Crazy Lippies and Nails along with some Fake Mac

There was this area where we were passing by in India where we spotted quite a few four wheelers like this jeep loaded with people on it from every possible corner. There were about 30 people (or more!) in or on this. There were 3 people standing blocking the windscreen on this vehicle, leaving just enough space for the driver to see the road.

There are no transport facilities in this area and this is the only means of 'public' transport for these people. Now it's not their fault is it?

Just a few random pictures I took throughout the week.

As you can see I am going kinda crazy buying lip products here for some reason. I guess because they are reasonable here and I usually don't like spending a lot on them as I don't tend to wear them so often.

Don't you just love all the colors. I love the first berry shade, its a lip liner by VOV and is stunning!

And some whacky lippies I took a picture of whilst I visited a cosmetic factory. They make 250 shades of lipsticks in total and I am overwhelmed by the variety they make. I haven't seen such amazingly crazy shades ever!

The company was kind enough to offer me these nail paints to try out. I was allowed to choose from a massive selection and this is what I came up with. Aint they simply gorgeous? They apply really well too for a small sized company and can give the brands in UK a run for their money. They are from La Promise and I will be showing you swatches later.

From what I purchased, my absolute favourite is Revlons Mauve it Over. It's a fantastic creamy peachy pink, more of a peach though which I really adore at present.

Such a change from the usual reds, pinks and browns isn't it?

I have also been regularly using this hair serum from Loreal. This product is especially made for India only if I am not wrong. A little bit of this product transforms my hair into silk. You have to try this out if you ever come across it.

I doubt you will ever get to see such cosmetic displays in 'imported' cosmetic shops other than India. It is pretty cute but I get so confused looking at it as there is so much to chose from.

And some hilarious fake MAC I came across in such shops. Okay now these pearls are supposed to act as a matte powder. The sales person insisted me to buy this but I could not just stop laughing at how it looked lol.

Erm this was a lavender colored loose powder which looked to me like an eyeshadow but also could be used a blush according to the sales girl. I would love to see myself with lavender cheeks :) No, I did not buy this!

Yes you read correctly my friend, it says CHAMEL and sports a Chanel logo. The staff in the shop called it Chanel too :O I had to take a picture, only for you guys hehe.

How was your week guys? Apologies for the lack of posts again. I will be back to normal in two weeks time :)