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Maldives Magic

No it's not a holiday package, in fact a Bronzer by Le Metier De Beaute

But this is not your everyday bronzer my friend, its called the 'Blonzer'. Yes you heard right, a Blonzer. I initially thought it was a printing error. *chuckles at how thick I am*

Why Blonzer? Because it's meant to be the perfect shade for bronzing as well as for blusher. 

Is it? I think it very well is. If applied on the cheekbones it give me a good contoured effect without looking too harsh and if used near the apples of the cheeks, it gives a lovely terracotta coloured flush

However this is something I don't find exclusive to this product. There are many products out there that can be used just like this. 

I adore the product because of its quality. It is meant to be suitable for every skin tone, as it is the only bronzer that they do. Despite being so dark in the pan, it transfers in sheer velvety layers on the skin that can be built up gradually. It is very finely milled and has tiny golden shimmer particles in it which make it slightly reflective.

The colour itself has no hint of orange in it and is a pure bronzy-brown colour. This is the reason why I think it will suit almost every skin tone, even the palest one of you's.

I love to use this on the eyes too as it is the perfect brown to wear during the day with a hint of golden shimmer.

I know its cold and gloomy out there but it can't stop me from pretending that its summer. Throw on some bronzer (and some gloves and a scarf!) girls and beat the weather.

Maldives Magic Blonzer, Le Métier de Beauté

Price £35.00
FunnyFaceBeauty said...

When I first read 'Blonzer', I totally thought you were going to say it was a Bronzer for Blondes who are more fair...lol
It might actually be a good idea. :)

Shaylee Anne said...

That is actually very pretty as a bronzer/blush (Blonzer! lol) I love that it has no orange undertone, thats hard to find! Thanks for the great review!

Shivani said...

This is GORGEOUS, but so expensive. I don't think I'll buy it because I don't use bronzers much.

Joyce said...

It looks so pretty in pan. =)

I had a chance to try this, but I quickly returned it after I saw how messy/dusty it gets in the pan. =(




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