Loving NYC!

First glace at this polish reminded me of the Eyeko's Coral Polish ruling the blogs. I had to get it! Why are we overloaded with NOTD's in the blogosphere these days? Anyways, here's mine :p Please excuse the clumsy application.

The color may look red in pictures but its a stunning coral with a red base to it. It looks legally appropriate for this season in my opinion. Look at the high shine finish it has, gorgeous. I love wearing such reds and corals as they make my hands look so feminine and pretty. Plus they flatter all skin tones well. This one's called 'Madison Avenue'.

Another product that I am loving right now is NYC Quick dry nail polish in 'Uptown'. This is such a gorgeous color! Reminds me of those tiny Barbie shoes and clothes I had. Some may find it a bit too typical, girly-girl or strictly for teenagers but I quite like it :)

I paid less than £5 for both the Nail Polishes, which is dirt cheap in my opinion. The consistency of these polishes is very runny and watery but I in fact like that much better than thick gloopy varnishes which take ages to dry.

You have to be careful with this getting all over your nail bed though. Just work with little at a time. Be assured, once they dry and settle they become almost chip resistant and stay on for ever.

The pink one has slight shimmer to it which is hardly visible. They dry super quick, in about a minute and leave a high shine glossy finish. One coat of this is truly pigmented.

Trust me, they would look much more glamorous on well groomed nails unlike mine. All the girly-girls out there, give these nail paints a try for sure!

Dodge Barry M and OPI for once, come NYC baby.


Glitter Eyeliner - Over 18's Only

Sorry for the cheesy title guys. But you know when you eagerly go ahead and splurge on that glitter liner which looks stunning from the outside, thinking it will be just perfect for that party and come home to see the result in a blob of glitter that only a kid would fancy wearing?

I have had that a couple of times too, hence restrict my self from such a purchase. However this liner is a glitter liner for real, which would actually appeal to adults. It's by a company called Make Up Store. First of all, isn't the packaging so pretty?

It's in the shade 'queen', which is a silver with gold reflects. It has some green and yellow glitter too, depending on where the light hits.

The brush is so fine and gives a precise line. It is of pretty good quality, one I have usually not seen accompanied with glitter liners. I even use the brush for my usual liner as I do not have such a fine brush as of yet. It's of the perfect length, so picks up just the right amount of product.

The consistency of the liner is just about perfect too. Not too watery, nor too thick. As I mentioned above, a swipe of this will give you an entire line of glitter liner, not just a few chunks of glitter.

I was really impressed with its staying power as well. It actually lasted me for more than half the day and did not budge. Once applied, it stays put unless you take it off. I did have some problem removing this though and ended up with glitter all over my face lol. An effective eye makeup remover would work well. (note to self: invest in one!)

I like wearing this on its own, with a neutral eye or plain 'concealer lids'. But my favorite way of wearing this is over a colored liner - it just transforms the entire look. I am wearing it over MAC's Blacktrack Fluidline above. It would look stunning over purple or indigo liner too :)

This retails for £13 which I believe is quite reasonable for 9 grams of this stunning product which should last you forever! You can also get this in Brown, Blue, Purple, Gold and many more colors. I was kindly sent this by the people at Make Up Store for consideration. This does not affect my review of course :)


Green Nails & Crazy Lashes

I thought I should finally get around to doing product highlights of the week. The ones that have kept me interested throughout ;) First up, is Eyeko's Vintage Polish. I know it's not green, but oh well. It's a gorgeous Minty pastel shade which is cheerful to stare at. This is my criteria for polishes. It has to be pretty to look at, not gloomy like the Barry M Grey.

However I come across a lot of cringing from people around me when I sport this color. It's like I am deviating from the tribe. I know pinks and purples are the usual feminine colors to sport on nails but I really like such colors too. The funniest one I came across was that this color would 'look nice on walls, not nails' lol.

Another unusual product we have here. I can have a wacky week right? These are D110 by Eldora. They are criss-cross which I love, as they provide texture to the lashes. They are beautifully made and I am very impressed with the quality.

The silver lining on the top gives the lashes a lot of oomph. I love how it instantly brightens my eye and adds a sparkle to them. The length may seem radical but trust me they can be easily wearable for parties or night-outs and would look stunning!

The only problem I had with them is that I could not get the end of the lashes to stick in the inner corner properly. Maybe the band is slightly thick and could have been thinner. I guess it has to be kept thick for the glitter line to be seen clearly. I have blended my lashes with them using a mascara.

