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Illamasqua does black the best

Do you like gothic nails? I sure do! They look quite edgy and although I get quite a few stares whist donning such colours, I quite like it. 

I get bored pretty easily hence the girly pinks and purples don't appeal to me all the time. I have to admit, I am fond of the more darker, gloomier colours in the winter. What? They suit the weather don't they. And now that we have some snow predicted for us in the coming weeks, I sure will rock this baby then lol. 

It's called Scorn, by none other then Illamasqua

I have tried their nail varnishes before and I have been impressed. I think they do a pretty good job for £13 compared to the other high-end rip offs in the market.

This one is pretty sturdy once it dries and becomes almost 'plastered' on to my nail without any intention of coming of it. It will not chip easily too which is one thing I like about this. I can't stand nail varnishes that chip in a day : /

However, this does take a good few minutes to dry, so keep your calm and wait for it to dry before you start fidgeting.

It applies glossy but after a few minutes dries to a gorgeous matte black surface. I would have shown you how it looked on my nails properly but my cuticles are in such bad condition due to winter, I did not want to gross you guys out hence the close-up.

That's not it with the black guys. For a limited period of time, Illamasqua have also brought out these Handmade Bespoke Nail Quills (£35). 

"Unique, extraordinary, and extravagant these tantalising talons are like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Designed and handmade exclusively for Illamasqua by one of the hottest names in nails, Mike Pocock, these collector’s items are guaranteed to tease the senses of anyone whose eye they catch. Presented in a beautiful gift box they come complete with nail tabs and glue. False nails will never be the same again!

Two Nail Quills per set, designed to be worn on either thumb. Featuring a matt black finish and silver tip, match your Nail Quill with our new matt black Nail Varnish in Scorn. Exclusive to Illamasqua.com and our Flagship Store, 20 Beak Street London."

They look stunning don't they? I doubt I would be able to pull it off though. 

Shadowy Lady said...

aaaah that is a gorgeous black! I love vampy nails. I really wish Sephora Canada would start carrying Illamasqua

Sana said...

Love the nails!! Not sure about the pointy ones though, I would definitely poke my eyes out whilst trying to take out my contacts lol!

xoxo Mimi said...

I like black nails in the winter. Sometimes even in the summer. haha. Yeah, happens to me as well, people stare and I just look back, "what do you know about fashion???" Well I dont say it out load. I say it in my head:)

Supergirl said...


ChrissyDee said...

Model's Own Matte Black is also a really good one!

I think I'm the only person in the world not that turned on by nail quills!


liketreasure said...

that looks like such a nice black. like you said, pretty cheap for the nametag as well! x

Alina Rodriguez said...

This is a gorgeous creamy black color! I agree, Illamasqua does some pretty polishes. I have tried one before and the application and finish was amazing! I try and not buy more because it is a bit expensive! LOL! But I think I will have to eventually give in and try more colors :)
And I also love dark polishes for the winter. Perfect for that kind of season!

Well Dressed Beauty said...

wow those quills look dangerous! xoxo

Kaushal said...

Those nail quills look really dangerous! LOL

Kaushal xx

Anonymous said...

i love black! they have a rich one! I actually really like borghesse's as well!


GREEDS said...

You can't go wrong with black nail polish, especially during the fall/winter... And I love Illamasqua! Perfect.


FunnyFaceBeauty said...

so cool. i really want a black polish with red sparkles...not sure if there is one out there though.

Anonymous said...

I like the color!

PeachesandBlush said...

Im not into black nailpaints but this one really does look stuning..

Fathima said...

That black is a dream shade!!!!!i love black nail polishes and this is like Un-beleivably gorgeous!!!!




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