Nude Nails - Would You?

I don't have perfect nails or hands but I am still enjoying sporting Miner's Nail Paint in Apricot Blush. It's a gorgeous shimmery nude.

I never and I mean ever hesitate in sporting a Nail Paint. That's the only thing I can experiment with without thinking twice. I mean come on, its just your hands at the end of the day, what's the harm in sporting even a rainbow?

It does not even seem to bother me that this color does not suit me much, as long as I like the look of it.

This again is not one of the usual colors people sport, as it would not come in their comfort zone. It's a runway color to be honest, pretty light and flesh colored.

The problem with nude nail colors is that they can easily wash off the color of your hands and make you look shockingly pale and lifeless.

But in my opinion this particular color does not do that. It allows you to pull off such a shade by providing a hint of color and merely making you appear 'trendy' and not dead.

Plus the quality is not bad either. This is two coats finished with a top coat. It stays on for two days without chipping.

This shade was provided to me by the company and retails for only £2.99. Cheap as chips! (well not really but lets just use the phrase for now).

Check it out here.

Would you sport nude nails? I would love to know your favourites.


Eyeko's 3 Wonders

These 3 nail paints are perfect as a starter kit for this summer. There is a color for every occasion within these. Plus they retail for dirt cheap which means you can splurge on them guilt free. These are my 3 favorites for the summer :)

The Coral Polish is one of a kind. Its such a bright coral perfect for the beach and those sunny days. It would look gorgeous with a tan and would especially work wonders on darker skin tones. This is a must have for the summer in my opinion.

The Tea Rose color is a stunner too! Its a warm mauve-ey pink, more like a universal color which almost no one can dislike. This would suit all skin tones and you can never go wrong with such a pretty pink now can you?

The third one, called the Posh Polish is a scrumptious color. Its a gorgeous taupe without appearing too muddy or dirty which means it is pretty easy to pull off. I agree with the 'posh' factor to quite an extent, as sporting dark colors do seem to make my hands look sort of lady-like.

If you want your hands to be summer ready, you definitely need to try out these colors as there is one to suit every mood!

As for the consistency, Eyeko has definitely improved the super thick formula and thinned it down a little which does make life a tad bit easier. However the formula is still thicker compared to other polishes out there. The only problem is that if you put too much on, due to the thick formula the polish chips easily.

On the whole, I always love Eyeko Polishes. I think they rule the nail paint market in line with Barry M. Their packaging is adorable and so are the super cute colors they come up with, not to forget their uber cheap prices! Check them out for sure. I was sent this for consideration by the company.


p.s. ignore the super-huge fake nails. I was just having fun :)

I went for a Skin Care Tutorial!

Yesterday I was invited by the lovely Patricia for a skin care tutorial at the Liz Earle store in London as a treat to celebrate 15 years to Liz Earle's Cleanse & Polish. This was the first time I visited Sloane Square and absolutely loved the area! It's a treat for shopaholics, I could spend an entire there buzzing around the shops.

Back to Liz Earle. Their store had such an amazing spa-like environment. So calm, fresh and welcoming. I was given a skin care tutorial by Jo who specializes in this area. She diagnosed my skin as normal to lipid-dry which I did not know about and taught me how to use my Liz Earle products in the correct way to make sure they work effectively.

I was also sent with 5 of their products which I got to choose. I will be reviewing them in the next few weeks as they are absolutely gorgeous!

I picked two eye products, a soothing eye lotion which also works as a eye makeup remover and an oil-free smoothing line serum which plumps the area around the eyes and prevents it from looking puffy. I tend to suffer from weak eyes and this should work wonders.

Besides that, I got two face masks. One's a Intensive Nourishing mask and a Deep Cleansing Clay mask. You can mix and match these and use them according to the dry and oily areas you have on your face.

My favourite item for now seems to be the SuperSkin Concentrate. Its a facial oil to use after cleansing at night. It smells divine and this is meant to work on combination skin tones as well as the oil is derived from plant extracts which will not lead to breakouts or clog pores.

What I learnt?

- The skin loses its elasticity after the age of 25. Hence take precautionary measures from now to prevent early ageing.

- If you are in your 20's, give a product 20-25 days to work on your skin, only then will you see the actual results. If you're in your 30's, give it 30-35 days and so on. Maintain consistency.

- Use a sunscreen throughout the year, not only summers as UV rays can cause thinning of the skin and pigmentation.

- The skin under the eyes is even thinner than the thinnest layer of a tissue hence only use patting motions when applying products there.

- Also, don't use a face moisturizer on the under-eye area. Use an eye-gel or a eye cream especially designed for that sensitive area.

- Use large circular motions going outwards from the centre of the face whilst using cleanser and use small circular movements when using an exfoliator. Use the centre of the face as a guideline going outwards and don't forget to include your neck in this process.

- Only exfoliate twice a week as it can cause excessive thinning and drying of the skin which may then lead to your skin producing more oils resulting in breakouts.

- Whilst applying any products to the face, the pressure used should not be any more than what is used to stroke a cat (or dog! or any animal)

Overall I had a great time there! I have always been a Liz Earle fan due to their amazing service and products. They also provide treatments like facials and massages at reasonable prices. Check them out here.



'You CAN wear Blue' EOTD + Purple Eyeliner!

