas of the face according to their special needs.

The rose-scented geranium makes this mask smell delicious! Although it contains clay, it is not thick or gloopy, in fact quite thin which I really like. It spreads easily and does not tighten my face like all other clay masks in the market. It does a great job of keeping the skin clean and regulating facial oils.

I also like to use this as a spot treatment and it does a pretty decent job at drying out any pimples. I like to remove this with a damp sponge.

This looks like every other face cream really! I love that her masks don't have that typical mask texture which makes it less hectic to use. I don't find this one has any scent to it, again applies evenly and leaves my skin hydrated and feeling so velvety.

The unique thing about this is that it absorbs into the skin where it needs it the most and on my skin it was almost invisible in 10 minutes with just some residue on the cheeks! I like to remove this mask with a wet muslin cloth as that's how it works best I feel.

Now that I raved so much about the textures, have a look at them below.

Both the masks start working effectively within 10-15 minutes, which means you don't need to commit to a time consuming schedule. I love their texture, smell and ingredients and would happily recommend.

They are both priced around £12.



Want a glow that's just like skin?

Then Revlon Skinlights is the answer.

This is something I rediscovered in the summer. I have had this since quite a while now and I always opt for this when I want that natural luminosity minus the glitter.

I have two shades, Natural light and Peach light. Natural light does not have much color as you can see and is just a plain illuminator. Whereas the Peach light adds more color on the skin leaving you looking sun kissed.

I really don't know if you can tell the difference, but the one of the left is colored than the other.

This is how it looks in flash but bear in mind I have applied a lot so you can actually see the results. It does not look so strong on the face.

It contains an SPF of 15 and is oil free which means it would be suitable for combination skin tones. I know from experience that this does not result in breakout.

I prefer this to powder highlighters as it blends in flawlessly with the skin leaving no obvious edges. You can apply it sparingly or layer it on, either way you will get hooked!

I like to use this to highlight the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, brow bone and collar bone. I've heard accentuating bones gives an illusion of that you're skinny.

If you're light skinned, this would be an amazing product to give yourself some quick colour and luminosity. You can use this as a natural bronzer/contour.

My favourite way to use this is to mix one pump with my regular foundation. That way it helps the foundation glide on smoothly and gives me radiant skin.

I believe this has been discontinued (why do all great products get discontinued?) but you can find it easily at any online store for under a tenner.

Essie's Coral Reef

This is without doubt my favourite Orange-coral nail paint.

This is Essie's Coral Reef.

I had never really tried Essie before and did not even want to as I have had a bad experience with OPI, so I thought all high-end nail paints suck! The OPI I tried was thick and gloopy and the brush was so thick that I could not just apply properly.

But this is totally different you know. It's consistency is just perfect.

It applies exactly how it seems in the container. One coat is enough to give full coverage however I prefer to layer on two.

The best thing about this is that it stays for a quite a few days without chipping. You also need no top coat on this. I noticed that it is highly glossy too and the shine remains maintained throughout wear.

I enjoyed wearing this and plan to check out other colors from their range as well. They have some uber cute shades! This retails for £8 by the way, which is justified as you will get a lot of wear out of it.

Disclaimer: The products in this post were provided by Zuneta.com for consideration.

Are you obsessed with make-up?

I am! *raises both hands*

There should be a scale to determine whether you are isn't it?

How I know I am is because I get told this by a tonne of people who know me. I am not even those sorts who get hooked up by every new collection MAC brings out you know. Its just the amount of time, energy and effort one spends on doing a particular thing is what leads to the so called term - obsession.

There is not a single time when I am out in the city, town or the streets where there are shops and I would not have stepped into a Superdrug. You'll find me exploring new makeup-boutiques in my spare time, swatching eye shadows like crazy in Boots or pestering MA's in Selfridges. Friends get tired chasing me out of drugstores and family trying to change passwords for Paypal but I wont give up. I can't just help it! You know how its like right?

What I don't understand is why people don't term this as 'passion' rather than 'obsession'? I never get told I am passionate about make-up, its more like I am obsessed with it. I mean its not that I am a chain smoker or something like that. Then why view it so negatively? I swear even chain smokers are treated more leniently lol.

What people don't get is whatever they say, its not going to cure my 'obsession', because it is NOT obsession. I am just overtly fond of make-up - simple :)

OMG! This rambling just made me the queen of random.

Just something that's always been on my mind. Do you get such vibes regarding your 'make-up obsession' too?

p.s. I have reached a thousand followers guys :D Thanks a tonne to every person who takes the time to follow, read and comment! It keeps us bloggers going ♥ a giveaway is on it way ;)

A much needed haul

How cute are these No 7 travel sized products?

Will there ever be a N0 7 product that I'll not like? I mean unconsciously I hoard its products and end up using them all and then call myself a MAC fan, how pretentious can we be!

The Intelligent Colour Foundation is not my shade and it will be going in the giveaway for you guys very soon. The Moisture Drench lipstick in Chic is a luscious pink and glides on like butter, yumm. I am not overtly fond of the Intense Volume Mascara as it tends to give me spider lashes. The nail paint is a sparkly gold which is so pretty on the nails, will do an NOTD for you guys sometime.

What I absolutely loved was the skincare products I got in this kit. It's gentle cleanser works so effectively in removing every trace of makeup, especially when you're too lazy to wash it off. I adore my toners and use them religiously hence this one is no different and gets loved equally.

I was pretty surprised by No 7's Advanced Hydration Day Cream though, I mean it is seriously moisturising on my dry skin and its rose scent has got me addicted! It leaves me with an instant glow which lasts for quite a while - will repurchase for sure.

If you want to expand your makeup collection, what better than a £6 investment for 12 eye shadow colors. Hence Sleek.

Featuring Circus - Colorful, Artistic, Effective. Includes all primary colors. Great for photo shoots. The matte shades picture fantastically too! I am a matte eyeshadow fan so this is my favourite of the lot. Grab this!

Original - I missed out on this palette thinking it was similar to Storm which I already have. But there are some shimmery blue's and purples here which are really pretty. This is great for everyday. The color selection could have been more impressive here. Not a must-have.

Sunset - I have no words to describe how beautiful this palette is. All the shades are superbly selected. The blue surely adds a twist! The only palette one would need for an Asian bride. Some stunning reds and golds here.

and Safari - Again, one that strikes the chord. I love tans and khaki colors for eyes. It has a superb matte brown too which I love to use to define the crease. Perfect for a night-out and parties. This would be my on-the-go evening palette. MUST-HAVE.

I like that fact that all Sleek palette's have a dark matte black in them. Its even darker than most black eyeliners in the market, so I like using this for lining the eyes.

Their casing is pretty good quality too, as I managed to drop it quite a few times thinking it would be shattered but it was completely fine. I can see how perfect these would be for make-up artists and all.

These babies are no more for a fiver now though which is a pity! I am willing to ignore that taking in to consideration what you get for the price is still worth much more.