I know I should have placed them slightly inwards so that the gap in the inner corners is not evident. I am pretty useless with eyelash application really and need a LOT of practice. But I thought I should post this picture so you guys can have a look at these gorgeous lashes :)

Yes - Another red lip in a week considering the fact that I am a 'neutral' person with my colors, it is pretty shocking. But I could not resist slapping this baby on. It is a blood red color and gives you cherry red lips in a swipe.

It is highly pigmented and needs no lipstick for a base. I have never hidden my love for Victoria Jackson Lip glosses and this is another winner.

A surprise package greeted me a few days back and made me a happy bunny! It's from the lovely people at Aussie. Oh by the way, I am officially an 'Aussie's Angel' now hehe. I love the super cute terminology they use. I chose to be in the 'Miracle Moist Tribe' hence received a starter kit accordingly.

I have tried Aussie's products before and have loved them. We are yet to see how well the 'Miracle Moist' works on my dry hair. Will keep you updated gurlies.

Hope you like my 'more pictures, less nonsense' post :p

What are your products for the week? Anything you particularly loved?


NEOM Luxury Organics

NEOM is a luxury organic bath & body care brand. They use high concentration of essential oils and the finest organic ingredients which make their products luxurious and effective.

I was sent the Mini Bath Oil Set and a Mini Body Lotion & Wash Set.

What I first noticed was their pleasant white packaging which is really classy indeed.

Their Bath Oils are 15ml each and come in this uber cute container stacked together. This pack includes Real Luxury (Lavender, Jasmine & Brazilian Rosewood), Restore (Jasmine, Ginger & Sandalwood); Refresh (Sicilian Lemon & Fresh Basil); Tranquillity (English Lavender with Sweet Basil & Jasmine) & Complete Bliss (Moroccan Blush Rose).

All of them have a gorgeous distinctive smell. My favourite is 'Complete Bliss' and 'Restore' which smell divine! It feels like aromatherapy with these oils and I can surely indulge in a home spa session with these.

All the oils contain Jojoba and Vitamin E to leave skin soft and supple. I did find they left my skin really smooth and glowing :) What is amazing is that these 5 mini bottles retail for £15 which is a bargain considering how concentrated these oils are.

Definitely a winner for travel purposes.

Their Mini Body Lotion & Body Wash come in 50ml bottles, again super convenient for travel. They smell of Lavender Jasmine and Brazilian Rosewood. Again these are packed with Vitamin E and Shea Butter which leave my skin incredibly soft. I love keeping such mini versions of Body Lotion's in my bag as they are great to use throughout the day.

The Body Wash contains Aloe Leaf, Chamomile flower & Apricot Fruit Extract. This feels very refreshing and leaves me energized. I can't stand travelling with huge bottles of body wash and this will be a great alternative for that.

The Mini Body Lotion and Wash Set retail for £5 which is fantastic for the 50ml of divine smelling product that you get.

Overall, I love the packaging and the quality of the products. I love the idea of luxurious organic products and the fact that they cost less than some drugstore brands. Trying the mini versions of these products is always a safer option and If you like one particularly you can always get their full sized products.

They do candles, room mists and other bath and body products too. Visit them at neomorganics.com to see what you like.


Lips of the Week

Lipstick in Survivor
Top: Worn sheerly, Bottom: Straight from the bullet
Lip pencil in Old Rose

I was sent some lovely goodies by a Swedish brand called Make Up Store which I will be reviewing in the next few days. I don't know if you have ever heard of them but I have seen their store in Westfield, they have a store just like Inglot but I always seem to pass by it for some reason. What caught my attention among their products was their lip stuff.

Their Lipstick in Survivor is a gorgeous warm toned orangey-coral with a red base to it. It is very pigmented and its texture is what is makes it so wearable despite the bright shade. It resembles MAC's lustre finish and is glossy to apply.

I love to wear it sheer by just dabbing it slightly on the lips as shown above or wearing it strongly by applying it straight from the bullet.

Don't let the bright color scare you. The texture is totally buildable, so can work your way through it. Such shades are a rage for spring/summer.

It is very moisturizing as it contains Jojoba oil, Bees Wax, Vitamin E, Shea Butter and Avocado oil.

Their Lip Pencil in Old Rose seems like a universally flattering shade to me. A Lovely rosey pink. I love to wear it all over my lips and it glides on smoothly. Both the products have amazing lasting power and stay put for a long time. They are very creamy and non-drying as well.

They are high-end regarding their prices but it would be worth it if you can find a flattering shade which you can use everyday. I will be getting more Lipsticks from them for sure as it is indeed difficult to find long wearing lip products.

Lipstick - £12.50
Lip Pencil - £8.50