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Overnight Face Lift

You may have read quite a few reviews on the Glamtox Night by Rodial by now. Well I haven't read any, so I may sound different to the rest but that's what blog's are for right?

I was sent this product to try out and I thought of mentioning this because it is an expensive product in the first place. £88 for a night cream makes a huge hole in the wallet for sure. I would myself do quite a bit of research before investing my money on it.

"glamtox night contains a gentle retinol which works to re-surface, thicken and plump the skin whilst reducing pore size. The skin will gain an energized and radiant glow come morning. glamtox night also works to strip away hyperpigmentation creating a light and bright skin tone.
glamtox night is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of crows feet and deep set wrinkles, whilst nourishing the surface of the skin. glamtox night is your 'must have' night treatment!"

In short, its a anti-ageing cream especially formulated to deal with signs of premature ageing whilst you have your precious beauty sleep. That way the cream remains undisturbed and is able to work effectively for hours. 

Texture and consistency

First of all, the cream is of a lovely yellowy colour with a herbal smell to it which is pleasant. When I apply it, it spreads very easily and you only need a little blob, which works for the entire face without dragging on the skin. It makes a silicon type ultra smooth layer on the skin making it velvety and matte in appearance. Absorbs in quite quickly and leaves no residue as such.

This is very important for me as the texture of the cream is how I decide I will continue using it or not. The texture should be such IMO that you feel like coming back to it again. This fulfils that criteria for me. 


The results were not drastic on my early twenty's skin but I would say I enjoyed using it. It feels really hydrating and my face feels more tighter, my skin is more plump and the fine lines under my eyes look plumper. It also prevents the swollen face I usually wake up with in the morning. 

I had a better participant who could justify the use of the cream more effectively. Steps in the 40 something mum. She has been using the cream for the past few weeks and it has improved her skin texture, helped with sagging and has given her face a slightly more contoured look. 

She felt every morning her skin looked plump after the night treatment and the skin under her eyes appeared firmer. Overall she was pleased with the result. 

It did not help much in fading her hyper pigmentation and I thought It would not as otherwise the laser treatments would go bust. She has tried quite a few chemical peels in the past but they haven't got rid of the pigmentation completely, so I would not expect a cream to achieve that. 

I know she secretly wants a back-up of this so it goes on her Christmas wish list for now.

Get it if your skin is mature, dehydrated and if you suffer from wrinkles or fine lines.

Unknown said...

I'm using it too at the moment :) I'm voluntarily reviewing it for lollipop26 :) Will do a review on it too as I love it!

Anonymous said...

I've looked at Rodial before but like you said it really puts a hole in your purse. Do you think it's worth the money? I'm 40 don't have too many wrinkles (yet) but more interested in firmness and shrinking pores.

Anonymous said...

Blimey £88 for a skin cream, I think that is a bit steep for me! Thanks for a thoughtful review, Jan x

Sheefa F said...

@Skin Scrubs - I really think it is if you want plumper looking skin which is more firm and contoured. I cant comment on the pores as neither me or my mum suffer from that issue :S

It is one of the high-end creams that actually worked really well for the price. If the RRP is a barrier then look up on the net (or ebay!) and you might just find a good deal :)


The Beautifier said...

Whoa! The price of this cream is quite over the top! Sounds like a good product for the 40+ ladies out there xoxo




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