Yellow nails + Blue eyes = Summer!

As you may know, I love experimenting with nail colors and really don't mind sporting the weirdest colors in this universe, unless of course it's depressing to look at.

This is the first time I tried a yellow and really loved it! The color I am wearing is by La Promise, something I picked up on a holiday in India. I have to say the color is a gorgeous shade of yellow.

It's high gloss finish avoids it from appearing flat, keeping the color appear vibrant. It's super bright to look at and keeps me cheered up throughout!

If you ignore the uneven pigmentation on my fingers, you will notice how pretty the color is.

Also the Indigo is also something I have been obsessively wearing since a week. This shade of blue is quite unusual. Its not one of those dreary dark blues, rather an ink blue which is pretty refreshing. This one's by La Promise too.

I have been feeling quite 'bright' recently. I guess the scorching sun is finally getting to me and I have been wanting to wear everything bright!

I have been avoiding wearing any eye shadow lately. I don't know why but I don't feel like loading the lids with much product in the summer really, which is quite unlike me!

I despise bare lids however, so I have been focusing on the lower lash line since then and playing with liners or using eye shadows as so to make the eyes stand out.

Here I used Eyeko's Graffiti Eyeliner Pen in Purple to line the upper lash line, Annabelle's Eyeshadow in blue to heavily line the lower lash line, followed by a hint of baby blue eye shadow sweeped right underneath it.

It may look too much to some but trust me it looks uber pretty in reality. A bit dramatic for day time of course, but oh well.

Don't stay away from trying colors this summer, go ahead and give it a go and it might leave you surprised.


How to use yellow on lips

Ohkay, so I was quite surprised (not so pleasantly) when I received Sleek MakeUp's Limited Edition Pout Polish in Lemon Meringue from the company.

I mean who wouldn't be? It's yellow for heavens sake!

So after procrastinating for a couple of days, I finally gathered the courage to open it. 'Ummm it does smell really good', was my first reaction to it.

Yes, it appeared yellow on swatching too. I had no hope for it until I applied it straight to the lips, when it turned absolutely invisible leaving a layer of plain shine on to them.

See if for yourself if you don't believe it.

Now I was pleasantly surprised to be honest, happy that I had at least one sensible use for this yellow content in the box.

But I knew it had more scope. Yellow is from the warmer side of the color family and it could work to tone down bright lip colors.

So I pulled out a bright Barbie-pink lippy that I own from Rimmel and applied it straight from the bullet. Below is how it looks on its own.

I know its a pretty color and may appear wearable in pictures but it isn't because it has this neon-chalky pink streak to it which is quite retro for me to pull off.

I then applied Sleek MakeUp's Pout Polish in Lemon Meringue on top of the lipstick and voila! We had a brand new, wearable color transformed in seconds.

Basically, the yellow gloss turned the neon-pink lippy into a nude peachy-brown. Now this is something I would happily wear outside the house.

We all know how good quality these Pout Polishes are. They are non-sticky, very glossy and will last on the lips for quite a few hours.

Overall, quite a unique product to have to turn your not-so-wearable lip colors, to oh-so-wearable in no time. Plus there's nothing to lose in £3.99 is there?


Well Dressed? I am :)

Well Dressed? I sure am after sporting this blush by MAC. I got it not so long ago from the Dubai Airport and I have been digging into it obsessively since then, with the scare of hitting pan within months.

It is abnormal for me to do so as I don't tend to love products so easily. Blush - I like to use sparingly and MAC blushers, erm lets say I share a love-hate relationship with them.

I mean I absolutely adore their Beauty Powder blushers as they give an amazing finish, but that's it really - not a huge fan for sure.

I had heard of Well Dressed on quite a few occasions, most (almost all!) of them mentioning the super glamorous Kim K, which was one of the reasons I was tempted to give this a go.

You know the bright-yet-soft -pink cheeks she sports almost everywhere? Well this supposedly should let you master that effect almost instantly.

But does it? I have to admit, it does!
So its not really tonnes of effort put into achieving that sort of blush, but simply getting the right color that can do the work for you within minutes.
I am really not a huge fan of pink to be honest, its just peach or bronze for me on the cheeks most the time. But the soft defocused hint of baby pink this lends to the cheeks is irresistible.
Plus the satin finish of the blush, with the right amount of minuscule shimmer makes it even more invisible on the cheeks making the flush seem from within.
I do have one problem with it though, it is quite powdery in texture and I have tonnes of product flying around the container along every use. It could have been well pressed you know.
Anyhow, ignoring just that one point, this is truly a winner in all ways. If you hate pink cheeks, try this and you will have a love affair with the color all over again. This is something I can bet on.
Do you know of such natural colors which are easy to hit pan on?


