Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge

This is not your contempory illuminating feather-light blush. To me this screams 'rouge' which was originally designed as a cosmetic color solely to be used on the cheeks. It is highly pigmented, very concentrated in my opinion and is also kind of tricky to blend.

The consistency is a thick yet transparent cream which sticks to the skin on application and needs to be buffed right into the skin if you do not want to end up with clown-like cheeks. It leaves a semi-matte dewy finish.

What I feel is a must have for using this product is a small sized blush brush like the MAC 188 perhaps. The 187 was kind of too large to directly apply product to the cheekbones. I ended up applying it with a flat top buffer brush I have from Victoria Jackson and then blending the edges with a foundation brush.

Coming on to the color, 'Summer Tan' hinted muted brown to me, whereas this is a plum-ey red color infact. I mean I really do not mind it however I always avoid wearing such traditional red based colors to avoid looking made up. I would have definately been better off getting a subtle color.

This is however a dream to apply on the lips as it adheres effectively, glides on smoothly and stays all day. The color apparently changes on my lips to a much more wearable beige-brown which I absolutely love especially when I am on-the-go.

Overall a decent purchase as I grabbed it for a quarter of its retail price on ebay, but definately not a must-have item. I am however eager to check out the other colors in the range :)

I am wearing the Pot Rouge in Summer Tan on my cheeks as well as the lips in the picture above.

What are you favourite colors in this range?


♥ Lipgloss Love ♥

I usually despise Lipglosses in general especially those which lack much pigmentation and just add some lustre to lips. However this one is completely different! This is from the mini set of 12 lipglosses that I talked about a while ago.

They dont come with names or numbers hence I cant tell which one this is specifically, but you can never go wrong with a Victoria Jackson Lipgloss as they wont ever disappoint you :)

The consistency is like a dream. Not too thick, neither too thin - just perfect. Plus they are so freaking pigmented it converts any 'meh' look into a glam night out. You wont need to wear a lipstick underneath as this works as lipstick and lipgloss both.

This particular color is my fave from the set of 12. Its a gorgeous coral-teracotta colour with a hint of pink - basically universally flattering!

The moral of the story is, you have to grab ANY Victoria Jackson Lipgloss that you may spot on ebay or anywhere on the web without giving it a second thought :) These do come in full sizes ladies if you dont want to hoard all 12 mini versions of the range.

I think I will be reviewing/swatching all the colors soon to give you guys an idea. The

Toodles for now.


EOTD - Avatar Inspired

Okay now dont panic! This may seem kind of crazy to some of you guys but this is obviously not everyday makeup. Its just one of those days when you feel you need to break the barriers and set your self free.

I mean who says makeup always has to look pretty? With pretty I mean it does not need to be 'picture pefect' all the time! At the end of the day it is art and artists do not ever restrict their boundaries. Hence this look (obviously to sport at home or halloween).

I came accross quite a few bloggers/youtubers with their take on the Avatar 'inspired' look and this is an amalgamation of all those looks. I incorporated the basic colors such as blue, orange and bronze which were actually seen in the movie as well as added a touch of feminity with the baby pink shadow and a hint of bizarreness with the stark white mascara.

Products Used:

- UDPP as a base
- Teal color from Sleek eyeshadow palette (storm) used to create lines
- Baby pink shadow from Sleek palette used as a base
- 2True loose powder eyeshadow in orange used to blend with the pink shadow
- Bronze shadow from the Sleek palette used to fill in the last section
- Used the teal and baby pink on the lower lashline
- All colors blended with a fluffy brush to avoid harsh edges
- Used the matte brown shadow from Sleek palette to fill in the brows
- White mascara base from Sleek's Magnitude mascara used on the lashes