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It's a SUPer SPRaY.....and more!

Tired of fat falling limpy hair in the winter? Want that extra oomph to make you feel a bit better even when wrapped up in layers of coats?

Want hair that looks like this. Where you can actually see a lot of space between the hair and the scalp indication AWESOME VOLUME!

or this,

or even this?

Well, then I have the perfect product for you.

Presenting Lee Staffords 'my big fat texturized hair super spray'. Phew, that's one heck of a long name no?

I usually don't experiment with my hair styling products and don't quite like the cult favourite L'oreal hair products much too. But this was an emergency. 

I don't use heat on my hair every day, but I can't live without adding volume to my hair every, single, day. Call it an obsession but I can't compromise with my volume. I would rather give up my straightener if I had to. 

Now I had been religiously using the OSIS Dust it Mattifying Powder since a year now and it worked fabulously. However it just finished one fine day and I could not find it in any drugstores too :S

I was gutted! Not having the patience to order it from an online store, I desperately started hunting Boots for a replacement. This was the only decent product I found in store with the rest appearing so gimmicky! I found it a bit pricey for £9 but got it anyway. 

Now the product does not have much instructions on how to actually apply it. So I started using it just how I used my texturising powder before. I lift a light section of hair from the roots and spray this there. I carry out doing this throughout the crown area. Then when the spray is slightly dry, I run my fingers through where I had sprayed the products and massage it in. This is a vital step as this is what will create volume.

By spraying this on a layer beneath the top layer of your hair, you will insure the top layer of the hair does not appear messy from the volume created and is all tucked in neatly in the inner layers.

Honestly speaking, this is a bit difficult in terms of application. The product is almost in a solid form in the bottle, when you shake it is when it turns into a very thick liquid which you then have to spray quickly. 

Not everyone would like to deal with a thick messy spray every morning. So I would recommend texturising powders to a majority of you guys. Lee Stafford does one too. 

But now that I have this, I use it almost every day and dare I say it works a bit better than a powder in creating awesome volume on the crown just like you'd achieve after a lot of back combing. The effect of having 'fat hair' on the crown stays on for 2-3 days too which I absolutely love about it! 

Definitely worth trying if you desire everyday Cheryl Cole-like volume without any damage and that too in a minute! 

Kaushal - BeautyFulfilled said...

OMG! This looks amazing!! Must get my hands on this ASAP! You look gorgeous by the way :)

Kaushal xx

msconversecrazy said...

wow you look gorgeous!

CarmenSays said...

woohooo! I've been looking for something really volumising, definitely getting this :] thanks for the review, your hair looks amazing! xx

roshas said...

omg that looks amazing!! i totally want hair like that.How did you do your hair like that??? xxx

Liparazzi said...

Ooooh I must look into this product! I like some of Lee Stafford's other products and I always want more volume in my hair! xxx

nicoletta said...

This sounds fab, i think i will give it a try x

shoppingaholic said...

Wow!! What a product. If only I wanted to go through all this spraying, then settling down and it was available in Indian market.:/


Anonymous said...

Your hair looks great! :D

Anonymous said...

Great review & I love the results.

Cami said...

It *is* a little gimmicky but it saved my hair when I went to a festival in the summer and volumised it when all else was flat and hideous. The Osis powder is something I think I will use for LYFE, I cannot live without it! Great post as always :) xx

G A B Y said...

Aww I'm craving volume, too!

Uma Preve said...

This product does work. Your hair looks great. I have troubles with my hair just falling flat. I think it's the water. Anyway, no matter what product I use it still lies flat. Thanks for the review, maybe I might give it a try if I find it in Sweden of course.

Anonymous said...

ooh this looks fab - how would you compare it to something basic like batiste? xx

EllysMakeupbag said...

I love volume too, i would adore to try this product, i have a Nivea one but this seems better. Who doesn't wish to have Cheryl's cole full mane anyway :P

Shameera@MyFrostedWorld said...

Omg I need this! The dust things are cool, but I dont feel that the volume lasts all the long. I need to get this product tomorrow! Great review :) & your hair looks gorgeous in the pic xxx

MeiBelle said...

What wonderful volume! I love the can's "it's SUPER SPRAY!!!!" lol Great post!

Get Gawjus! said...

@roshas - I wish I could do that hair myself hun :p I had it done by a hairdresser for my cousins wedding. She did the curls so tight that my hair became inches shorter without a trim, so cool :) I will defo learn how to do it myself some day!

@Ellysmakeupbag - I agreed, would love to have Cheryls hair everyday :)

@Smaira - It's totally different to Batiste. I only use batiste for refreshing my hair between washes. It offers no volume in comparison to this product.

Phoebe Limanta said...

that looks awesome! must try it on my limp asian hair! i've always wanted voluminous hair :D

The Beautifier said...

Ohh your hair looks AWESOME! I gotta put this on my Christmas wishlist for sure!xoxo

Sami said...

O EM GEE - your hair looks amazing... and i know what you mean when you say u can't live without BIG hair, I obsessed with it too xx




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