My new skincare - It works wonders! + mini Giveaway

I have been trying out Cellnique's b-liv range of skincare for more than a month now and it has been working wonders on my skin and definitely deserves its praise.

The skincare range is from Malaysia if I am correct. I have always been a fan of Asian skincare brands as they always seem to be advanced in the ingredients they use and are known to be much more effective in displaying results.

Same goes for this brand, they know what they are doing quite well and make products that specifically target problematic areas of the face.

The packaging of their products is also something I really appreciate for their pump dispensers and convenient handy bottles.

Drench me (USD 25) is a moisturising face wash which helps you keep your skin squeaky clean without stripping it off its moisture. I suffer from combination-dry skin due to which this is perfect for me. I usually find other face washes a bit harsh on my skin making it appear parched after.

However this does not do that. My skin appears supple after use and its water-binding ability helps my skin retain moisture throughout the day. I like to use this as my morning face wash before I apply my make up.

It contains Seaweed extract which has hydrating properties and green tea extract which has antioxidant properties. It also promises to brighten to skin which I feel it does and prevent it from aging, which I believe it will if it continues to work so miraculously on my skin.

Submerge me (USD 49) has become my daily moisturizer since when I received this product. It is something I am addicted to and cannot stop using. What I like about this is how light it is in formulation, which is why it does not clog up my pores with excess oils yet providing enough moisture.

I do suffer from occasional spots when using rich moisturizers, hence I find this product perfect for my combination-dry skin. That said, It hydrates my skin very well and keeps its hydrated for quite a few hours.

It is quite tricky to find a good moisturizer but this is by far the best I have tried and also one of the few that did not break me out! This has improved my skins texture tremendously and made it so smooth.

Shield me (USD 32) is as you read it correctly, a sun block than shields you from the sun. It has an SPF of 25 which in my opinion is sufficient enough.

What I find different in this particular sun screen is how moisturising it is compared to ones in the market. There are other brands that offer similar products but I end up using them on my body rather than face as they are too thick and drying!

This one however is of a lovely light consistency just like their moisturizer and hydrates my skin while protecting it. I have used this religiously whilst on my holiday and it does seem to do its job pretty well.

Off with those heads (USD 63) is a unique product, one that we normally don't come across so often on the shelves. It is targeted towards blackheads and whiteheads which I usually do suffer from on the cheek area.

I use this on a cleansed face and it softens the pores so that black/white heads can me extracted easily. I however don't try to extract them after, neither do they miraculously extract themselves.

This products takes its time to work but over the time it has somehow reduced the appearance of whiteheads on my cheek area. It is anti-inflammatory, controls oils and unclogs pores which may be how it controls acne, spots and whiteheads.

This absorbs really quickly, leaves a matte finish and you dont need to remove this is the best thing about it! One of their best products in my opinion.

Leach me (USD 28) is a saviour when you have dry, dull skin and want to revitalize it for a special occasion or a night out. Well that's the time when I use this. I have fine lines of my face (already!), which is a symptom of dry skin. This moisturizes my skin from within and leaves me with glowing smooth skin.

The effects last as long as a facial so you can judge for yourself. Consider it a quick-fix!

The consistency of the mask is absolutely watery though so you have to be careful applying it sparingly. It is similar to appearing like water and it wont dry like a mask but the results are something not many masks deliver.

It would a treat for the skin in the winters. That said, its not overtly rich to be unsuitable for hot climates.

I thought a picture would be decent enough to give you guys a rough idea of how the skincare worked on me.

It drastically improved my skins texture in my opinion and its overall appearance. I love the packaging of the products and how effective they are.

I am an addict already! Overall, a huge thumbs up.

Also Cellnique are offering free samples of Off with those heads (3ml) to first 50 readers of GetGawjus. Just email your full name and shipping address to fbfreesample@blivskin.com with the subject getgawjus.blogspot.com. This offer will end one week after the product review is posted, so hurry up!

Disclaimer: The products in this post were provided by the company PR for consideration.