Cheryl Cole Falsies Look-Alike

Don't these lashes look so fluttery and flirty? I just love batting them!

These are number B143 from Eldora and resemble the Cheryl Cole Lashes to quite an extent. The Cheryl Cole ones are slightly more blunt at the edges and shorter in length maybe. But I definitely prefer these as the feathery ends gives a gorgeous dramatic effect.

I know these are slightly long for me, but I am afraid to trim them in case I end up ruining them completely! Maybe I'll trim them slightly from the inner corners as they do seem to touch my crease there, which is an indication that they need to be trimmed.

As you can see these lashes are cut gradually making them mimic the natural shape of the lashes instead of the usual uniform length ones.

I love how choppy and feathery they are in texture due to which they give a lengthening and a voluminous effect at the same time. They have a very thin band which makes them easy to contour to any eye shape easily.

They felt really light on but unlike the previous criss-cross lashes I reviewed, I would not wear these during day time. But that's a matter of preference anyways.

These retail for £3.90 at the Eldora website plus they ship for free to the UK! What more can you ask for? I was sent these to consider by the company and am loving them for a night out :)

Back Comb In a Bottle!

I came across this product whilst I was at Georges Hairdressing in Leicester. I saw the hairdresser use this on a client. It seemed rather weird when she lifted some of the clients hair and sprinkled some of this table-salt like powder on the roots.

I was rather bewildered and could not resist asking her what it was. She told me she likes to call it 'backcomb in a bottle' hence the title of the post.

It's the OSIS Dust it mattifying powder from Schwarzkopf Professional range. It comes in a powder form and looks like table salt. When sprinkled at the roots, it is supposed to provide texture to the hair along with a matte effect.

Does it actually do that?

Well, as the hairdresser rightly said, it's back-comb in a bottle!

I lift my hair from the roots, taking a thin section and then sprinkle a bit of this powder right from the bottle on to the roots of my hair. I then massage it slightly at the roots and tease it with my fingers upwards to give my hair a lift.

I do this all over the crown area taking thin sections of hair and when I put the hair back in their position, I instantly have a bounce or a lift in my hair. It instantly gives them volume on the top and they no longer fall flat clinging to my forehead!

It works instantly, in like seconds which is the beauty of this product. Plus you only need a bit at a time to make it work. Say no to a horrendous back-combing experience especially on an everyday basis.

It's pure magic. You have to give this a try ladies! If I am correct, some other drug store brands do such products too but I am not sure which ones specifically. You can try getting this from some Salon as I did, google it and buy it from some web store or ebay it.

I got this 50ml bottle for £15 coming home to find that its much more cheaper elsewhere! Oh well.

Do you know of such magical products?

Exfoliate For a Brighter Face

These are my two favorite exfoliator's as of now. I never really bothered with Exfoliator's before and was happy with the good old St Ives face scrub. But I have noticed a huge different in my skin texture and condition since when I have incorporated these products in my skin care regime.

First one up is the Liz Earle Gentle Face Exfoliator. Most brands overuse the word 'gentle' when describing their products but when people at Liz Earle use it, they make sure it is. Some of the main ingredients include Cocoa butter, Eucalyptus and Fine Jojoba beads.

This product is not harsh on the skin at all and is in fact very moisturizing. The consistency of it is super creamy with micro beads incorporated within. When you apply it to your skin, its more cream and less beads which I really like!

It is one of those products that you use twice a week theoretically but I use it every alternate day or whenever my skin feels dull. I can feel it working its magic and removing dead skin cells and impurities from the skin leaving me with soft brighter skin. Again this 70 ml bottle for £12.25 will last you ages. They even do smaller sizes for real cheap!

It also helps keep those occasional spots under control in my opinion. As this is kind on the skin and does not feel abrasive, I use this along with a facial sponge that you get easily in drugstores. This way I feel I have my little home-made microdermabrasion system once in a while :p

The second one is the Purity Facial Exfoliator and retails for £5.99 for 100ml. These are also available in Superdrug I believe and I would consider them to reach out to more people as they are so affordable and great value for money as compared to other drugstore brands.

Some of the main ingredients include Ground Coconut Shell, Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and Aloe Vera. This one is supposed to be moisturizing as well but I find this to give me a tighter feeling on my face after use but that is common with most of exfoliating products.

I tend to use this once a week as it is slightly more abrasive than the Liz Earle one but nonetheless it leaves me with a brighter looking and a clearer face, which is what we all want right?

