Now you see it, now you dont

So I got caught into the hype and finally ended up ordering the cream blush in Butterscotch from the TopShop Makeup line especially as they were offering free delivery to UK for a few days :)

This retails for £6 and it came within two days which I found very reasonable. Do you like the polka dot packaging? I really don't mind it but am not a fan either. It could have been funkier keeping in mind TopShop's style.

There were brighter colors but I wanted to play safe and really wanted a neutral color that I can splurge on everyday without thinking twice. Hence Butterscotch.

Is the consistency of the blush like the Nar's Cream Blushes? Well it is to quite an extent. They are super creamy and buttery in texture. However they do dry to a powder-satin finish unlike appearing sticky and glossy on the cheeks like MAC Cream Blushers.

Yes it is true, they blend like a dream. Just a tap and all the harsh edges disappear. You don't even need a brush to apply this product. Isn't the swatch gorgeous? It's a light tan color and it brightens up my face somehow. It has has a gold iridescence to it which provides an extra glow to the face. So should I quit Nars and start hoarding Topshop?

Erm..Well, no. This is how the product looks when slightly blended in. It simply vanishes leaving a hint of color, which is quite shameful considering what a lovely color is appears on swatching.

There is nothing wrong with the color I assume. The reason I say this is because there are quite a few MAC cream blushes of this color, but they still show up on my skin tone regardless. That is the beauty of cream blushers, they are meant to be pigmented and should show up and adjusting the intensity according to skin tones would be up to an individual.

Its the texture and consistency of the blush which affects how it looks on blending in. The swatch is deceptive of the end result, so do try it out on your cheeks before buying these blushes ladies.

I am still trying to work with this though. When applied heavily it does make my cheeks look slightly sun kissed, almost like a light bronzer. It may work as a blush for days when you don't want to apply much color or even as a tan highlighter during the summer.

My favourite way to use this is as a base for my powder blushes. I applied Nars Dolce Vita over this and it makes that color look translucent and super glowy. This works lovely as a face highlighter on the brow bone and the cheekbone.

I really wanted to love this product, but I am not sure about it yet. I wouldn't say trash it but its not worth hoarding on either. However, if you are a blush addict you may want to give this a try.


Off To The Beach With BaByliss

I know, you guys must have probably by now read a zillion reviews regarding this product. But oh well, that does not stop me from giving mine :)

Presenting, BaByliss Curling/Conical Wand.

How's it different from other curlers bombarding the market? It has no clamp! Yup, its been surviving the hype because of that tag line, NO CLAMP!

Will it give you amazing supermodel curls? No way! You can write it down that it does not curl. It creates soft waves. You can get tighter waves with this too if you leave it for longer. I know it is marketed as a curler supposedly but its not.

However I do not think BaByliss intentionally decided to mislead consumers. That's why the model on the box has 'wavy' instead of 'curly' hair if you notice.

Do you get the same results like the model? Well she is freaking gorgeous so not the overall result but I did manage to get somewhat similar waves as hers. I should have combed through the hair to loosen out the waves.

So the picture is not that misleading eh? Its pretty easy to use in my opinion. Just wrap thin sections of your hair around the wand, freeze in that position, giving your arms some nice workout for 15-20 seconds and slide the wand down slowly. Voila - off to the beach!

I did have some difficulty wrapping the ends of my hair to the wand though, so you wont have a perfect wave at the end.

I have no idea why but I included some detailed pictures of the product below, have a look.

It comes with temperature control, the maximum being 200 degrees which is reasonable. It does not get very hot really, as I have managed to touch this quite a few times to my skin but no burns as of yet.

The cord is pretty long which is a plus point and prevents tangling.

It is not for you if like crisp clean curls. This wont give you that. But I am really pleased with this as I like my hair to be messy. I can see myself using this a lot in the summer as it does create really nice waves. The waves do stay as they are for a day or two as well.

Keep in mind this works terribly with short hair. If you have short hair, try this product out before buying to see if you like the results. However this works like a dream on long hair as you need some length to get the beach-waves effect.

I am crazy about all types of curls and waves one can create with hair hence paying £26 for this product felt feasible.