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Accessorize Frangrance Wardrobe

Did you know Accessorize launched their fragrances a while ago? If you think they only do accessories well then you are wrong. 

They have 3 sets of fragrance wardrobes, each containing a day fragrance, a complimentary night fragrance and a carry pouch. Of course, If you know your fragrances well you can mix and match them to create a unique fragrance of your choice. 

The packaging looks great in the first place, opening so cutely to reveal two fragrances packaged in clear glass bottles with gold and silver lids. They have kept the design pretty safe to appeal to both adults and teenagers I would say. The carry pouch is something I would not use to be honest but may be your little sister can eh?

The design team have done a great job at designing the boxes as they are the main attraction of this product in my opinion. Inspired by their jewellery there are a lot of hearts, birds, butterflies and flowers placed appropriately to avoid them from looking tacky. 

Boho - This is their fruity fragrance set from the lot with lots of sweet and subtle fruity scents. 

It contains Joy - a sophisticated day fragrance with a fresh and fruity blend of mandarin, watermelon apple and raspberry. 

and Spirit - an evening fragrance with a vibrant and refreshing hint of mandarin, grapefruit and raspberry.

This is a perfect blend of ingredients and I love the watermelon and raspberry that I can smell off these. It quite refreshing and light that it painfully reminds of the good old summer days. *sob sob*  This is something I would not think twice before wearing.

I would recommend this for those of you who like your sweet and subtle fragrances and don't want to turns heads with your fragrance choice. 

Forever - Don't you love the Ed Hardy inspired outer cover?

It comes with True -  a day fragrance with refreshing blends of lemon, ginger and bergamot.

and Love - an evening fragrance with blends of citrus, bergamot and spice.

Forever is the 'spicy' fragrance of the lot with strong  notes of bergamot and ginger. It's like aromatherapy in a box and would be perfect for self-pamper relaxation sessions.  It smells very much like organic products in the market which contain such scents for relaxation.

This would be perfect for someone slightly older in my opinion rather than a teenager. Someone who particularly likes such strong woody scents. It's not everyone's cup of tea I would say.

Paradise - This comes with Butterfly - an effortlessly chic day frangrance with fancy floral notes.

and Bliss - a smooth and sophisticated evening fragrance with blends of bergamot, mandarin, grapefruit and orange.

This is without doubt my favourite duo from the lot! Butterfly is a light floral fragrance with slightest of citrus notes and Bliss is what I am in love with - citrusy and slightly woody. It is pleasantly sweet without being overtly powerful or sickening. It dries off to a gorgeous warm citrusy smell which I adore!

Floral and Fruity fragrances together make a pretty good combination hence I love to layer these two together. 

Overall, I haven't seen such cute fragrance gift sets in the market and coming from Accessorize they are surely to be a hit this festive season. I don't think they are kiddish at all and I would surely be happy if I'd be gifted one of these. The only problem with these just like every other fragrance is that they don't last more than 3-4 hours on me and I have to keep reapplying.

Available from Superdrug, Boots, Accessorize.com and The Fragrance Shop at £15 each, get yourself or someone a treat this Christmas and I am sure they will love it. 

* They are currently on half price in Superdrug *

Sherrie said...

Great post hun! these are so pretty and half price ! I need to head over to Superdrug! :) x

Cynthia Z said...

Aww...such cute packaging! ♥_♥


Get Gawjus! said...

@Cynthia - I am a sucker for packaging and this is one of the best I have seen so far :)

@Sherrie - Cant' go wrong with them for £7.50!




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