Collective Boots Haul

I treated myself to a mini boots haul recently. Got a few skincare and beauty items. I mainly wanted to get myself a No 7 Stay Perfect Foundation as I ran out of it, but bizarely enough I came to know that 'New Ivory' was not my shade!

Initially I was using New ivory in Stay Perfect which was exactly my skin tone, but that must have been a labelling error on Boot's part as New Ivory in real is the lightest shade in the range and I so can't be that!

So I compromised for 'Vanilla' this time as that looks closest to my skin tone. Phew! what's with these companies and labelling errors huh? I mean I swear they are meant to be professional!

Besides that rant, I found the 17 Sheer Moisture Light Cover Foundation really interesting on swatching it in store and got that. Surprisingly I am the shade 'Light' in that, and they do a Medium and Dark as well. However I am NC30 and match 'Light' perfectly, which means they do not cater for lighter skintones.

On initial thoughts, it is just like a tinted moisturizer which I never really had. It blends so easily with fingers, brightens the complexion and gives me an instant healthy glow. Kudos for that! It provides little to no coverage and is great for lazy weekends or whilst travelling.

The sensitive soothing eye gel and the nourishing eye cream are yet to be tested and I will keep you updated on them.

The No 7 Rebalancing Day Gel is great for combination-oily skintones as it injects a light layer of moisture not making your skin overtly oily hence letting it breath. It is not moisturizing enough though and I would use this strictly in the summer as I have kind of a drier skin as of now. It does feel very cooling on the skin though and spreads so easily.

The Vanishing Day Cream is from the Boots original range and is meant to provide light moisture to the skin during the day. I am not fan of this for now as it soaks into the skin easily and quickly and I do not feel the moisturizing effect at all. I will give this another chance though and keep you guys updated.

On hitting pan on my Bobbi Brown Corrector, I was tempted to give other concealers a try as although the BB Corrector has an amazing consistency and color, it creases like hell, just impossible to last for even an hour! The company should take note of this and make improvements especially if they wish to charege a hefty £16 for a super miny pot!

I got Mac's Moisture Cover Concealer in NC30 and Soap and Glory's Trick and Treatment. I got a NC30 for my undereye area as the NW's looked awefully pink on me and gave an ashy effect. Nc30 looked the most appropriate on me. I have light brown-ish shadows on my undereyes and this colors it well, not amazingly though.

However, it has a lovely silky texture and blends perfectly, stays put for hours and does not crease. I would rather let some dark circles be seen rather than a full coverage concealer creasing on me the whole day. This was pretty pricey for £12.50 for 5 ml.

Soap and Glory's Trick and Treatment I discovered the following day and found it highly similar to the Moisture Cover! It was for a fraction of the amount too. However it comes in only one color I guess which is pretty light for me. It has reflective properties and a pearly finish to it which disctracts attention away from shadows.

If I use it directly on dark circles it wont provide full coverage, but the best way to use this is on top of a concealer as it set it perfectly and again does not crease at all.

I guess I will be sticking to liquid concealers for now as they seem to stay put and crease less and if you are lucky enough you might just find a shade that gives you full coverage.

Thats it with my rambling for now. Will see you all with more hauls in the future :)

Enjoy the sunny weekend for when it lasts!


Au Naturale or Glamorista?

We have here the au naturale B142 lashes and the uber glamourous H115 lashes. There are a part of the lashes I got sent by Eldora.

The first ones are your everyday natural lashes. I have long lashes already so I do no mind the length they provide. They are not textured or anything as such and are great if you want some extra length without looking overdone.

They are pretty good quality and feel light too, so don't let the length put you off as you can trim them to your liking. Please ignore the slight peeling in the inner corners, it was after a long day.

The second ones are super glamorous in my opinion. They are textured all the way to give you volume and lenght at the same time. I love the way how they are wispy at the edges. It helps them give a fluttery feel.

Again they fit me perfectly and I would not trim them as they are meant to give you an oomph effect and its okay if they look 'overdone' hence I keep they aside to sport occasionally. These are one of a kind though and I haven't come across lashes like these before!

You know where to find them right? www.eldorashop.co.uk