Pigments For Beginners - GOSH Effect Powder

I am not a huge fan of eyeshadow pigments as they create a lot of mess and I do not want to associate with the fuss of applying them in a rush each morning. Hence no point spending a huge amount on humongous MAC pigment jars which I will never get to using.

However I found these GOSH Pigments a much more feasible option. They come in tiny glass jars which are uber cute in the first place. I am more likely to get through these then huge pots of shimmery powder!

GOSH are well known for they superb quality for a drugstore brand and they are a tiny bit on the pricey side to when it comes to their products. I am not sure how much I got these for though but I am assuming they retail around £5 each (correct me if I am wrong).

Coming to their quality, it is absolutely amazing for drugstore. I have used similar pigments from Collection 2000 and Barry M (both drugstore) and although they are decent, I do not find them up to quality. Barry M which are a cult favourite do not live up to my standards too as I am not fond of their texture.

However these are so silky and extremely pigmented - the only pigments that I actually liked and will use after MAC. I like how their vast range of colors mimic so many of the MAC pigments. Why not try to find a wish-list MAC Pigment from their range?

I got four stunning shimmery colors which I love to use in the inner corners or just a dab on the center of the lids during the day and for a wash all over the lids, finished with a strong liner and tonnes of mascara for night outs.

Gold Dust resembles MAC Vanilla to quite an extent. I love using this as a cheek highlighter too! Satin is a pinky gold which is a dupe for MAC All that glitters. Pineapple is a yellow-gold which I wanted for ages and Kiss is unique shimmery-frosty lilac which is my favorite of them all.

If you are planning on experimenting with some pigments try these out for sure as you wont be disappointment for the quality you get for the price. I plan to get more wearable shades from this range for sure.

These are called GOSH Effect Powders and you can find them lined on GOSH counters in Superdrug. The lovely people from the US can buy them from here.

p.s Check out Tugba's blog and enter in her giveaway to win a gorgeous OPI. Plus she surely deserves more followers :)


Do You Ever?

Lets face it, there are two sects of people in this world, one that use fingers for makeup application and one that don't. There are hardly a few who swing between the two.

I used to be the one who would never ever (and I mean ever!) use my fingers for makeup application as it was too messy for me to deal with.

I have always seen celebrity makeup artists as well as some top makeup-gurus on YouTube using fingers for application as well as blending and I always wondered why they would do that?

Well, I finally found the answer when I felt the need to do so myself.

I usually use my stippling brush to apply liquid foundation but I realised that application was always streaky no matter what foundation I used and I ended up buffing it out with a kabuki brush. Besides the stippling motion or even a standard foundation brush took ages to apply product neatly.

Once when in hurry, I just used my fingers to apply to apply foundation and voila! It blended with ease, absorbed into my skin giving the foundation a 'set' appearance and took less than a minute. Plus the finish was streak free :)

The secret is the warmth from the fingers that makes the product easily absorbed and finely set on the skin in no time. Besides the curves and crevices that fingers can reach as well as blend simultaneously on one's face is an action difficult for a makeup tool to gimmick.

Hence you will notice we end up using more than one tool for foundation application.

Same goes with concealer, I always start applying it with a brush and end up blending it with my fingers so why not start with fingers in the first place?

Always use two fingers (for concealer and blush), one for application and one to blend. I tend to apply with my index finger as it has more control and keep my ring finger ready to blend for a flawless finish.

Don't get me wrong, I collect makeup tools like mad so I am not saying they won't be able to do the job well, they will but if you can work magic with your fingers for free then why not give it a go eh?

If you discover you are good with fingers, you may not need to spend a fortune on a zillion makeup tools. Remember, its talent not tools that come across at the end of the day.

Just make sure you always start with clean hands as otherwise they can act as an excellent medium to transfer bacteria. I always like to keep a hand sanitizer handy on my dresser for easy access.

My question is, Do you ever use your fingers to apply makeup? Any tips or tricks that you may want to share?


I usually powder and set my foundation hence when I occasionally step out without powdering, luminous skin spells glam for me :)

I am loving 17's sheer moisture foundation. It is just as good as a tinted moisturizer but I love the glow it provides taking away attention from any blemishes.

Also introducing Rimmel Max Volume Flash Mascara. I love pinks but I have to admit such tacky packaging! Plus the product isn't great either. I love my lashes to transform in a minute each day and this takes ages to coat my lashes oh so lightly. Very similar to Maybelline's Full and Soft but I rather prefer my dramatic mascaras.

Products Used

17 sheer moisture light cover foundation in fair
MAC Eversun blush (I beauty powder blushers - get them all!)
Milani Secret Cover Concealer in Warm Beige
MAC Moisture Cover in NC30 on blemishes/where needed
Eyebrows filled in with Kryolan dark brown eye pencil (also used to line the eyes)
NYX Lipstick in Thalia
Rimmel volume booster lip gloss in Seduce
NYX golden-beige eyeshadow from the runway palette as base color and highlighter
MAC Sketch eyeshadow in the crease
Finished off with Rimmel Max Volume Flash mascara


NOTD - Barry M Grey : Yay or Nay?

Yes - I finally got caught in the hype and ended up getting the oh-so-popular Barry M Nail Paint in Grey.

Oh come on, we are humans, we were created to conform with others!

On a serious note, the color is pretty chic I would say. I mean I usually don't come across people sporting such a color in the train.

It's quite unusual and is not a color that would come in my comfort zone too. But there is something about it that attracts me towards it.

I have always secretly admired dark nail paints but have never had the courage to actually sport one as they may appear slightly deviant in casual surroundings perhaps.

However this baby lets me fulfill my desire without looking over the top. It is on the darker side as you can see of course but still pretty wearable right? It may look a plain grey in the picture but I can see some deep green undertones in it which makes it more unique.

I have a weird habit where I tend to look at my nails a lot especially when I am wearing nail paint and this color is so gloomy to look at I tell you, unlike my brighter Eyeko pastels.

As always, the consistency of Barry M is great - pretty thick though. Two coats, top it up with a top coat and you are good to go! I hear they have some new shades out, I might just get some then :)

How do you guys feel about Barry M Grey then? Yay or Nay?

Milani Concealer Before-After

Before (Yikes!)
After - Voila!

Here is the before and after images using the Milani's Secret Cover Concealer I raved about in my previous post. I thought the raving should be backed up with some images so those who are interested in a purchase can make an informed decision.

As mentioned previously, I am using the lightest shade available namely warm beige 1. Some people may find this a bit too light for Asian skin tones. I would recommend getting Warm beige and Golden beige, the first two shades to get the perfect color. This would be a useful thing to do for those with uneven skin tones, broken capillaries, pigmentation and so on.

As you can see, I apply it on my eyelid, on the inner corner, browbone and take it down a bit on the cheek so that it looks well blended.

Another way to use this concealer for those with extreme dark circles is to use a peach toned corrector on the dark shadows and use this over the top to brighten the area.

I find this better MAC and Bobbi Brown Concealers as they crease like mad on me!

Check out the range of shades available here.