So that is my take on both high end and low end exfoliating products. Both are good in their own ways and I use them religiously every other day. However this is what suits my combination-sensitive skin and it might not suit yours. Over exfoliation on sensitive skin may lead to thinning of the skin and dryness eventually.

Using these with a facial sponge did make a tremendous difference to my skin, so do check those out in your local drugstore people. It just feels so great after a short session of exfoliation and is undeniably a perk-me-up for me :)

http://www.purityorganicskincare.co.uk/ - Organic Skincare
http://uk.lizearle.com/ - Naturally Active Skincare


FOTD - Bright and Cheerful :D

Well this is bright for me :p

Products Used


- No 7 Stay Perfect Foundation in New Ivory
- Bobbi Brown Corrector in Peach
- Mac Studio Fix Powder in NC35
- Lancome Blush Subtil in Miel Glace
- Victoria Jackson Lipgloss in Teracotta


- Golden beige base color from NYX Runway palette in Catwalk
- Mac Texture in the Crease
- Mac Tete-a-Tine to blend Texture
- NYX eyeshadow in Nude on the brow bone
- Kryolan eye pencil in brown used to fill the brows and to line the upper lashline
- Maybelline Pulse Perfection Mascara

Hope you guys enjoyed it!


Smokey Brown Falsies

Aren't these falsies to die for?

These are the smokey brown volumic lashes (c143) from Eldora and are criss cross to give more texture and volume. I love the fact that there are some brown hairs mixed in these lashes as they give a natural flattering effect.

They are pretty long in length but it does not seem much of a problem to me as I do not have hooded eyes and there is a lot of space between my eye lids and my brows. However if you do have hooded/deepset eyes you may have to trim the length of these to make them appear natural.

These particular set of lashes retail for £3.50 and come with glue which although seemed blue on application dried pretty clear and made the lashes adhere well too. I let the glue dry for a minute or so and it was pretty easy to apply them considering the fact that I am not lash expert!

I did finish off with mascara to blend my lashes with these and surprisingly enough they blended quite naturally. It did feel slightly heavy at first but then I got used to it and sported them for an entire day with ease :)

I was sent these for consideration by the lovely Ella from Eldora. Her online shop has more than 200 variety of astonishing lashes available in all sorts be it human, synthetic or glow in dark! They also give makeup artists discount, weekly promotions and free UK delivery on all orders so do check them out here. They also conduct giveaways on their Facebook page.

p.s. Ignore my amateur application please. I will learn, I promise!

I am on Cloud 9 baby

Cloud 9 in all it glory!

In comparison to the GHD, can you even spot the difference!

Model no. 1
Model no. 2

I was thrilled to see this in the post so beautifully packaged and in all its glory. Thanks to the lovely Samara who sent this to me for consideration :)

If you did not know yet, there's are new brand of hair straighteners in town which have created quite a hype these days. The reason for the hype is not only their aesthetic resemblance to the GHD but their exceptional performance as well.

Also, isn't the name just so chic?

To see them in action, go check out Pixiwoo's everyday hair tutorial.

So whats all the hype about eh?
- First of all, they resemble the performance of the GHD which have been the best in the market since years.

- They are made by the founders and inventors of the GHD.

- They look shockingly similar to the GHD and even quality wise are the same.

How are they different from the GHD?
- They come with a temperature gauge which means you are not restricted to using them at the highest temperature. You can lower the settings to suit your hair style and hair type.

- The plates of Cloud 9 are coated with a 'secret' ingredient due to which they glide through hair much more easily and impart immense shine to the hair.

I had stopped using my GHD for a while now as they had damaged my hair a lot due to everyday use. This baby came in with a ray of hope in my life and has now replaced the GHD on my dresser ;)

How I use it?
I use it after a hair wash at 150 degrees to smooth out my blow dry. That way it does not make my hair flat but instead gives me a nice bounce on the top with smoothened out edges.

The shine factor
Yes it is true! The secret ingredients in the plates seem to work, as after use hair evidently appears healthier. This definitely did not seem to happen with the GHD ladies!

What people say?
I even got a compliment on my hair after use when someone from the opposite gender mentioned that my hair has never been softer before :O I mean if it can make the opposite gender notice the difference, it sure is working its magic :p

My mum liked this better than the GHD as she said it kept the volume in her hair whilst making it managebly straight. My sister does not like damaging her hair much and preffered the 150 degree settings that it came with.

