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Non Surgical Eye-Lift?

Yes and No.

Eye Secrets Upper Eyelid provides a more safe, more affordable approach to a youthful, much healthier looking overall appearance. Eye Secrets is actually a non surgical eye lift created to quickly bring back your own eyelids to a far more natural, younger looking profile.
The clear Eye Secrets strips lifts the surplus skin area above the eyelids and bring back these to their own normal position, providing a extra youthful, much healthier looking face.
  • Immediately elevates top eyelids to provide a far more younger looking, alert look.
  • Created to match virtually all eye shapes
  • Absolutely no Surgical treatment
  • An easy task to Put on
  • Benefits last a full 10-12 hours
  • 1 month Supply

Demi Moore, Jennifer Aniston and many other celebs are supposedly addicted to this little wonder for that instant pick-me-up. But what works for them might not work us eh? It sure did not for me. Maybe I don't have a hooded eye in the first place. My eyes are pretty open and wide with no droopiness to them whatsoever, so that may be the reason I could not see the results.

I tried using these on my mum and my grandma and they found it pretty decent to be honest. Bear in mind that  my mum and gran suffer from extremely droopy, wrinkly lids so the effects were slightly more visible on them. 

How to use? 
These are bean shaped plastic strips which you have to place on the crease of the eye lid for an instant lifting effect. Eye Secrets strips are made from an extremely thin, transparent, non-porous, hypoallergenic, conformable plastic. 

I found placing them a little tricky because if placed wrongly they did in fact create some sagging skin. This was because I placed the strip exactly on the droopy part. The trick is to place it slightly above the crease, or the area of the eyelid which is droopy. It is suggested that you use on strip per eyelid but I found placing two strips provided more of a lift. 

I would say this is one of those products that is a miss for some and a hit for the rest. I have heard quite a few people who enjoy using this. 

Plus it works in extreme cases of droopy eyes or hooded eyes in my opinion, not on every eyelid. So if you suffer from these then these are worth a try for £29.99 for the coming party season, especially when you will have late nights and tired eyes. You can even wear this under make-up as they are transparent!

Have you tried Eye Secrets? 

Olivia J said...

I was about to buy this for my mum when I saw it on a shopping channel here. I know they use these in the movies and they are better than the Asian ones you see on ebay. Still I would think it would be a hassle to apply after awhile, the novelty wears off. But always fun to try out to satiate a curiosity. :-)

Sami said...

Ahhh i've heard a lot about these... but it seems a little strange having tape on your face!




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