Caution: This is not a food

Here we go again, with my favourites for the past few weeks :)

First up is Boots Original Beauty Formula Cleansing Milk. You get 150 ml for £3.89! I guess the cheap price tag leaves this baby unnoticed.

This is awesome stuff. Just take some of the thick creamy cleanser, pour it over cotton wool and all the cake on the face comes off in just one freaking swipe!

When I am having a lazy day, I simply use this as a cleansing routine as its quick, easy and does the job well. It even leaves my face moisturized which is even better.

So basically its a fuss-free, fragrance free, cheap cleanser which everyone should have.

I love the milk-bottle/vintage inspired packaging, super cute!

and yeah - THIS IS NOT A FOOD! :P

Here's a list of ingredients for you to have a look at.

I was on the search for a matte, full coverage foundation since ages.

and finally I find this in a mousse foundation?! Pretty shocking, as I always found mousse foundations to be a gimmick really. They never work do they? Well not for me.

Here we have No 7's Intelligent Balance Foundation (£11).

I got the shade Buff. But as usual it is kinda light (and pink) for me. But this is not going to deter me from using up the entire (humongous 30 gm) pot. I should have got the shade Tan. Oh well, not the first time is it.

Anyway, on to the foundation. This is a hidden gem ladies. Seriously amazing and light whipped formula that glides on to a satin-matte finish on the skin. You won't even see when and how this blends so well. But you will see how cleverly this gives you full coverage.

It's like my skin but better (and flawless!).

It is pretty long lasting. You don't need powder to set this. You don't even need a brush to apply this you know. Its an amazing product for all the ladies who simply cringed at how 'glittery' Revlon Photoready was.

What I am trying to say is, you can't get better than this for £11.

These are Revlon Beyond Natural 'Defining' Lashes that I got sent.

They are ultra light. I am usually not very good with lashes really but I did not even feel I had these on the whole day, without any problems at all.

I guess it's the Revlon Precision Lash Adhesive that I used with them that worked wonders for me. I wasn't happy with the infamous Duo adhesive. But once the Revlon glue is on, the lashes stay put. It dries clear too which makes life a whole lot easier.

I simply love how natural and fluttery these are. Not over the top really. You can sport them easily on your casual day without thinking twice and without the fear of people noticing that you made an effort.

These are pretty short in length. As I have naturally long lashes, these blend in really well providing that extra volume to the lashes which is usually difficult to achieve with mascara.

Do check them out at Boots.

And lastly, Liz Earle's Superskin Concentrate (£37). I got this when I went for a skin consultation at one of their stores. Don't let the price deter you, try their mini version instead.

Their superskin moisturizer broke me out whereas this baby surprisingly did not. I have relatively dry skin during some days and this works just fine to restore my skins moisture and helping it stay supple and hydrated.

I use this once a day, at night after cleansing. Be sure to use not more than one pump as it may be a bit too rich for some of us.

And O-M-G, this smells freaking amazing! The blend of Lavender, Neroli and Rosehip Oil does aromatherapy in a bottle for me.

Don't be scared to try a Facial Oil ladies, as this one surely wont break you out, unless you are oily of course. It's got plant extracts which won't clog pores and should not result in a breakout.

Feel free to share your weekly favourites :)


That 'Perfect' liner brush? I've got it for you!

I recent got sent the stuff shown above from the Makeup Brush Company and wanted to share it with you guys. Again keep in mind all the stuff that I get sent does not end up on the blog. Its only the ones I want you guys to know about :)

Before we go ahead with the brushes, I wanted to show you guys this cute pink makeup bag that came along. It is so compact yet so spacious. Absolutely lovely in quality, plus its matte so less chances of it getting dirty.

Look how spacious this is? That's just three brushes in there. This is coming with me on my holiday for sure.

Plus it has a section on the top where you can pop in a few brushes too. This would save space for sure so you don't have to keep brushes separately. However being the brush addict I am, I will be using this bag solely to carry all my brushes on a trip abroad.