My Verdict
Overall, if you have a GHD you may not need this as it's very similar. But if you are tired of the damage your straightener causes and want 'less heat, more style' this is for you! This glides through hair like a dream after which I realised how the GHD used to drag through my hair slightly.

If you ever plan to get another pair of straighteners it has got to be this baby, as for me its the best straightener I have ever tried till date. It gives flexibility in styling and to me is an advanced version of the GHD. It's not one of those straighteners that claim they are good and disappear from the market in months, this one is here to stay.

Also I noticed that when I used this at a 200 degree setting, it seemed to be much more powerful and effective than the GHD and straightened my frizzy wavy hair in 10 minutes.

They come in regular, wide and a travel sized versions and retail for £129.95 which may seem dear but if you think about it, its GHD but better :)

Check them out here, http://www.cloudninehair.com/


My FavouriteToner ♥

I was sent this a while ago by the lovely people at Liz Earle to try out and I have been a fan since! They have amazing staff, service and packaging :)

Usually I did not get the point of toners, I did have one before though from Skin Therapy and it worked fine. However this one is just magic.

Basically toners are meant to give back some moisture to your skin after you have cleansed and exfoliated. It prevents dragging moisturizer on dry skin. Plus this one soothes, revitalizes and brightens the skin.

It smells heavenly to start with, but that's the case with all Liz Earle products. This one smells like baby powder to me which is very pleasant to be honest.

It contains Aloe Vera, Cucumber Extract, Calendula Extract, Chamomile Extract to soothe and calm the skin and Vitamin E to coat the skin with a thin layer of moisture and prep it to absorb moisturizer effectively.

I find a huge difference when I do not use this as my skin feels very dry and tight and I can feel the moisturizer is rather difficult for the skin to absorb. Whereas using this prior makes my skin feel so fresh and energized and it soaks the moisturizer like a sponge!

I was not very fond of toners before as I had never come across an effective one and thought they were a marketing gimmick. But this one has changed my mind and I will be repurchasing as £11.50 for 200ml is quite a bargain.

Also I have combination-sensitive skin type which means I have some days when my skin feels oily and I can even get away with a moisturizing toner as such and skip moisturizer completely. It will hydrate without adding oils to your skin like a moisturizer.

Remember you don't want to add more oils to your acne prone/oily skin. See GossMakeupArtist's skin care videos here to know more about substituting toners for moisturizers for certain skin types.

How to use?
Just pour a little on a cotton pad and sweep all over your face and neck after cleansing and before applying moisturizer.


I ♥ Palettes - NYX & Gosh Haul

If you guys did not know, I just love palettes! Anything that comes in a palette form is on my wish list. I just adore the fact that they are compact, value for money and uber convinient. No matter how adorable the packaging may be, I am bound to depot them.

Hence the purchase. This time around I got two eyeshadow palettes, a Gosh Quad and the infamous NYX Runway Palette.

Talking about the Gosh Quad first, this was my first time with them. I had always wondered how they would turn out to be as they look so tempting in their sleek case and uber funky colors.

I got the quad in 48 Grand Passion. They are all shimmery pastel colors with a pearly finish. The pearly green is something I did not have hence I really like it. Also the taupey brown color is highly similar to Mac's Satin Taupe which might come pretty handy as a dupe/backup.

Overall, the pigmentation is not the best you can find and you need to pile on a bit for the color to show up but I like it for everyday subtle looks where it gives the right amount of sheen and a nice wash of color. This was £7 I believe.

Coming to the NYX Runway Palette, I had a lot of expectations from it due to the hype. Its supposed to be an amalgamation of NYX's best colors. I got the one in Catwalk as I am a fan of everyday neutral colors and can't get enough of them.

The shimmery-pearly colors are absolutely great! I always am on the look for great base colors which are warm toned and you have a beautiful selection of those in this palette. I find this much more economical then investing in base colors woth £10 each from Mac when they are not even that unique!

However there are some satin-matte colors like the peach and the pink which are absolutely bland and dont show up no matter how much you apply. I have certainly seen better pigmentation from NYX's single eyeshadows, so this could have been better.

Overall, I do not mind it for the value which was around $8 but I wont be getting more of these palettes and would rather custom make my eyeshadow palettes or invest in NYX's single shadows which are gorgeous.

Do you like palettes? I would love know your favourites :)