Bring On Summer Baby

It's kinda frustrating when after spending a fortune on high-end blushers, trying to find the one that gives you a 'Nargasm' (short for Nars Orgasm, I know I come up with lame stuff - its a hobby) glow, you come accross a cheaply priced product which gives you exactly what you were looking for.

I discovered two hidden gems in the form of Miners Bronzer Blends today. Ones called Sun Blushed which is a mix of soft brown and muted pink. I am wearing them swirled together in the picture above and it looks stunning in my opinion! This is exactly what you would want to achieve from Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Rose.

The brown creates dimension and the pink gives a rosy flush to the cheeks. It also reminds me of the Illuminating Bronzers Bobbi Brown came up with which were incredibly expensive to indulge in. This one gives BB a run for its money!

Another one's called Sun Kissed and this one is a mix of bronze and light tan. It creates dimension and gives a truly sun kissed appearance. This one is exactly like the Illamasqua Bronzer due, just much more affordable.

These are shockingly priced at £3.99 each, but they are so good I would happily pay more. I did not expect much from them as they looked pretty drug store-ish but their quality is commendable - in the line of Bobbi Brown, The Body Shop and Illamasqua I would say.

They are not powder or shimmery or chalky. They are simply illuminating bronzers which give you a sun kissed glow. They give an out of this world sheen to the cheeks which stays put the whole day. It is so silky and smooth that you don't even need to blend. The final effect looks like a cream or a mousse bronzer, powder - no way.

I first thought these were lip glosses but the blue gave it away. These nail paints are Miners Spring/Summer Collection priced at £2.99 each. They are all shimmery, the least shimmer being in the hot pink (Rio Pink) one.

They are not my favourite in consistency, as they are slightly streaky and you need to work with it to get the right coverage. If you do not like shimmer then these are not for you. That said, the colors are absolutely adorable!

I usually despise shimmery nail paints but I have some favourites here, Denim Shorts (baby blue) and Flamingo (bronzey coral). These will look gorgeous for the summer ladies. I will be doing NOTD's on the other colors soon, so stay tuned.

Overall, I am overtly impressed with the brand especially as it's priced so reasonably and I don't simply say that as I received these for consideration but because I am in love with their bronzers and want you guys to try them :)

The nail paints could have been better in consistency but you can't complain for the price eh? Plus I already have some favourites here so I can't complain.

If you want to be ready be summer, don't forget to check them out here.


Nars, Benefit and YSL Haul

My post-exam happiness automatically dragged me to do some post-birthday shopping I had due. and we end up in Selfridges...

I had already decided in advance what I wanted. I am not the 'splurge on the go' person. I had always wanted to try Nars Cream Blushes and what better than the oh-so-adored Penny Lane. There is not a single blogger on the block who dislikes Penny Lane. I am a conformist at the end of the day.

Isn't the color so delightful and cooling to the eyes? I love the color in the pan. Such an innocent baby pink it is. It looked so pretty I did not want to put my finger into it! But I cant simply pay £20 to adore it eh? So here's the swatch ladies.

Yup - you see it right. It is a true baby pink. No undertones of any other color whatsoever. Just plain baby pink. Its pretty true to how it looks in the pan. They are so silky and buttery to use. Plus they dry matte and are not sticky at all.

This is true value for money. Provides a lovely iridescence and blends super easy. I don't use a brush with this as I don't want brush hairs trapped inside. I use my finger and it works fine. Definitely give this a go for a lovely pink glow which you cant go wrong with :)

Okay, now this was a complete shocker! I usually don't ever go for luxury beauty brands. But my hunt for a cream eyeshadow led me to YSL's FARD LUMIÈRE AQUARÉSISTANT . They had a gorgeous gold, aubergine and green but this one looked so unique I had to get it.

It's a mousse texture but trust me you need even less than a pea sized amount for the entire lid! This dries matte with a tiny bit of shimmer. The great thing is, once this is applied it stays put for the entire day without creasing or fading which is exactly what I wanted.

Isn't the color stunning! It's a blue based grey or you can even call it a taupe but I don't see much brown undertones. I usually don't wear such colors in powder form as they wash me out completely. But I was very comfortable sporting this in the form of a mousse shadow.

It is lovely to wear everyday for a simple look which still manages to look unique. It feels very light on the lids and looks like a powder eyeshadow when dry. You may not want to invest in this if you want to look like you are wearing a cream eyeshadow.

Another cream eyeshadow? I need help. I have these phases when I really want to use only cream blushers or cream eye shadows and this is one of them.

This is Benefit's Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow in Birthday Suit. They had a great neutral variety of colors here but I instantly liked this golden beige shade. I am a sucker for such colors as they fit easily in my comfort zone and I can sport them without thinking twice.

A gorgeous neutral it is! This one dries with a sheen to it which is great to brighten the eyes. It however does slightly fade after a few hours unlike the YSL, it does not crease on me though. The pot is huge and is likely to last me a lifetime. This would be a great base for neutrals or a quick fix for a lazy makeup day.

This was completely a random purchase. I had heard ravings about this Barry M Eyeliner which is lovely dark black color. It has a glossy finish to it.

It is pretty cheap too for under a fiver which is great. Definitely recommended for those eyeliner freaks.

What I also wanted to purchase was the Coral Crepe paint pot from one of MAC's recent collections. I did not go for it though as I thought it may look a tiny bit too bright for the eyes. It was a pinky-coral not a pure coral. Plus the MA's at their counter always put me off with their 'least bothered' attitude.

YSL touche eclat tempted me too but I did not find it giving me much coverage at all. I definitely want more of their cream eye shadows keeping in mind their amazing customer service. Aaah the joy of indulging in luxury brands. Oh anyone tried YSL Parisienne? It smells divine.

Overall the post-exam and post-birthday shopping was fabulous! I still have more makeup shopping to do. Do you recommend anything in particular?