I am usually petrified sporting a blue shadow in daylight especially. I feel it suits best on those who have no dark circles and completely flawless skin as otherwise the blue makes the dark circles under the eyes appear even more evident.

However I really like this look I tried recently, as it is pretty wearable with a hint of blue in the outer corners, which means it is not taking up most of the lid space allowing you to be in your comfort zone if you are freaked out with blue just like me.

Products Used

- Benefits Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow in Birthday Suit as a lid color
- Indigo blue from the Sleek Bohemian Palette in the outer corners
- Mac Nobility, Texture and Tete-a-tint used to blend the shadows in the crease and upwards
- Glitter eyeliner in Queen from Make up Store
- Finished off with Artdeco's Perfect Volume Mascara

The key is to use a shimmery beige or any other shimmery neutral as the lid color and finish off with a matte indigo blue in the outer v. Wearing Blue on the eyes has not been easier!

Did you know wearing purple instead of Black or Brown eyeliner brigtens up your eyes and cancels out any redness. It makes the whites of your eyes appear even whiter. Plus this purple Graffiti Liner that I got sent from Eyeko is not a vivid one, in fact its very close to a black so wearing it on a daily basis becomes much more feasible.

Moreover the felt tip applicator it comes with makes life so much simpler. I would however suggest to pat the applicator horizontally making a line from the belly of the felt tip rather than its tip. Because the tip simply rubs off the line you have already made if you try to reapply. Applying the former way gives you a lovely thick purple line.

If you wanted to try a colored eyeliner without going overboard, give this a try for sure.


Who ordered a bottle?

Here we have products of the week again.

I am loving bright lippies this week and we have a gorgeous Creme finish from Revlon here called Pink in the Afternoon. It's a gorgeous pastel pink with a hint of coral and has a retro feel to it if applied intensely. Above I am wearing it very sightly and it works pretty well that way. So creamy and pigmented!

Bright nails are here to stay. I know I previously said I did not like the consistency of Miners Nail Paints, but the one in Rio Pink is a dream to apply. It is such a gorgeous shimmery Barbie Pink color. OPI's Lunch at The Delhi is to die for! It has a hint of red, pink and coral and such colors steal my heart ♥ This one I won in Tugba's giveaway :)

My love for YSL's cream eyeshadow in Amethyst Grey continues. Here I am wearing it as a base, topped up with Gosh's Effect Powder and MAC Nobility in the crease. I have always adored Kim K sporting silver eyes but I usually don't sport such 'bright' colors as they contrast with my complexion but I am totally enjoying it for now.

I have also been trying out Artdeco's Perfect Volume Mascara for quite a while and it is getting closer to being my Holy Grail. It darkens my lashes, lengthens them well and because the formulation is not glossy or clumpy, it is almost impossible to clump lashes with this.

This automatically leads to separating the lashes and maintaining their volume. It dries pretty quick and ends up looking dry just like natural lashes but better. Plus its waterproof hence great for summer! Highly recommended - you can't get better than this for £9.40.

However the highlight of the week, reflecting the title of the post is this strange bottle above. Imagine receiving a glass bottle all wrapped up opening it to see it was not something you ordered from eBay but a glass bottle with a message in it. Yikes - I was so freaked out and not ready to open it at all.

Turned out this was another one of Aussie's innovative attempts to send an invite for the Miracle Moist Hair event next month - phew! No one can beat Aussie and their creative team :) Way to go Aussie!

What are you loving this week?

Lipglossiping's Guest Reviewing for us today!

I was sent the Make Up Store's Studio Cream Foundation for consideration but unfortunately it was not my shade. I thought it would only be fair enough if some one who actually matched the shade would review it for us, to which the lovely Charlotte at Lipglossiping agreed and here we have her reviewing it for us.

Her blog is one of my favorites by the way, so if you don't follow her already, you're missing out a lot!

On with the review.

I'm a huge fan of cream base products, I often find them more comfortable to wear on my normal/dry skin than liquid or powder variations but I sometimes find the formulas to be more hit and miss than their liquid counterparts.


Make Up Store's Studio Cream Foundation is a medium/full coverage base product with (like most creams) a dewy finish that benefits from setting with powder. Unlike most cream to powder formulas, this product has more slip which means that it's an absolute dream to blend with either fingers, brush or sponge depending on preference.


It's thankfully unscented and shade 'Cream' is a great colour match for MAC NW15 ladies whilst being comparatively reasonably priced - 15g of product will set you back £21. I like the packaging, a screw top pot which allows for complete access unhindered by hinges and lids, although some may prefer the inclusion of a mirror for on-the-go touch ups.


I did have an issue with this product sinking into and accentuating the pores on my cheeks after a few hours of wear despite applying ontop of primer. This discourages me from using it in warmer weather when my pores are more enlarged due to the heat. It also unfortunately highlighted areas of dryness clinging to any hint of flakiness around my eyebrows... beware and exfoliate well!


It evens out my skintone well with a natural finish whilst still providing a decent amount of coverage and lasted for around 7/8 hours of wear on me before needing reapplication.


Overall, it's a very comfortable product to wear and it could be a good choice for Winter providing my skin doesn't suffer from too much dryness/flakiness.


Hope you guys enjoyed Charlotte's review. If you found the product of any interest, visit Make Up Store here.