These are the three brushes I received. There are two liner brushes, a dense one and a finer one and a double ended Eye liner Chisel/Shadow. First of all, they are PINK ladies! I absolutely adore the way they look. Super cute if you are a girly girl as we love our pinks, don't we?

Also their logo is so chic too. I love how elegantly the name of the company has been printed in a gorgeous font on the brushes. Such a change from the usual boring fonts.

Regarding their quality, I found them amazing for the price. Their handles are surprisingly thin compared to other brushes in the market. This helps in maintaining a grip and easy application of the product I found.

Eyeliner Chisel/Shadow(£13.50) - I am not a fan of double ended brushes to be honest only because I have problems storing them in a holder as one side is likely to get dirty. This one is however an exception as I would solely buy this for the amazing angle liner brush it comes with. This is synthetic and very precise and thin.

The brush hairs have been very precisely trimmed to give you that perfect liner. This is the brush you are looking for especially if you are a beginner. You are not likely to make a mistake with this.

The brush is pretty stiff which is why it gives that perfect line when you are in a hurry. I also use this to create a cut-crease, to draw the outer v and to line the lower lash line.

It also works perfectly for applying lip color precisely and for shading your eyebrows. I am simply obsessed with it as you can see I use it for almost everything! For hygiene reasons you may not want to use this brush for all the things I mentioned above at the same time. Just select what it works best for or invest in another one of its kind.

The other end of the brush can be used for shading or blending. It is fluffy shader brush. Pretty good in quality again. I am not extremely fond it only because I have many such brushes already and I don't find it to be exclusive.

That said, it is a bonus if accompanied with the angled liner brush. It does a pretty decent job for light shading and blending.

Overall, the brush is a keeper for sure! The price may seem steep for an eyeliner brush to some, but this an investment that should last you for life. Also I find this perfect for beginners struggling to get their eyeliner right.

Here we have two eyeliner brushes again. These are the standard ones to mimic the effect of eyeliner wands unlike the angled liner brush. I find these more appropriate for those who have some control over their application already.

This is how both the liner brushes look like. Pretty much the same really. The only difference is in their density and width.

Pink Fine Eyeliner Brush (£7.25) - This one is amazingly fine. Absolutely perfect for achieving that pro look. Great for precise lining or creating various eye looks involving precise lining. It would not be wrong to call it suitable for High Definition.

The first thing that struck me about this brush was its resemblance to the MAC 210 brush. I have not come across a brush that mimics the MAC 210 so well, both in quality and effectiveness. Hats off to the company for producing such a great brush as such a reasonable price.

Get this if you struggling to find a brush that is thin enough to give you that precise line! However keep in mind, if you have a shaky hand or are not good at application your self, you will have difficulty achieving a precise line.

Look how fine the brush hairs are.

Party Perfect Eyeliner Brush (£7.25) - This eye liner brush is the denser version of the fine brush. It is more thick, hence covers more area and is easier to control. Think of this as a felt tip pen, just like the eyeko ones? See how easy they are to apply.

Simply draw a line from the belly of the brush sweeping it across.

I love how easy this is to use. Finally, a brush I can resort to for that quick eyeliner in the morning. I wasn't using my Mac Blacktrack Fluidline as much till now because the Ruby and Millie brush I had made application impossible! But now that I have this brush, it should not stop me from having perfectly lined eyes :) I will keep you guys updated on how this goes.

Oh and not to forget, this does resemble MAC 210 quite a bit.

Both the brushes in comparison. The fine liner brush is half in width compared to the denser liner brush. At first I thought the fine brush will overshadow the dense brush and that its use will be redundant. To my surprise I like the dense brush for the fact that it is super easy to use. This goes in my makeup bag for sure.


Apologies for the super long post guys. The brushes deserved their praise.

Brushes are something I am legally obsessed about and can't stop collecting and I am genuinely happy seeing a company make bespoke brushes, not just putting their label on standard ones.

The effort of the team shines through the quality and you will know when you use them.