NOTD - Barry M

(please ignore uneven application, stubby nails and horrendous cuticles. I need a mani asap!)

So I usually dont go about doing my nails due to many reasons.

One - I can't be bothered with all the hassle.

Two - I am too clumsy to handle the prettiness (!) plus I have the horrendous habit of biting my nails oh-so-often but fortunately they are intact for now due to low stress levels lol.

How did I get to doing nails then?

Well I got this Barry M Nail Paint free with some magazine and immediately thought of slapping the color on to my nails. I usually avoid Nail Paints due to the fuss associated with them, i.e. streaking, chipping, fading etc.

I especially despise the application part as most of the Nail Paints I have come across have been a nightmare to apply and I usually end up with thick paint-like goopy nails!

Surprisingly enough this freebie was the Nail Paint I had been looking for :) Its super easy to apply especially for amateurs like me as it does not streak at all, is superbly pigmented and dries within seconds. Even if I apply it slightly unevenly, the polish adjusts itself and spreads out to give an even finish.

It gives a lovely glossy finish and does not chip easily. It does fade within a day or two and requires further coats. Maybe it occurred as I did not finish off with a top coat.

Overall, I love the hot pink majenta-ish color, although some may find it a little in-your-face, I am in love with it as it flatters my skintone in my opinion.

The press-on stickers are from Boots. You get an assortment of 100 in a pack for a fiver which I do find kind of pricey and hence will be ebaying shortly for reasonable options.

Let me know of your favorite Barry M nail or OPI nail paints for me to splurge on.


♥ Lipgloss Love ♥

And my love for Victoria Jackson Lipglosses continue...

This is not one of my favourite colors, but its just too pretty to ignore. Its a bright barbie pink with an obvious blue base to it.

I am not a big fan of cool toned lipglosses which is one of the reasons this does not top my list. Also, this has a shimmery consistency and a much more dry texture compared to the other glosses.

I would say this is a hard color to pull off but when combined with the right eye makeup and sported on a much more flattering skintone, it will brighten up the look.

I usually like to wear this on a bright sunny day, over a lipstick or a different colored gloss, just in the centre of the lips to give it some oomph.

Again I have no idea what color this is, but I am sure you can find it on ebay or somewhere on the net if you like the look of it. It will surely flatter much darker and fairer skintones rather than someone with yellow undertones to their skin.

Any MAC alternatives you spot here?

Inglot Haul & Review

I got these Inglot products quite a while ago and finally got to doing a post about them. Sorry about the absence ladies, just been busy with my life lately.

Anyhow, I originally planned to get only the liquid blush however also got tempted to try their foundation. I used to despise liquid foundations before, however lately I have been into them and obsessively am on the look for any 'promising' foundation. I do not like to use the already hyped foundations but love to experiment with different especially 'neglected' brands which retail for less and still provide me with a 'sheer glow' *wink wink*.

Coming to the foundation, this is the only shade you will match if you are a NC30-35. They have quite a range of colors overall but with an obvious gap within the shades. I am not in love with this foundation but I do not dislike it too. It blends with ease, provides a medium to full coverage which is pretty rare to find in foundations these days and gives a semi-matte (is that a word?) effect. Its neither too dewy nor matte hence great for those of you with oily/combination skin.

The reason I am not in love with this foundation is because it has an obvious greyish undertone to it because of which it appears horrendous in flash and makes me appear paler. This would be the only con to it so if you match the color you would be more than lucky! You can also see different colored shimmer particles in the foundation which you will usually see in an illuminator. This means it has light reflecting particles which will give the illusion of an even skintone and even avoid the use of an illuminator.

As for the blush, I was in awe of it since the first time I had seen it. I mean I have not come accross a liquid blush EVER! I knew I had to get this. Well I must say, I am not impressed but am not disappointed either. The conistency of the blush is like a foundation which is pretty awesome as it will blend easily and wont appear obviously different from your foundation. It leaves a gorgeous luminous dewy finish. They are available in a tempting range of colors which are hard to decide on. I chose a peachy-brown shade similar to Mac's Lilicent blush.

Again the reason why I am not completely impressed is due to the conistency of the product which is overtly runny. It is so thin that one pump becomes impossible to blend into the skin as it does not sink in and simply sits on the top of the skin. You have to to apply it with a skunk brush and then pat the blush to make it blend. I would prefer Mac Cream blushes over these any day.

Overall decent purchases but I doubt I will repurchase unless I find a better way of applying the blush and a closer match in the foundation. I am wearing both the foundation and the blush in the picture above.

Inglot Foundation - £12
Liquid Blush - £8